40K: Dal’yth Sept – The Stealth Salvo

The master of T’au Stealth Technology are next up from Games Workshop’s latest preview for the T’au!

All this week Games Workshop has been showcasing what’s in store with the T’au Codex. We got a look at The T’au Sept, The Bork’an Sept, and the Farsight Enclaves. Today we’re taking a closer look at the Dal’yth Sept who are the masters of the T’au’s unique stealth technology

via Warhammer Community

The forces of Dal’yth, for instance, have all but mastered stealth field technology, outfitting anything from their Fire Warriors to their tanks with the latest patterns.

On the tabletop, this is represented by Adaptive Camouflage, a Sept Tenet that considerably improves the durability of your units:

Well now, let’s just think about that for a moment. Basically if a unit does not move, it gets the benefit of cover which would be an additional +1 to their armor save. Suddenly Firewarriors would have a +3 save and those pesky Crisis Suits would have a +2 save…That’s actually pretty good. And it’s not like those Firewarriors were going to move anyway, right? But this can be particularly nasty when pair with some of the other Suits…

The Ghostkeel Battlesuit is getting some more love in the book as well. Aside from the above bonuses that you can get for selecting Dal’yth, it’s got some built in boosts already:

Take a second look at that because it’s actually a buff – units attacking the Ghostkeel that are more that 6″ away are at -1 to hit! It used to be 12″ which was a problem considering many of it’s weapon options wanted to be used “danger close” but now you’ve got some extra breathing room. That’s not all – the Ghostkeel works magic with Stealth Suits as well, thanks to a new stratagem:

With the potential to pull a unit of Stealth Suits out of combat and reploy them up to 12″ away from the Ghostkeel, this ability is a fantastic way to get your opponent to commit and then “tactically retreat” leaving them in the open to be shot. And it doesn’t even count as a Fall Back move – so the Stealth Suits can still fire!

The Other Guys

The Kroot and the Vespids are two of the units in the T’au Codex that are also mentioned in this preview. I’m really hoping we see both units get an overhaul into something more…viable. But there is a warlord trait that will make them a bit more appealing:

Hey – at least that means they can assist in Overwatch! The meat shields are a bit more dangerous than before – and Vespids do have the Fly Keyword which means Falling Back and shooting is a thing they could do. Heck, they might also make some good bait units on the tabletop. Will the Vespid Revolution come with the new T’au book? …I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Dal’yth is going to be hard take out with out some good AP on your weapons – what do you think of this T’au Sept?

  • Crisis that are incentivised not to move?
    That doesn’t sound very Tau-like to me.

    • CPENinja

      It’s a different playstyle for the sept. I actually tend to drop in a couple trios of suits armed with mid-long range weapons on enemy flanks and fire accordingly, rooted to that spot. I rely on breachers and devilfish to snag objectives, or move in once I’ve scissored my opponents’ troops from an area.

      If you want mobile crisis suits, you’ll probably want Vior’la tomorrow, or Farsight Enclaves for EXTRA DANGER CLOSE.

      • Danny Roy

        I just can’t wait to hear Reese from Frontline Gaming say, “That Sept Trait is actually really good. The ability to gain +1 to cover if they don’t move is totally on par with the tyranid jormungandr.” Except it’s … not…

        • GrimBarker

          Except it is. Tau have more range, rate of fire, and ballistic synergy than nids who are an army that utilizes advancing and can’t in order to get that save. Tau goes to a 3+, nids go to 5+. So one troop has 30″ str 5 and now benefits from a naked 66% save, the other had a 12″ str 4 now gets a naked 33% save. Yes, I can totally see how Tau is getting screwed here… oh and if u up to the devilgants u now cost 1 more than the fire warriors if the -1 point drop proves accurate

      • Karru

        Out of interest, why would you take Crisis Suits instead of Riptides? Since we can assume that Riptides also benefit from this rule and they got a significant buff this time around, just take 3-4 Riptides, surround them with Drones and blast everyone off the table by standing on your side of the table while having LoS to anywhere due to their size.

        • CPENinja

          Many reasons:
          Point cost
          Drone usage
          Weapon choices
          Manta-strike capability
          Not wanting to be ‘that guy’ in my local meta
          The fact that crisis suits are cool

  • nope none

    All signs are pointing to GW wanting tau to be a gunline stationary army. Where’s the KAUYON and MONTKA!

    • CPENinja

      … I mean… yes for this sept? Farsight certainly wants danger close. Also wait for Vior’la? I mean… one sept acts like this and suddenly ‘ LAWL NETIRE ERMY IS STATICS!?’ It’s just a different playstyle.

      • NNextremNN

        Rumored Leak says: “Treat all Rapid Fire Weapons as Assault and no penalty to advance and fire assault weapons.”

