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Take a look at the newest minis coming in the Spring 2018 Minicrate…

Privateer Press has just put out a preview video showcasing the next miniatures coming up as part of their minicrate subscription service thing. Now you can get yourself some amazing miniatures and feel like you’re one of those hip internet types who gets stuff sent to them at random that’s pretty cool–only you won’t have to hear your favorite podcasting host tell you why you want your meals sent to you in a box full of either fresh produce or snacks with flavors like dark cocoa nom noms. And sure, those sound good, but you can’t turn around and use those snacks to utterly destroy your opponents. And if gaming has taught me one thing over the years, that’s all I want from a crate.

via Privateer Press

Join us for a quick peek at a few of the upcoming minis you can have delivered to your door if you subscribe at today!

First up, there’s the incredible Totem Huntress, who is not messing around even a little bit.

You can see she’s got a collection of heads hanging from her belt there and that spear looks positively wicked. I love bits of scale mail scattered around her armor–but this is just a 3D render, you should see how the mini looks in full color!

You can see even more of her bladed shield gauntlet thing. Then of course there’s Alten Van Helsin, who is just radical. He’s still a work in progress, so there’s only the render of him, but even that has a lot of cool detail to it.

That crossbow is everything. There’s also the VIP Subscription-Only model, Mrs. Walls, who is as fearsome a pirate as you could expect.

And of course, here’s the full-color version of her and her simian companion.

You can find more information in that above link–so check them out!

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  • Apocryphus

    That Totem Huntress is pretty amazing, too bad I can’t use her. Still waiting on a Cryx mini for this, an alt Skarlock would be pretty nice.

  • euansmith

    That Totem Huntress looks so bad-arse, I thought she was from the Dark Age range.

    • Hagwert

      What scale are these minis, because with the right paint job the Totem Huntress would make a great Slannesh leader.

      • euansmith

        I’m not sure as she is a special mini. The general scale of Warmachine is 30mm(ish) so I guess she could function as a “hero” as she should be as large or larger than say a Daemonette.

        • Hagwert

          Thanks, at 30mm she could work for my skirmish Slannesh force.

        • marxlives

          That is true, totem hunter is a medium base models so I hope that helps.

          • euansmith

            So that would be a 40mm base? That would make the mini about 50mm to the top of her hair do?

          • marxlives

            40mm when you count the base, 50mm when you count the heavy metal hair-do 🙂

    • marxlives

      Me to brother, me to.