The Vampires Rise in Legions of Nagash

The Legion of Blood serves the Lord of Death and Games Workshop has a new preview of their powers & units!

We’ve gotten a tease of the skeletal horde and we’ve seen how the necromancers are going to sling-spells. Today, we’re getting a better look at the might Vampires of the Dead with the Legion of Blood!

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“The Legion of Blood are Nagash’s spies and insurgents. Whole civilisations in the Mortal Realms have fallen to the Soulblight curse, but should they prove resistant from within, then Neferata, Mortarch of Blood and master of the Legion, has no qualms about crushing them in open battle.”

Favoured Retainers is the unique ability:

Vampires have long been known in previous editions for their marital prowess – those of the Legion of Blood have the benefit of an extra attack to their melee weapons to represent this. Those extra attacks will add up as the Vampires already hit harder than most. This boon will be very welcome by the forces of undeath!

Artefacts of the Dead

GW is also previewing two more artefacts that the Legions will have: The Amulet of Screams and the Ring of Dominion.

The Amulet of Screams will help your more martially inclined heroes deal with those pesky wizards. If you can manage to stop their spells and then kill them in close combat quickly, then this artefact is well worth it!

Those darn vampires always mesmerizing folks…The Ring of Dominion allows you to take control of an opponent’s melee weapon and force them to attack with it. Now that’s what’s going on thematically. Rules-wise, it’s just cleaner to allow you to get some extra swings with that weapon. Thankfully, this isn’t a once per game ability because that 5+ is really holding it back. But you’ll get to use it every time you select the bearer to fight…so it’s a bit of a trade off.

Prince Vhordrai


“Prince Vhordrai is Lord of the Crimson Keep, a spectral fortress that manifests in the realms upon Nagash’s command. To the Blood Knights, it is a home away from home that allows them to launch assaults on lands that think themselves safe from the wrath of Nagash, but to Vhordrai, it is a prison; his spirit is bound there in punishment for his attempts to assassinate the Grand Necromancer.”

The Vampire Prince works basically like a Vampire Lord on a Zombie Dragon but he’s got some extra tricks up his bloody sleeves. His Dragon Shordemaire has a pretty nasty breath weapon attack that can do up to 6 Mortal Wounds in one go! Plus he’s got the Fist of Nagash ability too:

The Legion of Blood is not known for it’s subtly – and Prince Vhordrai’s ability is pretty straight-forward. He might not buff your whole army, but granting your beat-stick vampires another round of combat is pretty great if you ask me!

If you want a smaller, more Elite army that still serves the Lord of Death, then the Legion of Blood is for you!


I hope you brought your garlic because these vampires are out for blood!

  • Colin Clarke

    “Vampires have long been known in previous editions for their marital prowess”

    Really? Is this part of their seduction technique?

    • 41st Millenial

      Isabella and Vlad were prime examples of a happy long-lasting marriage

      • James Regan

        Things did go a bit sour when papa nurgles infested her rotting corpse, but for the majority of their existence, they were in a loving, faithful relationship. What other character can claim that- Nagash, Sigmar, Grungni and Grimnir are all bachelors, Tyion had a kid off Allarielle, his distant cousin, who subsequently married his boss and claimed the kid was his, and later, after finubar died, married his hated enemy/her own distant half-uncle Malekith, though they seem to have gone through a bit of a rough patch since the end times. Not to mention the fact Malekith may have been sleeping with his own mother off and on before that.
        So yeah, amongst major characters ‘marital prowess’

        • Sigmar was hardly a bachelor. He almost got married before his waifu got killed by her brother when he tried to assassinate Sigmar.
          At some point he also should’ve had an heir by blood, because it is said that Volkmar the Grim bore the Blood of Sigmar, which is why he was captured and used as a vessel to reincarnate Nagash into.

          It was also implied that Tyrion… got around a bit, especially in his early decades.. or centuries. The Tyrion & Teclis trilogy gives a lot of insight on his relationship with Alarielle too. She was caught entirely in the bonds of tradition and her ancestral role as Everqueen. Couldn’t do much about that.