        Some added the first is a you can not you must.
        No Clue why I should ever want this. I’d rather use the double shoots from rapidfire. If I don’t have that range it won’t help me get that range.

    • Lux

      Kauyon? You mean the ability that prevents them from moving while buffing their shooting?

      Personally, I hate that one because it invariably gets used at the beginning of the game effectively giving the T’au player 2 shooting phases if he goes first. Kind of like how AdMech always pops Shroudpsalm the first turn.

  • Crom

    Wall of mirrors is interesting. So this is how you can fling your stealth suits forward to drop a homing beacon, since that must also be done at the start of the movement phase now (according to rumors)

    • Also, keep in mind that the Stealth Suits can move right after, so they can still get into crispy range of something.

      • Seismic Ghost

        I believe that they can not move after due to the rulebook FAQ on deployment.

  • Fergie0044

    What an awful sept trait. The only units that could benefit from it are the ones that you should already be deploying into cover, where they will remain for the entire game. Unless you happen to play with very little terrain, this adds nothing to the game and encourages a boring play style.

    • Kabal1te

      Not to mention good AP weapons ignore it. My dark lances at -4 AP don’t care that your fire warriors have the benefit of cover.

      • Elliott Cross

        You fire dark lances at fire warriors? But get the point.

        • Kabal1te

          I don’t have another weapon worth shooting, I play dark eldar.

    • Heinz Fiction

      A little underwhelming indeed. Hive Fleet Jormungandr has the same trait but is allowed to move at least. And don’t tell me thats because tyranids need to get into melee. They can shoot quite well this edition.

    • Amdor

      I guess it’s mostly helpful for vehicles that otherwise would need to be 50% covered and inside terrain. I don’t think it’s great mind you just I guess it will get few players 🙂

  • nope none

    This trait would have been gold if it included – units already in cover are get an are +2 to saves. Now your pathfnders in cover have a 3+ save. That would then be a worthwhile sept trait.

    • YetAnotherFacelessMan

      I still think it’s worthwhile. Now you can deploy anywhere and receive the benefits of cover. If your opponent wins the roll for picking table side and forces you on a place with only one good place to stand, you now won’t have your entire stationary portion of your force committed to this one tiny assaultable area.

      People complain that the cover rules are broken and that they never have enough cover out of one side of their mouth and dismiss this rule out the other.

      • Seismic Ghost

        Well, if your opponent goes first the sept tactic doesn’t come in to play until your turn. They can still alpha strike the crap out of you.

        • YetAnotherFacelessMan

          And then the game will be over faster and you can play another one!!!

          Seriously, though… what if you fail the roll to go first, what if you fail to hit… c’mon man… give me a break here.

          Okay, new situation… you put a unit of firewarriors down on an objective that isn’t inside cover. You block LoS for a turn with the devilfish. Boom. Cover.

  • Danny Roy

    I love this command 1 point Stratagem!

  • Richovic

    “And it doesn’t even count as a Fall Back move – so the Stealth Suits can still fire!”. Stealth suits have fly-keyword so falling back is not a problem for them. They can move though.

  • Huntard

    Everything I’ve seen so far of these reveals only feeds more and more into my worry that yet again Tau will be a castling gunline that just does what IG does but worse. Remember when Tau was a feared mobile army with devilfish full of fire warriors and crisis suits deepstriking in to hit critical targets and jump-shoot-jumping to stay just out of assault? Wouldn’t that be cool and interesting especially given the potential of some newer units like the ghostkeel?

    Instead we get this lazy rehash of boring and predictable tactics.

    • YetAnotherFacelessMan

      Farsight Enclave remembers. Jump your fire warriors out 6″ away from an enemy and rapidfire, man.

      • Karru

        And then lose them to enemy counter-fire and charges next turn. Sounds like a solid plan, especially after you see how badly they hit and it is only re-rolls to 1.

        Tau has no mobility after they shoot. They stand their like toads, waiting to be wiped out from multiple charges since they need to be within 6″ in order to gain their buff, which is mediocre as heck.

        It is a sad story.

        • Lux

          > Tau has no mobility after they shoot

          Neither does anyone else. Meanwhile, they have the best overwatch in the game, the best, cheapest, and most ubiquitous bodyguard units, FLY on everything, 4+ saves or better on even their basic troops, etc.

          • Karru

            Except of course Ynnari and Imperial Guard, but let’s forget those two exists.

            Let’s also ignore the fact that they only gain their “superior” Overwatch if they are close to one of their other units, and it is only on a 6+ still, unless you go with the T’au trait. Meanwhile Dark Angels are looking for a 5+ Overwatch, which is arguably better than For the Greater Good.

            They only have 2 Troops with 4+ save, the Fire Warriors and Breachers, both pay for those by being 7pts a piece while still having the statline of a Guardsmen on everywhere else.

