HOLY MOLY:AoS Idoneth Deepkin are Happening!

Info has come in confirming that the fishy race from the deep ARE coming to Age of Sigmar, and may be hidden in plain sight!


By now we all know that Battletome Daughters of Khaine brought us tantalizing hints of GW’s semi-legendary “Menfish” from over 30 years back.

The Menfish. For decades players have been wondering if one day they might see a race of fish-people take to the shores of the Old World. Decades later… there was a mysterious undersea boat

Which belied some kind of aquatic themed happenings. Sure, perhaps it’s just a sunken ruin, but–it seems like there might be slightly more to it than that after the latest news from the Daughters of Khaine sourcebook.

Then we saw the story of the “Idoneth Deepkin”…


It’s always fun to speculate – but all of the above is just that – fluff based speculation.  There is absolutely nothing really concrete, from say the rules section of the Battletome that that would prove that Idoneth Deepkin are a REAL thing…

oh wait….

Oh CRAP – it’s actually happening!

There is chatter on the Age of Sigmar REDDIT that the miniature for Mistweaver Saih is an Idonith Deepkin. Take a look: 

Which moves us right into the next real community battle…


~I’m Team Mer-Man ALL THE WAY! Don’t let me down Nottingham.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    heh. Well that teaser for Morathi was saying “you wanted elves, you got it.” looks like we might be getting a bevy of all three / four types this year. Maybe Slaanesh as well to be the antagonist. Even if just a few units here and there.

    • Bonesaw1o1

      You want elves? Here have fishmen, snake ladies, birdmen next?……sorry elves you say? Never heard of them, now about those mole people…….*

      * Intended for humour not salt

  • PrimoFederalist

    Yeah, I doubt they’re going to be fish-men.

    • Pl4gu3 B4st4rd

      Fish-aelves … Mermaids without the fish tail

    • phobosftw

      Here`s hoping for at least a couple of half breed (see Melusai) models ftw..

      • Havik110

        Im thinking corsairs types that all wear the masks that Lokhir Fellheart wears, but with actual mutations.
        Ive also been thinking Davy jones’s crew from pirates

        • aidan sweet

          Who knows. Maybe lokir will be alive and given the aos treatment.

          • Lohkir BETTER be alive!

    • GWELLS

      I assume they are going to be more like Atlantean. Elf in appearance but can probably survive underwater through some kind of magical process. They are also mentioned to have a heavy roman/greek theme so there their might be a spartan/centurion vibe with them.

  • Not 100% how I feel about this. Will depend on what the models look like.

    Maybe they will be murlocks. Then I can run around making murlock noises.

    • Xodis

      People dont do that normally?

      • Severius_Tolluck

        God is not White! God is not Black! God is Green! Can I get a murrgha-lurrga luh?!

        • euansmith

          And there was me thinking that God is a colour out of space.

          • Rasheed Jones

            So yellow then.

          • euansmith

            Well, that’s certainly an Elder Sign.

        • Xodis

          Murrgha-Lurrga Luh!!!!!! For the Murrgha-Lurrga Luh GOD!!!

    • marxlives

      It should be pretty cool, when I think about it Vanguard has it, Wrath of Kings, and The Otherside. Maybe the release of the mer-men is a way of beating Wyrd to the punch.

    • Evil Otto


    • Khelban Blackstaff

      I already do that, for no reason. People find that weird.

  • SacTownBrian

    Who or what are the Kraith?

    • Sonic tooth

      witch elf sect

  • Jasko

    Fish-Men have the same problem as Knight Boat. There should be a rule “every model with the idoneth deepkin keyword suffocates at the end of turn 1”. Better get those alpha-strike lists ready!

    “Every week there is a canal, or an inlet, or a fjord.” http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0654c82f6fa256f31e26052c8f19cc42ecd2a564bd21250b236e36d3970ed01a.jpg

  • orionburn III

    Ghyran was a city, landlocked, hundreds of miles from the area we now call the Atlantic Ocean. Yet so desperate the city’s desire for tourism that they moved offshore, becoming an island, and an even bigger Delta hub until the city overdeveloped and it started to sink. Knowing their fate, the quality people ran away, Ted Turner, Hank Aaron, Jeff Foxworthy, The Guy Who Invented Coca-Cola, the Magician, and the other so-called gods of our legends. Though gods they were–and also, Jane Fonda was there. The others chose to remain behind on their porches with their rifles, and one day evolve into mermaids, and sing and dance, and ring in the new.

    Hail Ghyran!

    • GWELLS

      Thank god for toxic chemicals, courtesy of your local Coca-Cola plant. Remember kids, drink your coke. Coka-Cola gives you gills!

    • Apocryphus

      The magician!?

      • Coltcabunny

        We need to ask these Mermaids where their merginas are.

    • AEZ

      Ghyran is a whole realm….

