Necromunda: Orlocks Arrive, But Who’s Next

Gang War 2 brings the Orlocks on the scene in Necromunda, but we’re wondering what else is in store for the Underhive.

Necromunda hit the scene with a lot of high hopes and expectations. With a slew of great new sculpts and a return to a smaller skirmish scale, it’s a great game to play in leagues or campaigns. However, one big problem is the lack of gangs to choose from. The Orlocks are coming back and they are going to alleviate some of that problem, but there are still 3 other houses folks are waiting on along with a bunch of other secondary gangs.

Also releasing is the Badzone Delta-7 board tiles and tokens pack. What’s curious about this pack is that it’s setting the stage for something else – two things actually. In the Warhammer Community article about this weekend’s expansions they mention them both:

“Deal with nesting xenos, insidious cults, flooded chambers and much more with these tiles and the rules in Gang War 2.”

Hmm…interesting, no? Now this is just a tile pack, but they are setting the stage for something more. Back in November, we reported on some rumors that were dropped by Garro, a well known rumormonger:

Genestealer Cults and Chaos Cults gang rules, and wargear will be coming to Necromunda early next year, after Orlock and gang war 2.

these will be coming through a pair of White Dwarf articles sometime in the spring (march-may). these will also include various additional wargear which other gangs will be able to take.

regarding the GCults; this version will focus on the mining cults of the ashwastes coming into contact with a genestealer, so will use the Neophyte Hybrids kit as its base. expect to see a larger more detailed cults gang at a later date when they explore hive secondus. but this will help provide an additional two gangs by the beginning of the summer.

don’t have much details on the chaos cults rules, but there are chaos tokens, and a tile with an eight point star in blood in the new expansion set of tiles coming with GW2. so would expect some cult ritual mission of some sort.

Well it looks like that last part of the rumor is coming to pass – and it lends some credence to the rest of the info as well. I guess it’s time to make sure I have my subscription to White Dwarf for the next few months – I do NOT want to miss getting those rules for the Genestealer and Chaos Cults!

Now, we also had more rumors about the proposed timeline for the Necromunda Releases:

  • Q1 (February): Orlocks / Gang War 2
  • Q2: Van Saar
  • Q3: Cawdor
  • Q4: Delaque

Well, it’s February and Orlocks are arriving in stores next week along with Gang War 2. We’re hoping that the March-May time frame will bring Genestealer and Chaos Cults along with Gang War 3 and the Van Saar. Keep your fingers crossed.

The Four-Armed Emperor Protects!

  • Mr.Gold

    apart from the rules for Escher & Goliath gangs – do you need to buy gang war 1 or can you just buy the gang war 2 for the expanded rules?

    • Laurence J Sinclair

      Like Death Zone for Blood Bowl, the first Gang War contains the actual campaign rules and advancement charts. Without that book, you’d have to come up with your own campaign rules.

      • Allaire

        Don’t forget it also holds the rules for playing in a 3d environment.

  • marlowc

    Necromunda is indeed growing into something rather special isn’t it. That rare thing where the new game is even better than the old. Never thought I’d hear myself say that as a total fanboy of the first edition.
    However, I do hope they release an omnibus version of the rules in a year or so, bit like they did for the old game. Can’t be doing with piles of books, and copies of White Dwarf cluttering up the table.

    • Laurence J Sinclair

      Well, since Blood Bowl got a compilation of the first two supplements, I imagine they’ll keep the same release model for Necromunda. Saves having to keep too many different books in print.

    • I want them to do an app, too, keeping track of everything on cards is kinda clunky

  • Laurence J Sinclair

    According to the current issue of WD, next month will have new gang rules. So, not that long to wait for either the Genestealers or the cultists.

    • euansmith

      Maybe they can do a PDF “gang” too, using the Cadian and/or Catachan boxes as low level grunts/deserters.

      • Pdf vs chaos or gsc would be a very fluffy campaign

        • euansmith

          I was thinking of painting up some Cadians as Lower Hive Boarder Guards; the guys who patrol the Lower Hive levels to make sure that the Under Hive Scum stay where they should.

          • Van Saar legacy gang rules would be perfect for them, more expensive but better shooting skills than standard gangers and 5+ armor

  • chris harrison

    I really like the looks of the Goliaths, eager to see the ratskins and spirers.

    • marlowc

      Ratskins done to the standard of the latest minis, will be drop dead amazing 🙂

  • LankTank

    Did BoLS pointedly forget the massive announcements in LVO stating unequivocally there will be Chaos, Genestealer Cults, The main houses, Wastelanders, A water, promethium and corpse caste, pets, mercs, new characters for gangs, overlords etc?
    All of this “hmmm this could be a clue that they may release something else” nonsense -_-
    I am too excited for all of these releases. Literally cancelled my Hate Kickstarter pledge in anticipation. Tbh I then got sidetracked and bought Flick Em Up Dead of Winter but hey, can still buy Orlock and the Gang War 2 book

    • I couldn’t be more excited about what GW has in store for Necromunda. I didn’t expect such a massive overhaul of the game in every sense. Not only are the six main houses being released, but there are also a lot of new content coming our way. It’s a great time to be a Necromunda fan.

      By the way, there’s a post on BOLS about everything that is going to be released for Necromunda in the future; I looked it up on the search several hours ago and all the information is there. Maybe the post I’m talking about and this one we’re commenting on have been written by different authors.

      • LankTank

        Did you see the full necromunda lvo report on battlebunnies? Showed the goliath croc dog and I almost had a heart attack from excitement

        • I want that croc so bad I may actually paint my Goliaths

          • LankTank

            Oh god I know. The only thing that coukd make me more hyped would ve gorka morka. I pray they give me 2 years for my wallet to handle it!

  • MightyOrang

    This drip drip drip approach to the games rule set and minis is maddening.

    • HeadHunter

      It really seems to have almost killed Blood Bowl. There was a lot of initial interest, but when people had to wait for their favorite teams (some of which still haven’t come out over a year later) they lost interest and gave up on the game.
      I’d hate to see that happen to Necromunda as well.

      • Absyrtus

        This is exactly why, although I loved the original Necromunda, I still haven’t even picked up the boxed set. I refuse to until Cawdor comes out (or Redemptionists, whichever comes first). Why buy something when I have no interest in playing any of the current factions? And if I want to use my old Redemptionist models, I can just use the Community rules.

  • Nilok

    So, when are we actually going to get into the Xenos codices finally?

  • Since the GSC, Chaos, and Bounty Hunter rules will be in WD, they won’t be coming “mid” any month 😉