Outside the Box – February 16th

Here we go again, with fresh news from Knight Models, Mantic Games, Wild West Exodus, Fantasy Flight Games, Wargame Exclusive and many more – Enjoy!
I guess by now you have heard that there is a Harry Potter miniature board game coming from Knight Models:
–> More Knight Models News

Modiphius Entertainment presents new miniatures for Star Trek Adventures:
–> More Modiphius Entertainment News

New miniatures are available from Raging Heroes:
–> More Raging Heroes News

Fantasy Flight Games announced a new wave X-Wing releases:
–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

The new Vanguard giant from Mantic Games is ready for production:
–> More Mantic Games News

Warcradle Studios presents new previews for Wild West Exodus:
-> More Warcradle Studios News

The lizardmen are the next plastic set for Ghost Archipelago coming from North Star Military Figures:
–> More North Star Military Figures News

Wargame Exclusive released the Imperial Dead Dogs:–> More Wargame Exclusive News

The Dvergr Commando Mortar Team is now available from Kromlech:
–> More Kromlech News

Mad Robot Miniatures published a new preview:
–> More Mad Robot Miniatures News

New Napoleonic French Marines and Age of Arthur sets are available from Warlord Games:
And coming soon, new plastic farmyard animals:
–> More Warlord Games News

Onslaught Miniatures presents their 6mm Grudd Landtrain:
–> More Onslaught Miniatures News

Dimmuborg is coming from HiTech Miniatures:

–> More HiTech Miniatures News

Battlefront Miniatures announced the return of ‘NAM:

–> More Battlefront Miniatures News

New miniatures for the Napoleonic Wars and the War of the Roses are available from Perry Miniatures:
–> More Perry Miniatures News

Puppetswar released new Arctic troopers:
–> More Puppetswar News

And Rubicon Models published new previews of their Wirbelwind:
–> More Rubicon Models News

And of course new Kickstarter campaigns:

Antencitis Workshop – Efreet Dropship
Gangfight Game Studio – Blackwater Gulch: Minions & Monsters
Dark Tower Studios – Goal Markers and Scatter Terrain
Adam Devitt – Testudine Time Travelers
4C Fingerboards – Space Gaming Mat
Fite Games – Fate of the Eidolon
Kid Loves Tiger Games – Alphas: A Superhero Miniatures Game
Twin Raven Games – Ice Caverns Round 2
Dragon Workshop – ShipWorks: 3d Printable Ship Terrain
AW Miniatures – Release the Monks
3D-Print Terrain – Printable Tabletop Napoleonic Soldier Units + Terrain
Scale 75 – Heroes of Fallen Frontiers

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~ So much good stuff this week!

  • marxlives

    I got to say those alternative 40k and Epic models are really tight. Love the Vanguard giant from Mantic. Can’t wait to see the real deal

    • euansmith

      That Giant is looking very cool.

  • euansmith

    Those Puppetswar Ice Station Troopers are splendid.

    • Advachiel

      I’m going to hide this tape when I’m finished. If none of us make it, at least there will be some kind of record. The storm’s been hitting us hard now for 48 hours. We still have nothing to go on. One other thing: I think it rips through your clothes when it takes you over. Windows found some shredded and bloody long-johns in the trash but the name tag was missing. They could be anybody’s. Nobody,nobody trusts anybody now, and we’re all very tired. There’s nothing more I can do, just wait.

      • euansmith

        Nauls, “Maybe we at war with Norway.” 😉

  • Purple-Stater

    Dang, that Vanguard Giant is sweet, and I love the farmyard animals from Warlord too.

  • Matthew Pomeroy

    like those hail caesar, will make some good woodmen for 1 ring 😀