  • m3g4tr0n

    Can’t wait to see how OP the sea-men are.

    • orionburn III

      Along with all the ensuing sea-men jokes. Because we’re all 12 years old. 😀

      • m3g4tr0n

        Exactly! I cannot wait for the new, long-lost Space Marine chapter from Uranus.

        • Simon Chatterley

          It’s because of this sort of silliness that Scientists had to rename it Urectum in 2620

  • ohhpoong

    the guy who predicted nurgle, custodes and DoK releases mentioned that their aesthetic is something like Atlentean Spartan, with lots of sea creatures and mist magics

    • phobosftw


    • GWELLS

      Hey ho, giant squid yo!

  • Sonic tooth

    watery elves not fish men

  • cm023

    Because why update 3/4 of ancient Craftworlds models and units or give DE back their characters, if you can just release two full armies of new elves for AoS.

  • Erick Earle


    • phobosftw


      • euansmith

        Shoudln’t that be, “MEDIOCRE!!!!”

        • phobosftw

          Nay. You never go full r*tard..

  • Xodis

    Im going to need some Sahuagin front line, with some Alu’Tel’Quessir Heroes and leaders, Merrow Fast options, with an Aboleth center piece…D&D peeps get this.

    • Xodis

      Also some Chuul Heavy troops if you can GW.

      • Slippy

        Here’s me hoping for a true Sahuagin / Zora / Elf crossover. Make it surreal, high fantasy, tragic and whatnot and I’d be down with that!

  • phobosftw

    who wants a beards on their elves?! – not me, not anyone.
    GW better put a razor to that figurehead`s face, or I`m throwing a spectacular hissyfit!

    • AEZ

      Obviously the sea aelves don’t need to use ships.. it’s one they sunk.

    • Supposedly that’s Sigmar

  • Jakub Jánošík

    The Water Lords are nigh !
    Wonder who gets that reference.

    • euansmith

      Wit cha talkin’ about?

  • ejvter

    Dr. Zoidberg 32mm models Ftw.

  • Jose Luis Camarasa


  • marxlives

    Pitting anything again He-Man is just…unfair.

    • euansmith

      I have it on very good authority, that, he has the power.

  • Simon Chatterley

    I was only looking at Mistweaver as a potential candidate for an Eldar Spritseer conversion last night as well.

    Coincidence? Yes it was.

  • Kabal1te

    Mist weaver only has aelf, and order as factions presently. I hope it isn’t an example of what to expect from this upcoming army. There are so many more creative ideas out there

  • disqus_HUXMdKxsPG

    Remeber the shape of water when she shagged that fish

  • Evil Otto
  • Christie Bryden

    part of me wants them to not be order…. a big part.

    I also however remeber all those underwater looking teasers from earlier and the large tenticles attacking the sky dwarfs

    • Xodis

      Im hoping Destruction and they just want to Destroy all Land Life. No need to get deep lol (Pun intended)

  • dave long island

    I Kua Toa that Sahaguan like Deepkin was gonna happen. GW did it just for the Halibut… lol

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      damnit man, the puns 😀

  • euansmith
    • Kabal1te

      What has been seen cannot be unseen

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      I love this guy, but spongebob is my centerpiece plan and deep strike by pineapple from under the sea!!


    Oh lord please tell me we will be getting a giant octopus behemoth coming soon. Maybe it can walk on land it can work.

    • Dark Elves have it already, pretty sweet model (forgot the name) second build of the hydra

      • GWELLS

        Oh right, that thing. I thought that got discontinued. Well anyways I am still hoping for a new one, or maybe a sea-serpent or something.

        Though they have to do some spartan lookalikes. Do a whole 300 reenactment against a zombie hoard or something.

        • More big sea creatures would be interesting, looking forward to seeing where it goes

    • Giant magic-elf Lobster!

      I have a wierd vision of Elf-cav on floating fantasy sea-horses.


    Mer-Men! Prepare for glory!!!!!

    Now who can tell what I’m referencing and why?

  • Marcus Clark

    Reading above ‘Pitched Battle image’ Scourge Privateers. Im thinking that’s the confirmation for undead pirates, aka pirates from the Caribbean.

  • Greg Holden

    Done in my best Monty Python voice, “Strange women lying about in ponds in no basis for a Battletome! You can’t expect to wield supreme power just ’cause some watery tart swung a sword at you! I mean, if I went around saying I was an emperor just because some moistened Aelf bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d put me away!”

  • AEZ

    Not in team fishmen myself. Aelves all the way. The fact they are allies of DoK says enough really.. how much non aelves are in there except stormcasts?

  • Vesalius

    I hope we get an aquatic ape!

  • 3dken

    I’ll just put this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKDtUzRIG6I

  • Seb

    Catapults loaded with hot butter & garlic munitions should see these foul ocean creatures off. For the want of a Steam Tank in AoS.