Wyrd Preview: New Adventure Box – The Undying

The upcoming Story Encounter & Adventure Box, The Undying, looks fantastic!

It contains thrills and chills for Through the Breach as well as some amazing new models for Malifaux.  Let’s take a look!

The Undying details two forces that have come into contact with each other: the Resurrectionists and the Ten Thunders. Today, we’ll be looking at the leader of the Resurrectionist forces, Manos the Risen, and his two  Mourners.

Manos is an immortal assassin who once belonged to the Order of Balance, a group of priests, warriors, and assassins who brought an end to those who had fallen from the kharmic wheel. The Order were mortal enemies of the Jiangshi, terrible sorcerers who fed on the souls of helpless peasants to extend their own, unnatural lives.

The immortal sorcerers corrupted Manos and taught him how to feed on the souls of the fallen, and he used that knowledge to grant himself a perverse form of immortality. Bolstered with forbidden knowledge, he returned to the Order and murdered all of his former friends… all save for one, Minako Rei.


After he takes an assignment, nothing – not even death – can stop Manos from completing his mission. On the table, he harvests the Chi of those who die around him and expends it to increase his own capabilities, becoming Fast, more resistant, or empowering his powerful Celestial Strike attack, which ignores Hard to Kill.

Accompanying Manos are his Mourners. These undead women are defensive Belles; with Disguised and Manipulative, they’re difficult to target, and their Funeral Shroud action prevents enemy models in their engagement range from targeting anyone not in base contact with them.

The Mourners aren’t entirely defensive, though. They also possess the Feed off Grief attack, a ranged attack that heals them if it kills the target. Better yet, the attack is resisted by Willpower.

Perhaps it’s time for Seamus to swing by the local cemetery to pick up some new friends!

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  • euansmith

    Lovely designs on those characters.

    • marxlives

      Oh, I don’t know if you checked it out but the adventure boxes for Malifaux and Infinity are pretty great. Especially if you have another big army game. Basically you take a handful of models and it mixes wargaming with RPG elements. So it feels like you are playing a wargame version of an adventure module. My go to for big games is Warmachine but the adventure boxes for Malifaux and Infinity keep me interested in those IPs since I am not a competitive player in either system.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      I have yet to be dissappointed with anything malifaux related

  • Apocryphus

    These look very cool. If the entire box is cross faction Ressers/TT, I might get it just to sloppily staple Jakob Lynch or Dr. Dufresne onto it for a full crew.

  • Ty Hayden

    He better have an ability/rule called Hand of Fate.