Streaming NOW: Age of Sigmar – Daughters of Khaine vs Beastclaws

Today we take Daughters of Khaine for a spin and if Morathi can best the hunger of the Beastclaw Raiders.

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Daughters of Khaine & Friends


5x Bloodstalkers

5x Khinerai Heartrenders

Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood

Hag Queen

10 Witch Aelfs

10 Witch Aelfs

5x Drakespawn Knights

20x Dreadspears

20x Darkshards

10x Darkshards


Beastclaw Raiders

Frostlord on Stonehorn

Stonehorn Beastrider

Stonehorn Beastrider

2x Mournfang Pack

2x Mournfang Pack

2x Mournfang Pack

2x Mournfang Pack

2x Frost Sabres




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  • This matchup is more indicative of what you’d see in a powergaming environment. As such I’d be interested to see how it plays out…

    My money is on the ogres though.

  • bobrunnicles

    Can’t watch this on my work PC (lol) – once it’s done can someone post the result please?