Starfinder: Does This Shirt Look Red To You?

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Starfinder brings both tragedy and comedy to the game in Redshirts.

Engage with the more comedic side of sci-fi with Redshirts, new from Happy Gnome Publishing. This game sets players up as hapless redshirts aboard a starship, obeying the orders of a Captain who cares more about glory or making speeches or baseball or getting back home to the Alpha Quadrant than your survival.

Pictured: a party of “adventurers”

It also highlights the lighter side of space–things like the Hitchhiker’s Guide are good touchstones for a game like this. And the setup includes tools to bring the players on board with the tone and humor–so even if this isn’t your jam, it’s still a good resource for bringing disparate elements into your game.

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Redshirts: Adventures in Absurdity (Vol. 1) is a Starfinder compatible Adventure Path, guaranteed to have your PCs laughing hysterically from one end of the galaxy to the other.

Critics have called it “The Office meets Survivor…in space.”

Unlike most RPGs which set up the PCs to achieve great heroic victories over threats to the very existence of the world, Redshirts is more a game of survival, as in can the PCs survive the ridiculous orders of the command crew. Redshirts is perfect for players wishing to emulate the tone of comedic Space-Opera settings such as Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Futurama, or Spaceballs. It parodies and builds upon popular Sci-fi settings and tropes, while building its own niche.

Redshirts plays like a combination of a Role-playing game and an improv comedy routine (always say “yes”), as the PCs run the crew’s most dangerous errands. Vol. 1 encompasses the first three “missions” and takes the PCs from level 1 to level 3.

Redshirts: Adventures in Absurdity adds 8 new playable races, and dozens on original NPCS and monsters to kill your players with over and over again.

Or gold, if you’re playing in a later geberation…

  • euansmith

    This sounds fun. After the disappointment of the latest version of Paranoia, maybe this can scratch my itch for hapless tomfoolery.

    • af

      Is there a new version of Paranoia? :O And is it a disappointment? 🙁

    • af

      Disregard my other message, citizen. Disappointment in Paranoia is treason. Treason is punishable by death. The computer is your friend.

      • euansmith

        Death to the demon Computer! All hail Frankenstein Destroyers!

        (Treasonous opinions: the writers seemed to be so interested in the setting that they seemed to have lost sight of the idea of it being a game.

        A case in point is NPC skills which exist, but have no actual mechanical effect on the game beyond the advice to make stuff up and wing it.

        Now, I know that previous versions of the game have long called for the GM to do just that for the good of the story; but, there was at least a framework of rules to be ignored.)

        This version was kickstarted and was published last year.