Warhammer Lore: Morathi – The Hag Sorceress

Once the mother of darkness incarnate in the World That Was, Morathi has found a twisted rebirth in the Mortal Realms.

Morathi the Hag Sorceress is the mother of Malekith. She was the second wife of Aenarion who rescued her from a Slaaneshi warband in the days of the first Chaos invasion before The Sundering. She is also the first Hag queen of the Witch Elves. Morathi can be seen as the indirect cause of The Sundering as it was she who introduced the pleasure cults to Ulthuan.


After the The Second Great Chaos Incursion, the princes of Ulthuan needed to elect a new Phoenix King. Though Malekith was the obvious choice, the princes instead passed it over to Bel Shanaar since they needed a ruler who was less warlike (Despite Morathi Protesting against it). Bel Shanaar then married Yvraine (Aenarions daughter from his first wife), causing Morathi to lose her title as Queen.

As Malekith set sail for the Old World, Morathi founded and secretly led the Cult of Pleasure (A chaos cult greatly devoted to the worship of Slaanesh). The cult’s influence spread to nearly all parts of Ulthuan. Its influence affected many thousands of elves and even to some of the noble princes of Ulthuan. While the cult was growing, Malekith gained popularity amongst the Old World colonies by leading successful victories against orcs and the forces of chaos and also made an alliance with the dwarfs (With him befriending the dwarfs then High King Snorri Whitebeard). Morathi visited her son in the city of Athel Toralien after she heard that he was setting an expidition to the north. She gifted him with a massive Dragonship called “Indraugnir” (naming it after Aenarion’s Dragon mount). She eventually returned to Ulthuan after her sons departure where she continued to secretly lead the cult.

Malekith later returned to Ulthuan after his expedition, and took charge of purging the cults existence from Ulthuan forever. Morathi’s position as leader of the pleasure cults was eventually exposed when Malekith captured one of the cults bases at Ealith (Though she escaped by the use of her sorcery). She fled to the city of Anlec where a large number of cultists resided. Malekith led an army,consisting of both his own army and the supporting armies led by the princes of Ellyrion, Yvresse, Chrace and Saphery. Malekith was successful in breaching the cities defences and confronted his mother in the cities palace. Though Morathi had the upper hand with her great sorcerous powers, she was defeated. Morathi was spared from certain death by convincing her son that she would give him her full support of the cults and help him gain the Phoenix throne.

She was brought before the court of the Phoenix king in the city of Tor Anroc. Though she would have been executed for her Crimes, Malekith convinced Bel Shanaar to imprison her instead (Despite Imrik of Caledor’s insistence to have her severely punished). After years of planning, Malekith decided to set his plan in to action. With Morathi’s help,he poisoned Bel Shanaar and killed anyone who resisted. Malekith confidently marched into the sacred flame of the god Asuryan, a trial that marks each Phoenix King as the chosen of the Elven creator god. Yet the flames refused to suffer Malekith’s presence and he was horribly scarred. Malekith’s followers carried him to his fortress in Nagarythe where Morathi nursed him back to health. She instructed a renegade priest of vaul to forge him the Armor of Midnight and his blade the Destroyer.

She has since been assisting her son during the Sundering,and after Malekith and his followers were exiled to the cold lands of Naggaroth.

She lived in the court of Nagarythe for many years prior to the Sundering she is very learned in scheming and politics, being an immensely powerful sorceress and making numerous daemonic pacts to further her own power. Morathi is second in power only to her own son. She has spent 5000 years teaching her son all she knows of statecraft and magic, and works continuously to maintain his grip on the throne of Naggaroth.

Morathi was claimed by Slaanesh along with Caledor during the unmaking of the Great Vortex in Ulthuan during the End Times.

Mortal Realms

Eons after the loss of the World that Was, she awakened. Morathi was found by Malerion, a twisted form of her son Malekith, at the centre of a glade filled with shadow daemons. She was still of flesh and blood, but had changed since he last saw her during the End Times. This reunion was hostile and filled with recriminations and anger and even through neither trusted the other, they managed to make an uneasy truce.

Eventually Morathi joined Sigmar‘s Great Alliance. She leads the Daughters of Khaine sect.

~ With the Daughters of Khaine at her command, what will Morathi do under the protection of Sigmar? 

  • Wampasaurus

    This model looks like such a cool sculpt. I don’t even play AoS, but I I tempted to purchase this just to have in my collection

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      Could totally be a Keeper of Secrets

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        Or daemon prince Fulgrim, with a little conversion.

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          Who needs conversion daemon prince of slaanesh can have boobs if he wants

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            If it feels good do it.

  • Bakvrad

    Whoever has put this informations together, stopped with the beginning of the end times – because there is so much more information. Like, who killed Ariel, turns darkblade in an actual demon, seduces Tyrion and helps him claim the sword of khaine and therefore officially introducing the end of the world for the elves (ranadama or something?), who is actually an elven deity… and gets eaten not claimed by slaanesh, in front of allmost all elves left on the world that was.

