ToyLand: This Gremlins Fig Might Give You Arachnophobia

NECA is bringing back the huge, creepy the af Spider Gremlin thanks to its adoring fans.

This creepy as all get out reproduction has over 30 points of articulation. Each leg has three points that all a good deal of possibility – for when you want to scare the heck out of your friends and family by hanging it on a shower head or from a clothes rack under some conveniently placed coats. There’s a lot of potential here beyond putting it on a shelf with the rest of your Gremlins collection.

It’s not puny – the fig stands at 10″ tall, 15″ across, and 12″ deep. It comes with a stand for easy display when you’re not using it to scare people.


The re-release of this monster will be shipping out in May. An MSRP was not given in the press release, but some online retailers are taking pre-orders int he realm of $70.00.

You can pick up a 7″ Gizmo with a bunch of extras, also from NECA, for about $30.00 online to make a complete Gremlin diorama…

What the best Spider Gremlin prank can you think of?

  • orionburn III
    • Talos2

      Well one of my locals has had one on the shelf for a good few years now, I guess it could be one of several as I’ve never asked, but it would appear the answer is no. Though I do think it’s a great thing personally

  • Vanders

    Gremlins always makes me want a new Overlord game. I hope to Sigmar/God-Emperor that the abomination that was Fellowship of Evil hasn’t killed such a unique series.