Malign Portents: The Heroes of Tribulations

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The Time of Tribulations is nigh, meet its harbingers and champions.

With the imminent release of Malign Portents and the waves of change it’ll no doubt make in the Age of Sigmar world, GW has been sitting down with both Phil Kelley and Simon Grant, the Background and Rules writers of the game to get some insights into just what the heck is up with the 4 character models who are kind of at the center of the Malign Portents.

We have a look at all of them today. First up there’s Lord Ordinator Starstrike who’s quest is to find out what the deathly portents going on means, and if there’s anything to be done to stop Nagash’s great work.

He’s great at improving the defenses of your army while you hold out against all odds. But then there’s the Darkoath Warqueen, a chieftain of several tribes in the Chaos wastes. She’s got what it takes to lead the marauders:

She’s particularly skilled at killing monsters or heroes, and when she does so, she gets a buff that can help keep her hitting harder as she leaps about the fray. Then there’s the Fungoid Cave Shaman:

Who is consumed by fungus, and might occasionally get rooted in place–but he does so in order to gain rerolls on casting and unbinding tests. And last but not least everyone’s favorite traitorgeist, the Knight of Shrouds:

Who fought against Nagash until he decided you know what, maybe not constantly fighting Death is a better way to go. And now he can steal the life force from heroes that he kills, regaining wounds and stuff while he floats around the battlefield all ethereal.

You’ll be able to preorder each of these this coming weekend, so get ready to delve into the Time of Tribulations. And with these harbingers at your side, you’ll be sure to capitalize on all the upheaval and chaos that accompanies this portentous time.

Stinkmullet may be the best named Age of Sigmar hero we’ve seen yet.

  • Kabal1te

    Still wish the order character was a dwarf or well anything other than a stormcast. Also still wish fungus dude didn’t share the silly almost cartoony styling that the new Nergal heralds have. Other than that this still looks like it’s worth looking forward to.

    • Shelltoon

      Nergal? The cutest Nurgling in the whole wide world?

      • Lyca Atteneder

        Actually Nergal is (or was) a mesopotamian deity which happens to embody plague as well as some other things ^^
        So Nurgle pretty surely is a referance to that one.

        • Vesalius

          Nergal also sings for Behemoth :p

          • Lyca Atteneder

            jup he does 😀

    • dark-tadpole

      I think the humorous style fits both Nurgle and the gobbo’s, saying that i’m Not sure of the aesthetic choices for the Shaman i’d have to see it in person, i’ve found usually the models are a lot better when you have them in hand.

      I do like all the Nurgle releases though, maybe a bit OTT on the names of some but I can get over that.

  • Marco

    LongLlive Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!

  • Jasko

    That Stinkmullet guy may very well find it’s way into my WHFB Nightgoblins army. I should have a squarebase flying around somewhere…

  • Carey_Mahoney

    That Stormcast Ordinator fighting Nagash will be like Man-At-Arms versus Skeletor.

  • DeliciousBishop

    This post needs some tags