ToyLand: Hasbro is Offering a 4′ Long Version Jabba’s Barge

Hasbro has announced a new ENORMOUS option for collectors – a crowdfunding platform called HasLab.

HasLab will be producing high end, super detailed pieces for collectors that are too costly to put into mass production. Based on their first offering expect big things.

Their first project: Jhetanna, Jabba’s luxury sail barge seen in Return of the Jedi. The vessel is 30 meters long and can transport up to 500 passengers on its three decks. The scale reproduction will be 4 feet long and will accommodate 3.75″ scale action figures (the same scale as Hasbro’s Vintage line). It comes with a book that will include the details of the design and production of the scale model and the set piece from the movie.

The Jhetanna$499.99

  • 49.35″ long; 14.64″ wide ; 17.01″ tall
  • Weighs 13.89 lbs
  • Includes 3.75″ Jabba
  • Accessible interior/exterior decks
  • Two soft-cloth fabric sails
  • Jabba’s Sail Barge: Behind the Workbench 64-page booklet
  • Limited edition packaging with a HASLAB seal of authenticity

Hasbro is requiring 5,000 pre-orders before April 13th to launch the barge into production, so if you want one be sure to back the project and convince all your friends they need one too. If it gets funded the barge estimated ship date is February of next year.


What do you think about Hasbro’s choice to get into crowdfunding?

  • Cergorach

    I think it’s a good idea, even if it’s limited to NA and for SW action figures. These kinds of projects either are super successful or fall flat on their face. This is not only good advertising, getting people to pay for a product before actually seeing it, and with virtually zero risk.

    I pray to the dark gods that GW will fund the plastic Thunderhawk this way…

    Btw. The scale is a tad big for any form of miniatures gaming, 1/20 almost three times the size for 32mm models…

  • NikosanPrime

    Now what I’m going to say is blasphemous, but i’m In the hospital due to major illness, so I hope you wont hold it against me.

    So, and not that i’m Going to buy one because my wife would kill me, but what if you turn this into the centre of a Drukhari (sp?) mission?

    Run it down the middle of the table (either direction) and then run your scenario around it.

    • af

      It makes sense because Dark Eldar* vehicles like the Raider and Ravager are obviously inspired in Jabba’s barge.

      * I am like Marco with AoS, except with these silly newfangled names.

      • YetAnotherFacelessMan

        Drukhari is the 40k version of Druchii, which is the word for Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves. Similarly the Asuryani are the followers of Asuryan and reflect the fantasy Asur. These aren’t new words, Mon-keigh. You just don’t know no eldar lore. 😉

        • af

          I confess I didn’t know about Drukhari, but I knew about Druchii. Still, their codexes were titled Dark Elves and Dark Eldar, because those were the main names, or am I mistaken?

          • YetAnotherFacelessMan

            Right. I think GW is making sure the words stay at the forefront, though. GW can’t copyright the idea of an elf, so they’re pushing their nonsense speech. Adeptus Astartes, Adeptus Custodes, & Astra Militarum are the same kind of deal. So, we have Codex Adeptus Astartes Space Marine, with Adeptus Astartes in smaller font. Now the codex will say Codex Drukhari. Drukhari are dark eldar and dark eldar are space elves. We got there.

            Feel free to call your guardsmen guardsmen and your tau fire warriors firewarriors. But they’re also “Vostroyan firstborn” and “shas’la”, which are much easier to defend in court.

            EDIT: A thought occured to me. They probably shifted the tau book from “Codex: Tau” to “Codex: T’au Empire” because you can’t copyright a greek letter.

          • af

            For a minute there I thought Firewarriors were no longer a thing 🙁 Then I kept reading I saw that wasn’t what you were saying… pheww! I don’t have a problem with “Vostroyan Firstborn” because it doesn’t replace “Guardsmen”; it’s a type of Guardsmen, one with a relatively reasonable background and explanation to the name (well, for GW standards anyway). In contrast, Astra Militarum sounds awful, it replaces “Imperial Guard” (even though it doesn’t really, hopefully), AND there’s no reasonable explanation for it. The one thing it has going for it is consistency: obnoxious fake Latin — err, “High Gothic”, hilariously! — has always a trademark of GW fluff for the Imperium.

            I think you’re right about the rename of Tau to T’au Empire. The apostrophe is probably key.

            Disclaimer: what follows is just my opinion and I’m fine with people disagreeing with me. One problem with all this is I hate fake names that don’t mean anything. It’s stylistically wrong and should be kept to a minimum. Tolkien could get away with it, but he was a linguist and most writers aren’t. Whenever possible, authors should draw their names from real human language. Hence, “Firewarrior” and “Space Marine” resonate with me, while “shas’la” and “Adeptus Astartes” do not. Likewise, George Martin’s names like “Oldtown” and “Kingsroad” and “Dragonstone” are way better than if he had named these places “Z’khltown” and “The Hruffnaxx Road” and “Zrkarkgem”. Names for folkore (verbatim or slightly rewritten), so Elf, Dwarf, Goblin, Troll, Drow, etc, are of course fine. “Drukhari” is less fine. Occasionally a wholly made up name is fine; I like “Skaven”. Etc. I don’t expect anyone else to agree with me, but most wholly made up names sound silly to me 🙂

  • Reymond

    How does Jabba get inside (like if he and it were real)? Or is Jabba boneless and able to squeeze through small spaces?

    • He’s basically a snake with arms… *shrug*

      • NNextremNN

        I always thought of him more as a snail.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    Didn’t they say three decks? Where is the third one?

    • I guess it’s the upper rear part of the upper deck. Maybe?

      • Neal Laxman

        You mean the poop deck?

        • euansmith

          Poop… he he he he

  • Braden_Campbell

    I need this for my Dark Eldar…

  • Shatterclaw

    …. One its not to scale, and its a toy version of the three Deck Ship. much like all star wars toys and Games workshop tanks its smaller then what it supposed to be. I know you guys know that.. so moving on.. It would so Work for a grand center piece for Dark Eldar… go for it!!