Privateer: Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet Available

It’s giant, wet and glowing! Now THAT’s a proper Cryx Pirate ship!

People have been wondering for a while, exactly what does Skarre’s undead pirate ship look like.  Well now we know…

via Privateer:

Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet — Cryx Warcaster (PREORDER) $124.99

Preorder Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet, by March 7, 2018, and receive a FREE Black Anchor Heavy Industries Bandana.

Preorders ship at the end of March 2018. Quantity limited to the first 1,000 preorders. Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet, will be available as a normal item in the online store after April 1st.

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That is one BIG mini.

Perched on the shattered timbers of her ghost ship, Skarre Ravenmane brings ruin to the mainland, the thudding of her iron cannons beating out a rhythm of war wherever she travels. She chooses companions aboard her funeral ship from the most accomplished Satyxis reavers, sending them into masses of infantry to claim a plunder of fresh blood. The ghostly chariot she rides was once the wreckage of a ship captained by pirate King Moorcraig, who had defied Toruk and died in the Dragonfather’s all-consuming flames. The ancient dead hold this accursed vessel’s shattered aft section aloft and are ground under its hull as it glides across the earth.


Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet, is a highly versatile and powerful warcaster that is more than capable of leading any Cryx army. Thanks to her flexible spell list, Skarre is a strong contender for all of Cryx’s theme forces. Spells such as Guided Fire allow Skarre to run a very battlegroup-centric Black Industries army, focused on ranged warjacks such as the Kraken, Reaper, or Leviathan. On the other hand, spells such as Dash also allow Skarre to run a dangerously fast infantry-centric Scourge of the Broken Coast or Slaughter Fleet army. Whether you like the look of models such as the newly resculpted Satyxis Raiders or the upcoming Scharde Pirates, Skarre can make any infantry fighting under her banner shine.

Download The Rules Here

~The real question is – where’s the front half?  I going with undead whale.

  • bobrunnicles

    Okay I gave up on Warmachine several years ago but THAT is a beautiful mini. Almost makes me want to look at picking up the game again 🙂

  • AEZ

    Why doesn’t she repair the ship.. it would much improve all aspects of movement I’d say.

    • Evil Otto

      She’s planning on it… next weekend. Wait, don’t the kids have undead soccer practice then? OK, the weekend after that.

      • marxlives

        Taking the kids to soccer practice while listening to “I’m on a Boat”.

  • el_tigre

    Nice, very coven-throne-esque

  • orionburn III

    Pretty impressive to pull off that large of a mini with so few pieces.

  • Sonic tooth

    or you could just buy an aquarium ornament in a pet shop and stick a couple of witch elves on it

  • wibbling

    I don’t get it. Is it a terrain piece?

    • marxlives

      It is a model that moves around the boat, casts spells, flips a feat, attacks and commands things and is classified as a battletype model type.l

  • BrassWitch

    So…half the ship is missing…on purpose?

    • marxlives

      If people can drive around with their wheels pointing outward…anything is possible.

    • zeno666

      There is a joke here somewhere about women parking vehicles. But I’m not gonna go there 😉

  • Chris

    Not really interested in Warmachine, but if that didn’t cost a million squillion quid I’d buy it to make into Warhammer terrain.

    Oh well, maybe I’ll win the lottery tonight…

    • AEZ

      Just buy the new skullvane manse it’s awesome.

      • Chris

        It IS awesome. But I bought it years ago when it was new the first time.

    • ZeeLobby

      True, still a million squillion quid for the skullvane, but at least it’s supposed to be terrain right?

  • zeno666

    A funny detail. The Cryx community got to vote for the design of one of the Satyxis. The end product is the one to the far right. A nice touch.

    • Chris

      She is pretty good. With some minor converting to make her head look human, she’d make a great female addition to my Mordheim Reiklander warband.

  • Fredddy

    As a modell impressive and original idea, but this ship is at best the lifeboat of a proper ship in 28mm scale- Pirate King Moorcraig really did not like it big.

    • frank

      How original is a floating ghost ship though really? like the most original part is its just half the ship. kinda makes me think of the land ship from bobs burgers for some reason.

      • Fredddy

        Well, I havent seen a floating ghost ship in 28mm yet.

        • frank

          true but dread-fleet had a floating ghost ship just not in 28mm.

          • Fredddy

            The concept of a ghost ship is not new ofc, but no one did it in 28mm yet. Most likely because of the same size issue which makes this model weird.

  • frank

    Why is it cut in half? I don’t mean like why is it a busted up ship i mean it looks like they purposefully cut it in half.did she go to like pimp my ride and say hey i really like ghost ships xibit what can you do o to make this ship look haunted? aside from that its literally half a ship for 125$.

    • Chris

      Sup Dawg. I heard you like cutting things so I cut your boat in half so you can cut while you boat.

      • frank

        ghost ride that whip.

  • Alienerd the unbannable

    I’d like to think the front of the ship is the one on the Troll King. That would be a cool narrative.

  • Nosebleed

    One of the WEIRDEST mini i’ve ever seen from PP.

    But damn, that sculpt is really good!

  • dark-tadpole

    I don’t play WMH, but that’s an impressive model.

  • Sonic tooth

    this is why i hope theres no “cthulu sea elves” or whatever. whats in the sea should stay in the sea. hydra works, karybdis works, but boats on land and any kind of fish creature on land is just goofy. yes, i know the empire land ship looked cool but ya know what i mean