            Fly is only on their Suits, so their basic Infantry, such as Fire Warriors, Kroots and Pathfinders lack them.

            Something you completely forget is that Tau pays for ALL of this. They are more expensive than Guard, yet lack the firepower of Guard. They are medium number army like Eldar, yet lack their Ballistic Skill.

            They miss out on two out of 3 phases in the game, Tau has no Psychic Phase at all and their Assault Phase is laughable at best so that leaves them the Shooting Phase so one would assume that they shine in it.

            Unfortunately it couldn’t be farther away from the truth. With no easy access to re-rolls or modifiers to their hits, meanwhile they need to face armies with easy access to both while not having any qualities that makes them shine.

          • YetAnotherFacelessMan

            A regular guardsman costs 57% of a fire warrior. He hits on a 4+ and wounds a space marine on a 5+ (16.67%) A veteran guardsman costs 1 less point than a tau firewarrior. He hits on a 3+ and wounds a space marine on a 5+ (22%). A tau firewarrior hits on a 4+ and wounds on a 3+ (33%). He also has more range and better armor.

            So, against space marines, the fire warrior performs twice as good offensively as a regular guardsman for a 43% increase in price and 11% better offensively than a veteran for a 16.67% increase in price. Consider the extra range and armor and I think it’s a fair value, especially since strength 5 is the magical cutoff for wounding all the high toughness units in the game on a 5+.

            You’ve passed judgement on their lack of buffing and support before any information about buffing or support in the codex comes out… so I’m just going to dismiss that.

            Please keep an open mind. At least phrase your complaints in ways like “at present”, so you don’t seem like you’re being intentionally dense.

          • AkulaK

            I agree on almost everything you said except for the troops, Fire Warriors and Breachers are way better than imperial guards for their price.

            For 3 more points than a basic Guardsman, they have a 4+ armour save AND a 30″ S5 weapons. If you want an overpriced troop let speak about Guardians or Tactical Squads 😀

          • Karru

            Here’s the thing that makes me thing that Guardsmen are superior. First of all, they have cheap access to special weapons, but also re-rolls galore. They can also have high volume of fire with 10 Lasguns turning into 40 shots easily with a single order.

            The problem I have with the comparison as well is that the Pulse Rifles really lost effectiveness in 8th. Since they no longer have AP, Guardsmen are looking for a sweet 4+ Cover Save most of the time against those Pulse Rifles instead of none like in the past with the use of Markerlights in worst cases, or just a 5+ save from being in cover.

            I do agree with you though on the Guardians and Tacticals though, especially on the Guardians. As someone who never plays a game with my Eldar without at least 20-40 Guardians taking the field, I wish they weren’t so expensive.

          • Lux

            > they only gain their “superior” Overwatch if they are close to one of their other units

            Yes? And? Tau have great auras, you’re gonna want them to be close anyway.

            > no easy access to re-rolls or modifiers to their hits

            Other than markerlights, Montka, Fireblades, Farsights, Longstrike, velocity trackers, drone controllers…and half of that affects most/all of your units, and is cheap to boot. Tau have FANTASTIC access to this stuff, otherwise their army wouldn’t work.

          • NNextremNN

            Oh yeay their army worked so FANTASTIC that people said fk it I spam commanders.

          • Karru

            Let’s start looking at some glorious facts, shall we?

            In 8th edition, you NEVER want to be too close to your other units. Too close being within 6″ of each other. Why? Simple rule, multi-charges. The amount of times I have managed to absolutely decimate Tau Gunline in 8th edition with my Ork Trukk List is insane. What you do is, you charge the Trukks in first and look as the Fire Warriors do barely anything to the Trukks. Then you charge in your Boys. If the Tau player was smart, he spread his units out far enough to avoid being within 6″ of his other units, if he wasn’t I am getting some sweet sweet multi-charges in that allows me to get two units for the price of one.

            Markerlights ain’t easy. A 4+ to hit once and you only gain it against 1 unit you shot at for all units that shoot at that unit.

            I am assuming you meant Kauyon (Mont’ka is the one that allows you to advance and shoot), that requires you to remain still in your turn, meaning you just gave your opponent more and more board control.

            Fireblades give extra shots, thus no re-rolls.

            Velocity Tracker only works against units that FLY.

            Drone Controller only helps Drones to fire with a BS 4+ mostly, thus it just gives them their “users” BS, which was the case before.

            Longstrike only works on the most worthless unit in the Tau army next to Vespid, the Hammerheads.

            Then we have the best bit you said “And is cheap to boot.” None of this is cheap. Imperial Guard Commander Spam for more accessible re-rolls is cheap. Tempestor Prime and Scion drops are cheap. Captains and Chapter Masters are cheap.

