HORDES: Barnabas Lord of Blood, Minions

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The god form of Barnabas is here. We check out Barnabas 2 today.

What Is It?

Barnabas, Lord of Blood or BLOB is minions new warlock. He is rather tanky and helps the defense of his army near him. He wants a bunch of corpses and thankfully these are easy to come by in minions.  He provides useful abilities like Pathfinder and threat extension.  If you are looking for a melee caster with some defense tech this is the warlock for you.


Blood Rain: This is an expensive spell but it can help vs the increasing amount of incorporeal models.
Execration of Blackest Night: -2 to attack rolls within 10″. This is not that amazing for DEF 12/13 but it can get obnoxious on models with DEF 14+
Hunter’s Mark: Increasing threat is always good.
Onslaught: Pathfinder for your army is always powerful.
Rebuke: No charge orders can help the high armor of gatormen last longer.
Meatfueled/BonePile/Tide of Skulls: Barnabas gets more kickass as more bodies hit the floor.
Feat(Death Ritual): Gain corpse/fury/ heal d3 for each friendly he removes from play.


BLOB List:

Barnabas wants corpses and he does a lot of things to make Gatormen kick ass. Throw in his -2 attack roll and Starcrossed makes Skarath almost unhittable in melee. This army has decent board presence but will have problems with really high armor. Try to push for scenario.  Barnabus with Spiny growth is going to be ARM20 so he can ignore most basic POW 12 and below without much worry, combined with his sacrificial pawn he will be hard to take down with ranged attacks.   Use the Spirit Cauldron to get extra corpses early.

Minion Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] The Blindwater Congregation

(Barnabas 2) Barnabas, Lord of Blood [+23]
– Blackhide Wrastler [16]
– Bull Snapper [0(5)]
– Gatorman Soul Slave [5]
Dahlia Hallyr [17]
Gatorman Husk [3]
Swamp Gobber Chef [1]
Wrong Eye [17]
Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron [5]
Gatorman Posse (max) [16]
Gatorman Posse (max) [16]


Revenant’s Final Thought:

BLOB is good at being annoying and is pretty hard to kill with spiny growth and -2 attack rolls. However if your army can handle DEF15 gatormen you will probably be not to worried. BOLS gives BLOB a B-


~What do you think of Barnabas2 ? Please share in the comments below.

  • ZeeLobby

    Love the story, but am just not a fan of this model. Looks so ridiculous imo. Like Typhus, lol.

    • NovaeVox

      It’s grown on me actually. The devs talked him up as a frontline warlock. The mini reminds me a bit of the old 90s Venom and Carnage comics. Looks like he’s roaring just before crashing into some fools on a wave of undead flotsam.

    • marxlives

      Hey man it’s an alligator riding a wave of undead skeletons. That is like as cool as a tiger riding a tiger shark into battle.

      • ZeeLobby

        Lol. I think it’s the screaming in ecstacy which takes it too far, haha.

        • marxlives

          50 Shades of Gator is where ZeeLobby draws the line.

          • ZeeLobby

            Hey, who knows how gator gods get down XD.

        • Apocryphus

          That’s uh…certainly an interesting way of interpreting that pose. Gotta say it never crossed my mind.

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha. Definitely his O face.