40K BREAKING: Codex Necron Strategems & C’tan Rules

There’s a new set of Necron rules doing the rounds today. Take a look at the upcoming codex.

Youtuber Super Wargamer just put up these images on his Discord channel:


Take a look at the new and improved C’Tan and and handful of Necron Strategems.

C’tan Rules

Sample Strategems

You can see the previous Necron Dynasty rules and more here:



Necron Dynasty Rules

Necron Rules Rumors

~Have at it!


  • chris harrison

    Sooo… C’tan spam is gonna be a thing now?

    • Phil LaFond

      At 12 power, unlikely

    • Sheldon Gariepy

      With the c’tan being a named character i thought only 1 of each but multiple vaults were allowed

      • Danny Jackson

        Only the Nightbringer and Deceiver are named characters, the Transcendant might be a character but multiple can be taken.

        • James Regan

          well, aren’t both of them shards? i mean, neither the night bringer nor the deceiver are actually units anymore, they were killed in the war in the heaven according to the ret-con. just bits of them, likely under the generic name ‘c’tan shard’

          • fat spider

            They are identified shards that hold similar powers to their original forms, albeit much weaker, whereas a “transcendent c’tan” like a generic overlord, lord, or cryptek, is up to the player to give any narrative significance to. Also, as far as getting only one nightbringer/deciever shard to field at a time, think about it. It’s exceedingly rare for a necron force to have a c’tan, let alone a shard of the legendary night bringer or deciever. and, knowing how shards seek similar fragments to become whole again, of course no necron army is going to field 2 shards of the same legendary entity.

          • James Regan

            Do they actually have rules again though- originally, with the ret-con, the reason you got multiple decievers/nightbringers is because there are only two regular c’tan shard models, and barring conversions, you’d always be the nightbringer or the deceiver. It wasn’t that people could field two of a named character, its that they were not named character, just generic c’tan shards. As in there was no codex entry for ‘shard of the nightbringer’ but the model sure looked like the nightbringer, so you’d assume that is what it was a shard of. I mean, you could convert your own, as i said, but if you were to buy more than two c’tan shard models, you’d be fielding doubles by default

          • NNextremNN

            I thought that killing is what turned them into multiple shards. Also Aun’va was killed and still has his unit in the codex. Being dead is apparently no reason to not have rules.

  • Necrontyr

    Nice to see the monolith teleport back as a stratagem. Shame it can’t be done in combat. For 12 power level, that c’tan feels a little uninspiring. I suppose with two of the fractured personality traits it could be potent (say 3++ and regain d3 wounds)

  • Arykaas

    Here’s to the hope of a return of the “schools” of Cryptek as a form of equipements ….

  • Moke

    Huh. The C’tan might not be terrible in the dex. That’s interesting…

  • Karru

    It’s nice to see Necrons getting some nice stuff, I do hope they fix their massive AT problem as I noticed that to be their greatest weakness when fighting them.

  • Drpx

    Have to spend a CP to use the portal now? Lame.

    • Karru

      Hey, be happy that at least you get that much. Tau lost their Markerlights in 8th and then as an insult to injury, the core Suit tactic Jump/Shoot/Jump was made into a Stratagem for one of the weaker Septs.

      • Drpx

        That’s lame too.

    • Ulrik

      What? One is teleport of unit already in the game and second one is chance to save one unit when you lost your last portal unit…

    • Brettila

      Yeah, not a fan of the CP mechanism. The Eldar also lost secondary movement. I have a strategem that can move a unit 7 inches. Ooh, pinch me. Haven’t so much as HEARD of Warp Spiders in 8th. The loss of Battle Focus (as was) and secondary movement killed how they play. I play craftworld, not Ynnari.

  • marxlives

    Necrons getting ready to own the meta woot woot.

  • I really appreciate how you either get two random minor abilities or one selected from the list. No more of this ‘why bother rolling’ shenanigans.

  • If the tesseract is still rocking 3 ctan powers a turn it’s gonna be lethal and maybe worth the huge chunk of points it costs!
    Killing 1/3rd of a horde unit in one shot or having a better than 50% shot at killing most characters! May be time to pick one up!

  • Billy Billstoner

    I would rather have smite ….