    • Ghachii

      I assume that this article is basically copy-pasted from Lexicanum and it hasn’t had that stuff added to it yet.

    • Come and help – seriously.

      I’m always surprised how few people own the full set of the END TIMES series.

      Anyone who loves the World That Was is welcome to help the Lexicanum team get it all down in black and white.

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  • Vanders

    Seeing that map reminds me that I need to send an invasion force of Tomb Kings from Nehekhara to humble those edgy elves and their prideful cousins in my next Total War Warhammer campaign. Morathi and her Witch King son won’t last long no matter how many pet Hydras they send my way. Settra does not serve. My calcium enriched skelibois have had plenty of milk and will conquer the New World and the Old.

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      Settra does not serve!

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        Settra rules!!!

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      • I so have dreams of Settra returning as a fusion faction of “chaos undead” with an all new range for AoS – ready to get his revenge on Nagash.

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    The sultry elf sorceress in the Age of Reckoning trailer was how I always pictured Morathi. Damn, girl.

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      Definitely damned, definitely not a girl.

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    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!

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    “Who are you calling a Hag?!”

    This reminds me of the bit on one of Terry Pratchett’s books, where they are talking about the Three Witches, “The Maiden, the Mother, and… ah-hem… the Other One.”

  • benn grimm

    Lol, the OG evil chaos worshipper now works for Sigmar? Bathing in blood, murdering babies, building temples and fighting for the righteous ways of order and justice…Well I guess by comparison it makes the queen of blades style metal wings seem slightly less silly. The winged Medusa would make a great Daemon prince, but giving them money for this lore mutilation would, I fear, just encourage them further.

    • Ghachii

      She’s not working for, or even with Sigmar, except perhaps in some extremely rare and highly unusual circumstances. The faction is organised under the Order grand alliance purely in game terms because however depraved they might be, they still represent civilization of a sort and aren’t just out to see the world burn. If you said ‘Order grand alliance’ to Morathi or anyone else in-universe they probably wouldn’t have any idea what you were talking about.

      So your ridicule is based on a misconception.

      • benn grimm

        Well, thanks for clearing that up. Still think it’s problematic pillaging one games lore to fill out another’s, but fair enough.

        • Ghachii

          It’s hardly pillaging if it’s a continuation set in the same universe – albeit a universe that’s been vastly changed by magical forces and the passage of long aeons. You can be as cynical about GW’s motivations as you like, but that’s what it is. The lore of the Warhammer World hasn’t been pillaged, sidelined or rewritten – it’s the ancient past of the current setting and time period, and it’s referenced regularly as you would expect.

          Your attitude makes as much sense as saying that 30K pillaged 40K’s lore (or vice versa). They’re different time periods in the same setting that naturally have a ton of connections to each other. No-one makes cynical comments about 30K ‘pillaging’ Space Marines from 40K.

          • benn grimm

            It’s a point of view, you may not understand it, that’s fine, but don’t try to fool yourself into thinking that a viewpoint you don’t share is any less valid because you don’t understand it. Your comparison to 30k/40k doesn’t really work for me; 30k is one of the main foundations of 40k lore, has been since the beginning of 40k. As a game system it expands the 40k universe and adds new things to it, reinforcing its foundations and not detracting from it. AoS on the other hand is a modern replacement, entirely inorganic and rather than enhancing and adding to what went before it destroys/replaces/pillages/cannibalizes it’s parent in a really crass and somewhat brain dead manner. Or at least that’s my view, I don’t expect you to agree with or understand it.

          • Steven Hyche

            It’s not a point of view you are just flat wrong.

          • benn grimm

            Lol. Nah mate, ironically the only ‘wrong’ statement in our albeit limited discourse is the one you just made.

          • Steven Hyche

            Not at all. You can dislike AOS and the current lore and I can respect that but when you try to say it’s your point of view that WFB isn’t the history of AOS you are letting your opinion distort fact.

          • benn grimm

            But that’s not what I’m saying?

          • Steven Hyche

            It is kinda what you said.

            “Well, thanks for clearing that up. Still think it’s problematic pillaging one games lore to fill out another’s, but fair enough”

          • benn grimm

            Not sure how you interpret that to mean what you said. They are two different games, one uses lore from the other. Pillage is possibly a bit of an overly emotive term, but for me it fits the bill.

          • Apocryphus
          • Ghachii

            Everything you’ve said there is fair enough, but you specifically said ‘pillaging’ and that implies stealing. I take issue with your choice of words because it reinforces a surprisingly persistent misconception that one setting was completely destroyed and rebooted with an entirely new and separate setting that has no organic connection to what came before, and that’s simply not the case.

