Tabletop Spotlight: Dawn of Rebellion

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From the Edge of Empire to the Age of Rebellion and parts beyond, Rebellion Dawns.

This one’s pretty exciting folks. Today we sit down with the new Age of Rebellion source book for FFG’s various Star Wars RPGs. Whether you’re playing Edge of Empire, Force and Destiny, or Age of Rebellion, this book has something for you. Featuring characters and locales from Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels, this book adds a lot to the game.

Indeed, I’m hard pressed to pick one thing that stands out above the rest. The location sections are amazing, featuring a few old familiar planets, including Alderaan (while supplies last), as well as iconic locations like the Death Star (and its canteen), Jedha, and more.

And each of these locations is populated by a cast of characters. Some are faces we’ve not seen in a very long time. Thrawn makes his grand reentrance into the Star Wars rpgs, as do Vader and Leia. You’ll find a full list of antagonists, traps, and adventure seeds within.

But perhaps most surprising to me (and exciting), is the section on how to build towards that antagonist showdown. Duels are an iconic part of Star Wars and the GM section has some fantastic advice to aspiring storytellers who want to bring that Star Wars flavor to their tabletops.

Dawn of Rebellion$39.95

The dominance of the Empire is absolute. No authority in galactic history has enjoyed such a degree of power. So, what are you going to do about it? Some will take advantage of the system and turn a profit any way they can. Others may quest to find secret truths that could unravel even the most imposing social order. A few will even take up arms against an invincible foe. They may even have a chance to win.

Dawn of Rebellion is a 144-page sourcebook designed to be a companion to any and all of the Star Wars™ Roleplaying Game lines. Describing the Star Wars universe in the years leading to the original film trilogy, it sets the stage of a dangerous galaxy primed for war. The stories you tell, however, will be on your own terms starting from the perspective of the Edge of the EmpireAge of Rebellion, or Force and Destiny and are then shaped by your own vision. Included in the sourcebook are new talent and species options for players, modular scenarios for gamemasters to include in their campaigns, and a wealth of information about the organizations, characters, and history that make the Star Wars saga so iconic.

This Rebellion seems like a rogue one…

  • Xodis

    The 6 Universal careers and all the extra stuff like gear, talents, etc…are great, but the book reached new heights of awesome by stating all the iconic characters in the franchise, minus a few.

    • euansmith

      I guess that this is too early in the timeline to feature Princess Leia Poppins?

      • Xodis

        I dont think they have decided if they want to continue with Old Canon and make her a Force User yet….love that name though lol

      • Jabberwokk

        God that movie was awful. The ship design and throne room fight were cool though.

        • euansmith

          I rather enjoyed it; though it could do with a bit of editing I think.

          • Jabberwokk

            My biggest gripes were the immense tactical incompetence of the 1st order, Admiral gender studies, and planet vegas.

            The 1st orders engineering team are gods though….holy crap.

          • euansmith

            The 1st Order seem to have carefully studied the tactical lessons of the old Empire; but learned nothing from them.