          • Mathew G. Smith

            Bachelor means “not married” you realize. Not “virgin”.

            Incidentally his heir was through one of the first electors, Queen Freya, who he had a brief tryst with when her people joined the Empire. The boy was considered her son alone and Sigmar had nothing to do with raising him.

    • CloakingDonkey

      We’re clearly talking about Lahmian Vampires here 😛

    • Vesalius

      It’s less seduction and more about their good, wholesome family values and strong and intimate relationships built on trust and friendship.

  • Kabal1te

    “The Legion of Blood is not known for it’s subtly”

    Yea… because since when have vampires ever been famed for subtly… Seriously. They are vampires. They should be the most subtle of undead, by a margin wider than the realms themselves.

    • Xodis

      I think you are confusing Anne Rice with Warhammer. From what I have seen and read, Warhammer Vampires are less Vampire: The Masqurade and a lot more 30 Days of Night….I mean whats subtle about riding a Bone Dragon?

      • Dan

        you’re right it is an awfully blunt metaphor, maybe vampires aren’t so suave after all.

        Visually dropping hints about riding your bone dragon is pretty blatant compared to, say, an obnoxious belt buckle.

      • Drpx

        I’m dipping mine in glitter so they’ll sparkle.

        • Xodis

          I wish I could give you more Ups for that lol

      • frank

        In the 6th ed vampire counts the different kinds of vampires had varying levels of nuance depending on the bloodline.

      • Vlad von Carstein schemed for ages before he started his war against the Empire. Mannfred von Carstein schemed even longer, and was pretty much responsible for Vlad dying at all. He went onto pilgrimages, made pacts with other clans, and only when he felt he had the upper hand and betrayed or cowed all his rivals did he step up and kick off the third of the major Vampire Wars.
        Even after Mannfred was “killed”, he managed to influence a necromancer to reawaken him from his slumber and spent long years recuperating and reassessing things before taking root in Sylvania again for good, and baiting various important bloodlines into his realm, including Volkmar the Grimm. Heck, even in AoS, Mannfred is trying to rise up against Nagash, but hasn’t been able to find an opportunity yet.

        On top of that, you have old lore about Vlad handing Vanhal a Book of Nagash, though this wasn’t maintained in the Time of Legends: The Black Plague trilogy.

        Then you have Neferata, who is anything but a blunt instrument, or Abhorash, who tamed his thirst and wandered the world for centuries.

        Heck, the entire creation myth of the vampire bloodlines is about as insidious as it gets.

        Of course they won’t be subtle when they *actually* go to war, but they don’t go to those on a whim. They prepare, solidify their status, scheme within their respective courts, betray one another in myriad ways, before ever invading anything.

        • Xodis

          Everything you posted just further illustrates my point. Even the 30 Days of Night Vampires were careful in HOW they go to war, but once they went to war there was no subtlety, it was carnage and aggression…much like we see here. When they needed to they planned and kept out of sight, but when the fight was on it is much like we see here with an AoS army.

  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!

    • Xodis


    • Geronimo32509

      I sure hope you have a bot set up to do this automatically. Otherwise it seems to be an extremely sad and futile waste of time to make this comment on every AOS article.

      • ZeeLobby

        He honestly wastes less time than most commentators here, and if he’s one of the much more populous lurkers who visit BoLS it’s really not much time wasted at all.

        • Matthew Pomeroy

          and its Marco-bot! awesome addition…and generally gives me a warm fuzzy 😀

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha. Same. It’s a funny quirk of the BoLS comment section now XD.

      • Vanders

        Here visits for a few minutes every day like most people here to check on the latest Warhammer news and takes less then ten seonds to write those messages. It’s hardly wasting time.

    • GWELLS

      The old world is the past, leave it there it is old. The Mortal Realms are life. Embrace life!

  • D. B.

    i. e. no plastic Blood Knights. Pity.

  • Rainthezangoose

    Won’t really work with out a ”core’ vampire unit.