          • benn grimm

            You’re probably not entirely wrong there. But what AoS ‘is’ is not entirely lore bound either. Ie, it’s not just what they say it is in the stories. It exists in the real world, as a game system, my view of that, as a game and as a commercial enterprise/creative venture; as a distinct entity in of itself, can’t be refuted with a lore reference. I think maybe that’s the bit you’re not getting.

          • Ghachii

            I do get that, but that’s not where you initially seemed to be coming from. You only referred to the lore, not the game or the business decisions behind it. So I was responding to that specifically.

            Even if when talking about ‘cannibalisation’ and ‘pillaging’ your intention was to refer to the business decisions behind the lore, rather than the lore itself, by being unclear you perpetuate a genuine misconception that’s widely used to bash AoS – that these are two different settings and AoS needs to steal elements from another setting because of some inherent weakness it has.

            Bash AoS by all means, but if you or anyone else bashes it based on something that I know for a fact isn’t true, I’m going to call that out. This isn’t a matter of ‘different point of view’. It’s either a continuation of the setting or it isn’t. And it *is* a continuation of the setting.

            I can fully accept that it wasn’t your intention to claim that AoS isn’t a continuation of the Warhammer story. But at face value that’s how it looked, and there are a lot of bitter idiots out there who would be very happy to accept that apparent face value claim unquestioningly because it supports their malicious anti-AoS agenda. That’s the only part I wanted to refute.

          • benn grimm

            Ok, no probs. No malicious intent here, just a little creative criticism really, disguised as a ribbing. To expand a little, I collected/played Dark Elves for quite a few years, always hated the old Morathi model, but loved the lore. So of course I’m interested when she gets a new model and a not bad at all model it is. It’s just a shame (for me) that this time I can’t get behind the lore. Fingers crossed in twenty years when the cycle comes around again I can dig both.

          • Apocryphus

            I respect that you appreciate AoS, but you can justify it until you are blue in the face and those of us who do not appreciate it will always see it as a bastardized version of a setting and game we used to/still love. You cannot tell a person that their feelings are wrong and just expect them to suddenly change their stance or even care about what you say after so casually dismissing their opinion. I agree with Benn Grimm, the lore in AoS feels like it’s pillaged and warped to fit into a setting that was established as having no real coherent lore to allow GW to freely build a background and turn around and immediately contradict it because “Mortal Realms” “everything’s canon”. Morathi’s return and abrupt, so far unexplained, allegiance to Khaine is a warping of the old lore and nothing you can say will justify it to me. But if you are comfortable with it and happy to be a part of the AoS world, that’s fine, it’s something you find compelling and interesting, and that’s no more “wrong” than me or anyone else not liking it.

          • Ghachii

            Ok, first off, I specifically said that I respected his feelings, then went on to state that his feelings are based on false assumptions. Feeling aggrieved that the timeline has moved on substantially is completely valid. Disliking where the story and setting have gone is also valid.

            But allowing those feelings to consume you to the point that you refuse to accept that this is a continuation of the story, rather than an entirely new setting that cannibalises the old one – that isn’t valid. Because it’s easy to show that it’s not true.

            I don’t demand that everyone think and feel the same way that I do. But if you’re going to dislike AoS, do it based on fact. Dislike it for what it actually is, not what you choose to assume or pretend that it is.

          • EnTyme

            Morathi has no allegiance to Khaine, though. She’s using his name to siphon off the worship he receives.

          • Apocryphus

            If that’s how it is, it feels less like a retcon of her character, but I thought I read that she was full blown Cult of Khaine now.

          • EnTyme

            Not so much a retcon as a logical evolution. She was eaten by her god, so she turned from him. She stole the heart of Khaine and took over the leadership of his cult. Since she has his heart, all prayers to Khaine instead empower her, essentially making her a new demigod.

          • Apocryphus

            They could have just as easily took it in the Slaanesh direction and had her spit back out as a daemonic lord or something of Slaanesh. That said, stealing the position of Khaine is totally Morathi, so I can live with that too. Still, would have been interesting to see Hellebron rise to power, fleshing her out more would have been fun.

          • EnTyme

            Well the whole point of the arc was that Morathi felt betrayed by her god, so she decided to become a god herself. Becoming a lord of Slaanesh would be an act of submission, which would have been completely out of character for Morathi.

          • Apocryphus

            Yeah, that’s fair. I am also biased towards Slaanesh, but you make a good point.

          • EnTyme

            Well, my plan is to buy these models, but run them as the Slaanesh cult for my Chaos Mortals army. The serpent thing fits well into a Slaanesh theme (Norscans referred to Slaanesh as The Serpent), and I always imagined the cult being Aelves rather than humans.

          • Apocryphus

            It fits with the old Pleasure Cults from Storm of Chaos as well. I plan on using the nagas to convert some Slaanesh CSM bikers, but a part of me wants to play the army in AoS anyway. I had a mostly Khainite Dark Elf army in WHF, so the cult appeals to me, I just don’t find AoS very engaging to play.

  • Dan Dolan

    god the new fluff and rules are terrible