40K BREAKING: Necron Dynasty Rules Spotted

The first Codex Necron Leaks/rumors are here – and they are SPICY!

Youtuber Super Wargamer just put up this video:

He purports to have the Necron Codex and as you can see the the video shows off 5 Necron Dynastry traits:


These all look pretty good.

Mephrit’s improved AP, and Sautekh’s no penalty for moving and firing Heavy weapons seems spicy.

This does look very legitimate – but time will tell.

~What do you think of the traits?

  • Kabal1te

    Sounds legit, that last one is really unique. I don’t play necrons but I like the idea of it. Not the strongest option sure but unique. Oddly I like most of these better than most of the ones revealed for the tau.

    • Indeed Kabal1te. These range from ok to solid. Not really a bad one in the bunch.

      • Azhrarn

        The Mephrit one could be quite unpleasant for the heavier gauss weapons, since those have rather long ranges, half-range is still quite a distance.

    • briandavion

      yeah last one could be fun. add a new dynamic.

      • Kabal1te

        The problem with the last one is that units with the ability to fly already have a better version of the same rule, so it isn’t that useful to every unit. (Not to mention the way that rule is worded is terrible since it technically RAW reduces a flyers massive advance distance to 6 inches). But that rule on a melee unit, especially one that can advance and charge (I don’t know if flayed ones can or not) would be interesting.

        • Jeremy Larson

          You p presume that flyers will have these rules. They might be like chapter tactics, and only effect infantry, bikers, and walkers.

          • Kabal1te


        • Blarrg Blarrgatron

          I see it as adding 6″ to its move characteristic for Advance, not just a flat 6″ Advance. The wording is horrendous though.

    • loveone789

      gives me hope for ork clan rules

      • Wojciech Łagosz

        What I would lie to see.
        Goff: +1 To Wound when charging
        Blood Axes: Cover when shot at from 12″ and more (good synergy with Komandos)
        Deathskulls: if a Deathskulls infantry destroys a unit in the combat phase Ork player can equip that units Nob with one of destroyed units weapons (except relics)
        Bad Moons: Boyz can take both weapon options (shoota + slugga + choppa)

  • Bradley Macduff

    the fact that none of these really have synergy with ressurections make me question if they will have reanimation protocols at all. or possibly its now tied to the ressurection orb. so no orbs no ressurections at all. if that is the case necrons could be on struggle street for a while

    • Liam Parker

      That’s a lot to infer from a single page of rules.

    • Brian Correia

      it’s unlikely re-animation protocol is gone. T’au did not get a sept that did anything with marker lights (like I’d theorized for months) but marker lights are still a core mechanic. it seems likely that re-animation protocol works fine, and tweeks to it cause it to be too good.

      • Koen Diepen Van

        HAHAHAHAH core mechanic

    • Xodis

      Probably a Universal Ability for the entire army regardless of Faction, or its an individual Ability that differs per model/unit. Its a really safe bet that it is not gone for good.

    • New set of Necron rumors coming soon.

      Sounds like RPs are still in.

  • gdim415

    Glad I’m playing Tau. I have no need of these good traits.

    • You put on a brave face Shas’O

      I salute your esprit de corps!

    • Koen Diepen Van

      Hey T’au kind of have the first one. I mean sure the tau version is way worse. but it’s almost close

  • Drpx

    Dat Red Thirst. Makes me want to run a legion of Flayed Ones.

    • Kabal1te

      I suspect that is the idea

    • Marcus Clark

      Or bettter still lycheguard and wraith hosts backed up by scrab swarms

  • metagold, ur-gold, aether-gold, gold-gold. It’s getting hard to keep track.

    • James Regan

      you forgot aurumite

      • euansmith

        And no one should forget Aurumite, amirite?

    • Navaren

      Also… orichalcum

  • frank

    If this turns out to be a hoax as a non necron player id just laugh, if i was a necron player id cry for a few days.

  • Wampasaurus

    Mephirit seems particularly good if you were to be using Gauss. Regular Necron Warriors with Gauss Flayers at 12″ are 2 shots with AP -2. Immortals with their Gauss Blasters at 2 shots and AP -3 at 12″. Heavy Gauss at 18″ getting bumped up to AP -4! Bye bye Land Raider

    • Karru

      It is a good way to deal with their AT problem for sure. Even if they don’t do as much Damage as other armies with their Lascannons and Missile Launchers, Necrons can guarantee a lot of wounds by reducing the enemy Armour Save to nothing at close ranges.

      • Drpx

        Hordes are better than elites.
        Necrons have a hard time with tanks.
        This has been a strange edition for sure.

    • Matt Halkos

      If I’m not mistaken a heavy gauss cannon at 18″ would be -5

      • Wampasaurus

        Yes this. It was late and in my brain I knew that Hvy Gauss with Mephirit means not even 2+ saves, which means AP -5. Good catch

  • Marcus Clark

    20 rapid fire warrior attacks, my will be done hitting on 2s, str4. -2AP.
    Or 10 rapid fire immortal , my will be done hitting on 2s, str5, -3AP. Just ouch thats more impressive than and plasma primars squad.

  • Brendan

    Clearly fake

  • Dalinair

    Nearly all of these are good unlike tau who’s are nearly all terrible 🙁