Malign Portents: Grots On The Scene

The Grots are finally getting some screen time in Malign Portents – it’s time to get to scrappin!

Games Workshop has another chapter in the Malign Portents saga available to read online. In “The Paradise Below” the Grots of the Black Worm Tribe get a visit from a Cave-Shaman and they get a vision of the glory that awaits them.

Naturally, there is a price for “Grot Glory” but after being given that vision, Warboss Naglig is all-in. But the funny thing about visions is that it all comes down to the interpretation.

Go read the story for yourself, but it’s a the first real mention of the Grots we’ve seen in Malign Portents since the videos. We’ve collated the rest of the stories as well if you want to take a look at those.

The forces of Destruction are in a weird spot, I think, in the Age of Sigmar. Based on the numbers from the previous summer campaign Death and Destruction never really had a chance. Clearly, GW is pushing Death as a primary force for Malign Portents but at this rate it’s starting to feel like their are the “Big Three” and then kid brother Destruction on the outskirts.

Maybe GW has some bigger plans for Destruction. AoS has been a pretty slow, long burn in terms of developments and Malign Portents is already trying to shake-up the status quo with the Lore that’s being added. Plus we’re getting the Daughters of Khaine at some point for this whole event. Will the Grots get to steal the show or will they get suckered into 4th place? Time will tell!


What do you think is going to happen with the Grots? Are they sacrificial lambs being led to the slaughter or are they going to surprise everyone and emerge victorious?

  • AOS is just so bad : o

    • mikethefish


  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!

    • marxlives

      It was only a matter of time.

      • Jesse Cavazos

        I thought your tag was “marcolives”, which would have been so appropriate.

  • Kabal1te

    I don’t know how you look at age of sigmar and see that it is anything other than order and chaos with destruction on the outside and death on the far far fringes. Death is too small and too neglected to be included in the conversation as one of the “big 3”. Heck GW is using malign portents, a story about Negash and death to launch not a death army, but an order army. That should show you their opinion of death as a faction.

    • Apocryphus

      I wish they hadn’t bothered with the 4 factions thing and just left the armies as their own thing. With everyone having to be divided out in the 4 major factions, we get weird things like Daughters of Khaine being Order, and Order having a noticeably lopsided amount of models.

      • euansmith

        “I’ll have an order of Order, with a side-order of Bloooooood.”

        • Matthew Pomeroy

          mushroom goblins for a topping?

      • Jose Luis Camarasa

        I find it plain stupid, the balance problems has shown up in 40k too. I also hate it from the collecting aspect, as kills a bit the personality and estetic cohesion of the army…

        But I guess that is an strategy that gives much more money to gw. Is obviously harder to end an army when it is composed of 8 different races as a faction instead of a single codex/battletome…

      • marxlives

        Man, and I was really hoping they would be a Destruction faction. Fluff wise, that seems to be their home.

        • Apocryphus

          Agreed. I guess because they’re not Chaos, Orc/Ogres, or Undead, they have to be Order. That’s the problem with insisting on categorizing each army by motivation and also sort of race, it limits alignments and overall faction identity.

    • marxlives

      People can hope and dream….

      • euansmith

        That probably sounds bleaker in my head than you intended.

    • Wyatt Q Alvis

      When you break it down, other factions don’t fare better. I play Skaven and at the moment its a massive hodgepodge. They seem to be switching gears in how they handle factions with this latest release, but I enjoy the game so I’ll keep rooting for them

  • FreshBumCheeks

    Im happy with the narrative standpoint of this series, the stories are very very good. Especially how the populace talk about the old world and still acknowledge it

    • euansmith

      Top name, young master Bumcheeks. I think I used to know your mother; Blush Betty.

    • Mathew G. Smith

      I hated it early on (when it was all-stormcasts all the time), but Nagash the Undying King won me over.

  • af

    I really dislike the look of that Goblin Shaman. Maybe it’s the way it’s painted, but it looks messy and hard to understand. GW goblins used to be so much better 🙁 (I do like some of the new Orcs!)

    • JL

      It’s just way too busy.

      • Ghachii

        This is true of a lot of GW models these days. It’s like they can’t help showing off what great sculptors they are and to hell with the poor hobbyists who actually have to grind away painting these clusterf***s of absurdly tiny details. I painted Slambo recently – hardly any details on the model, but it still looks great and it was the most satisfying thing I’ve painted in years.

    • William Crouse

      It’s face armor resembles Murderface’s Codpiece from Metalocalypse.

  • William Crouse
  • Seb

    Personally, I want to lop off the Shaman’s head/shrooms and then add a more manageable goblin shaman head, crone hunch style, to further tone down the height.

    Besides that, the torso and equipment seem quite on par for a powerful gobbo shaman.