GW Weekender: Horus Heresy Seminar Previews

The GW Seminar for the Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender has a bunch of future plans & previews the Horus Heresy!

The Horus Heresy will be getting a new book titled “Malevolence” and will feature the Blood Angels, White Scars, Space Wolves, Alpha Legion and Daemons!

via Battle Bunnies



According to Battle Bunnies, we’re also going to be seeing the following:

  • Rules for Sanguinnius who will be “one of the better” melee Primarchs
  • Rules for Jaghatti Khan, who will possibly have a Jetbike option
  • BA/White Scars will get 2 additional characters
  • Possible Dark Angels book in 2019
  • Updated “Red Books” in 2020 (best guess)
  • Malevolence hopefully out this year

The Lore sections of the book will feature Chondax and Signis Prime. The Signis System is where all the daemon activity is going on and Chondax will be where the Alpha Legion are stalling the White Scars. There will also be various rules tweaks and updates as well.

It’s great to see the Horus Heresy getting some more love and attention. We’re fans of the setting here at BoLS and we want Forge World to do it justice for sure!

Are you excited about the Blood Angels, White Scars and Daemons getting some Heresy Love?

  • Steve L Duelist

    okay guess we ll be powering the First Legions ships with the salt reactors

    • vlad78

      nothing ever beats salt reactors

      • hohenstaufen

        maybe Alpharius you little one…

    • BrassWitch

      It’s fine, we’re used to getting the short stick, really…this is fine. I’m not bothered by this at all, nope. I swear officer.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    thats all fantastic stuff, can’t wait. Feel sorry for my main opponent who has been waiting patiently for Dark Angels to get the full treatment. At least they have super-powerful interim rules.

  • SilentPony

    Wait, I’m confused. In Fear to Tread, the Word Bearers assigned to the Blood Angels fleet had already fought at Istvaan.

    This is the problem with 2 separate production studios, hundreds of authors, and decades of work. Canon is all messed up.

    • Kabal1te

      Since when has cannon not been arbitrary and subject to rewrite on a whim?

      • SilentPony

        Usually? GW is just super bad at keeping everything straight.

    • dynath

      I understood the Signas battle happened before Istvaan V isn’t this just a parallel snapshot of the theater of battle?

      • SilentPony

        What I meant was in the novel about Signus there are Word Bearers in the fleet pretending to be allies to lead the Blood Angels into a trap, and they have relics of Iron Hands taken from Istvaan V, that according to that timeline takes place about 1/3rd of the way into Signus.

        • dynath

          Ah, I see. I wasn’t looking at that in the timeline. In Galaxy in Flames doesn’t Horus dispatch Sanguinius orders to travel further into the Signis reach during the Istvaan V battle? Maybe the orders were sent with the Word Bearers? Most of the wars have a lot of different parts so I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the Signis campaign is a push towards signis and then suddenly a protracted battle with the deamons themselves.

          • SilentPony

            That’s a fair point. The book itself paints the Signus war has taking only a few months at best, but it’d have to have taken years. At least 5, probably closer to 7.

            Maybe the warp moved time for the Blood Angels? Displacing them as it were so that in their eyes Signus takes months, but to the rest of the Galaxy it takes years, thus preventing the Angels from taking part in the early Horus Heresy.
            One of the short stories has Rubio the Knight-Errant going to Baal to basically declare the Blood Angels dead by order of Malcador, and all their remaining equipment/starships and recruits sent to Terra to prepare for the siege.
            Not sure how that lines up with the Forge World listed siege of Baal…

            Its just a mess dynath, and I love it!

          • The Signus timeline is what bothers me the most about the FW presentation. Yes, they had to fix up the Red Tear again after it dropped on the planet, but it didn’t take them that many years to do it.

            Honestly, this is the thing I hate about ForgeWorld’s additions and retcons. They’re happening so late in the game, BL would need to go back and revise half the series to account for inaccuracies. I mean, even Angels of Caliban, which had Alan Bligh involved for a lot of things, to add FW elements ahead of time, contradicts Descent of Angels in pretty core ways.

          • Aura1

            The first 5 books in the BL Horus Heresy series aren’t even remotely canon any more as the authors started that based with only the Index Astartes and Alan Bligh’s notes. You just have to accept that they thought it was a little niche property expansion and it ended up being (certainly Black Library’s) biggest property. In general, the lore development by Alan Bligh was better than the story lore as it expanded everything to a more suitably epic scale. I mean, Isstvan III was initially written as several thousand traitors fighting a few hundred survivors since the Legions as those authors began were stated to be about 10,000 strong. Now, of course, we have the big Legion lore – with over 50,000 survivors fighting across Isstvan III for months against hundreds of thousands of traitors. You can still enjoy the novels but accept that there are areas you need to rectify in ‘head canon’ terms.

          • SilentPony

            The Loken trilogy makes it seem Horus is warmaster for like 2 years before his fall, but short stories and FW book reference so many battles fought as Warmaster before the Heresy I think it’s closer to a decade or so

          • Aura1

            Well, as you can see up there the Triumph at Ullanor is now only 4 years prior to the fall of Horus so it’s 4 years as Warmaster (being named at Ullanor). Which fits with the revised time line but means that the Primarchs were all happy (besides Angron mostly) for 100-200 years and then 4 years of the Emperor going back to Terra and they all FREAK OUT.

    • bad mood

      I give you a well meant advice, never read “The Outcast Dead”. Because according to that one, Istvaan happens before Magnus breaches into the Throne room.

      • SilentPony

        I actually hadn’t gotten to that one yet. Really?! I thought Magnus breached the room after Horus fell at Davin, to warn the Emperor and that Istvaan III takes place roughly the same time as Prospero.

        • Sonic tooth

          That’s what I thought too

        • The Outcast Dead had a short epilogue-ish sequel planned from early on, which sadly was delayed by GW shenanigans for a few years: Wolf Hunt. That one SHOULD have been out pretty much right after The Outcast Dead, but wasn’t, and as a result it feels like a retcon to fix the problems of TOD, rather than a preconceived extension.

          The bottom line is, the Wards of the Imperial Palace were strong enough to keep the breach, and Magnus’ psychic backlash, contained for over two years, while choirs psykers were trying to dissipate the energies. It didn’t quite work, so Terra as a whole got to feel it, but it did enough to reduce it to a point where it didn’t rip Terran civilization apart and plunged everyone into madness.

        • Aura1

          Prospero seems to be the year prior to Isstvan III. It’s all been explained as astropathic messages taking years to reach their source in some cases and the titanic warp storms that cut off all of the warp routes around Isstvan meaning nobody quite figured out what was going on. The authors can always go, ‘well, it’s the warp, time distortions and all that, stop asking questions, it’s a big galaxy…’

      • NihlusX

        The Outcast dead is all over the place with its facts

  • vlad78

    I can’t wait.

  • Sonic tooth

    Simon Egan is a genius but i really REALLY dont want him to do Sanguinius’s face!!

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    Hydra Dominatus!

  • Mischa Calcagno

    Umm didnt they announce ANGELUS like 4 months ago?? WHAT IS THIS? 🙁

    • Aura1

      I’m guessing Alan Bligh’s death and long term hospice care before that threw it all up in the air. Since he was writing a goodly chunk of the HH himself and a lot of others have been drafted in to develop things in their own way.

  • Mike Holmberg

    Surprised BOLS is wasting time with a “Dead Game”