Morathi Returns, GW Hotness, Deathjack, Stormtroopers & Starfinder

Look who’s back in the Mortal Realms, plus Privateer, Paizo, Star Wars LEGION, and GW’s new minis. It was a busy weekend!

PP: Deathjack’s New Look and Longchops

The infamous Deathjack is getting a terrifying new look, and the Blindwater’s monster hunter extraordinaire crawls out of the swamp, this week.

40K: Five Things To Do While Your Opponent Slow-Plays You

You’re finally at a major tournament. But what can you do while your opponent slow-plays you into oblivion?

Starfinder: All Decks On-Hand

Take your crew on board a variety of Starships with this new Map Pack from Paizo.

AoS: Morathi Reveals Her True Form

Morathi, Queen of Shadows and her Daughters of Kaine spring forth in all their glory next week.

Star Wars: Legion – How to Paint Stormtroopers

Get your new Imperial army on the table fast with this painting tutorial from Teri Litorco.

GW: New Releases February 18th “Pricing & Links”

Get your Made-To-Order miniatures while you can…once they are gone, they are GONE!

Malign Portents: Fear The Reaper

The line between the Good and Evil blurs a bit more in the latest story for Malign Portents.

Mantic: Giant Renders for KoW: Vanguard

Mantic’s Kings of War: Vanguard has some new Giant models they are showing off – Check these out!

~You’re all caught up – onto the new week!

  • Vanders

    Nice model for Morathi. A rare occasion where I somewhat prefer the AoS incarnation. I would definitely skip applying those things poking out of her back, though.

    • euansmith

      My thoughts too. I guess that, if she needs wings, there are some from the Death range, the Daemon Price sprue or even the Dark Eldar Scourges (I was looking at them for some possible cheap Vampire Lord conversions).

      • Vanders

        Good thinking. Though, the main reason I’d remove those things is because I’m not a fan of this strange AoS era phenomenon of having big things sticking out of character models (see Nagash for reference). I just like having the character without the unnecessary extensions, but basic no-frills models seem out of fashion these days.

        • Randy Randalman

          Consumers have decided it’s out of fashion with their wallets. Plus, AoS is high fantasy anyway. Traditional fantasy has been all but dead and unprofitable for nearly 10 years.

          • euansmith

            There are plenty of companies out there beyond the Pale still making
            traditional fantasy minis for use in a variety of table top games.
            Whether it is for D&D, skirmish games or a plethora of massed battle
            rules sets.

            Certainly none of them are in GW league when it comes to sales or market penetration.

            Personally, I’m really looking forward to the release of the Elves and Humans for Oathmark from North Star.

            The Dwarves and Goblins are nice, simple, traditional styled minis. I’ve seen photos of someone’s Dwarf force where they’ve painted them with unhealthy greenish-grey skin tones, and they look like proper Dwarves from folklore.

            The Elves look like they are going to be a doddle to paint; and the Humans appear to be getting and interesting Gaulish style.

          • Vanders

            Proof? What fantasy world failed because of its “traditional” setting. I wasn’t trying to turn this into an anti-AoS thing, but if you took the Warhammer World and gave it the AoS skirmish rule set along with AoS levels of support from GW it would blow AoS out of the water.

          • ZeeLobby

            It’s Randy, he never has proof, and never responds anyway XD.

          • marxlives
        • euansmith

          I agree that a nice strong, simple silhouette can be a thing of beauty. It is just as well that GW minis can be so easy to convert and kit-back 😉

        • ZeeLobby

          Well at least in the GW sculpting department.

      • Simon Chatterley

        Hmm..I have 20 sets of the Dark Eldar bat wings. They were surplus from me collecting masses of the feather wings for my 50 ish swooping hawks.

        Now might be the time to get them eBay lols

        • Vanders

          If I bought new Scourges I would definitely replace all the feather wings with bat wings so there are probably people who think the same.

  • Randy Randalman

    That Morathi makes poor PP’s chicken-legged Tim Burton take on a football player irrelevant. Of course, PP has been largely irrelevant the last two years anyway.

    • mikethefish

      That was a laughable comment

    • Apocryphus

      Woooow, got a little bit of hate to let out there? PP may have been irrelevant to YOU, but that doesn’t mean that makes it true for the rest if the world.

      • ZeeLobby

        I’m not sure if Randy is human. Though he did disappear for a while and it was nice.

        • Xodis

          Did you notice that since he has been back that has been less Marco?

          • ZeeLobby

            REALLY makes me wonder if it’s a Russian bot group meant to divide tabletop wargamers, lol.

          • Xodis

            Crap… SPECIAL INVESTIGATION!!!!!

          • marxlives

            Who knew that in 2017, a guy in his underwear in his mom’s basement can take on the world with misinformation.

      • marxlives

        According to Randy being in the top 5 selling miniature games in 2017 is irrelevant. But wait a minute AoS wasn’t even in the top 5 in 2017 and and 40k was #2 so I guess the only relevant game since 2017 was X-Wing.

        • Apocryphus

          Ah crap, everything I play is irrelevant!

          • marxlives

            That is what I was thinking when Randy came back from eating cheese burgers and starting spouting off nonsense.

    • marxlives

      Real warjacks skip leg day.

  • Shadowstrife

    If this is Morathi, I wonder how Malekith will look. Or any of the upcoming daemon primarchs. It is a good time to be in the hobby.

  • JL

    The price tags on the GUO and Malign Portent minis made me take a pass on them. I know I’ll probably spit-take when I see the price tag on Morathi, but I don’t know if that will stop me this time.

  • zeno666

    I really like the new Deathjack.

    And I kind of like the Morathi models as well. Not as overworked as recent releases from GW.
    Too bad its for a sub par game.

    • marxlives

      I was thinking the same thing about both models. I like the DJ resculpt and the Morathi one because it is a solid sculpt that doesn’t need to be dressed up to sell.

  • marxlives

    Morathi and Death Jack model look pretty sick. I am glad that PP moved to making character jacks unique sculpts rather than using the who add on thing.