            For a Tau army, you have exactly two options. You pay points for a CHANCE to get re-rolls to 1s to-hit or you stand still and gain re-rolls to 1s to-hit and don’t move for most of the game and let your opponent manoeuvre however he likes. Markerlights ain’t free, 3pts for a chance to get re-rolls to 1s, or you buy a more expensive Guardsmen Squad in order to do get more than 1 per squad in the form of the Pathfinders.

            I have played against Tau multiple times this edition. My wins and losses against them shared their own unique pattern. My wins against them were always thanks to my opponent going with “a more balanced list of fun and variance” and my losses were against people that spammed Drones, Stormsurges and Commanders.

            I started feeling so bad towards Tau players because I could see they aren’t enjoying their army any more. People that started their armies all the way back in 4th edition stopped playing because they didn’t want to go with the Commander Spam and Stormsurges. They wanted to use Crisis Teams, Fire Warriors, Breachers and Pathfinders too. But they soon realised that if they did that, they lost as soon as deployment was done. If they got the first turn, they got maybe 1 more turn to play, but that’s about it.

            I want Tau to be fun to play against and with. I don’t understand why people are so against this notion. Is it because people are still bitter towards them from 7th edition?

        • YetAnotherFacelessMan

          You know, a really easy way to not lose any of your men is to never play. I can’t help you against hypothetical “counter-fire and charges”. It sounds like you were shot at by 20 warlord titans and charged by 30 thunderwolves to me. Nothing to be done about that.

          It is a thing you can do. I’d only recommend doing it in a situation where massed Str 5 would be helpful in killing something that you need killed and T3 4+ will keep them alive long enough to get back in the devilfish… unless you don’t need them to get back in the devilfish, since whatever you’re killing is worth the sacrifice.

          I feel like you’re dead set on being sad, regardless of the story. Right now, things are looking rosy to me.

          • Karru

            I wish I had your optimism. Everything I have seen from both the leaks and these previews have only made me feel even worse towards Tau players. I just wanted to have fun playing against them again. I don’t want an easy auto-win against them if they brought a standard list and I don’t want to play against someone who brought 3 Riptides, a Stormsurge and every Commander he could with Drones covering everyone.

          • YetAnotherFacelessMan

            Let your local tau player sort that out. Just come to the game positive and looking for a good time. If he’s any good at his army, he’ll sort out his end. Just deploy and roll stuff.

          • Karru

            The nice thing is that my group is playing a fixed version of 8th edition and whenever a new book comes out, we go through it and make it fun and balanced. We will do the same for Tau, I just wished everyone could enjoy it.

    • Pl4gu3 B4st4rd

      So far this is the first codex in my life (as a T’au player) I won’t buy.

      • Karru

        I feel so bad for Tau players, especially as a Guard player. Tau was such a fun army to face in 5th edition and even in 6th/7th when you played a balanced version of those editions. They had interesting mechanics that you had to learn to counter, but still weren’t broken at all. Markerlights could be easily countered by strategic shooting of the Pathfinder units. Jump-Shoot-Jump was another mechanic that was interesting but not broken, you could again easily play around it.

        Guess Tau is not supposed to be a fun army any more, neither play with or against. Either it is going to be easy wins all day or you fight against the Riptide spam again with Stormsurge support. I miss the old Crisis Suits, it always looked cool to see 9-12 of those well-painted in my opponent’s army.

  • Nathaniel Wright


    Jesus christ guys. Can we hire an editor to keep stuff like this from happening?

  • Bob Evanston

    So here is my main problem with this Tau codex and it has nothing to do with power level or competitiveness.

    Tau have lost EVERYTHING that has made it unique and interesting since I started playing it back in 5th edition.

    -Markerlights are completely useless/unplayable. This was one of the most interesting aspects of Tau.

    -JSJ is completely gone

    -Crisis suits (the most iconic unit that used to be a mainstay in all armies) are still not worth using

    -Railguns used to be the single strongest 1 shot gun in the game and was essentially Tau’s only antitank other than fusion and was iconic for Tau. Railguns are even worse in this edition and don’t seem to have been buffed in this codex.

    -Tau used to be a mobile, rapid deployment and reposition army and now appears GW wants them to be a stationary gun line.

    Tau now just appear to be a generic army with nothing special or unique

    • Seismic Ghost

      Yeah I started a tiny Tau army for a Kill Team thing we were doing, but the more rules that came out, the more I thought that I didn’t understand Tau.

      Now it appears that GW don’t really understand Tau.

      These updates (while not BAD, necessarily) definitely don’t hit anywhere near the mark.

      For example: Crisis suits sucked so bad that people would spam commanders rather than use crisis suits. The answer? BAN COMMANDERS.

      I’m over here like “No, you fools, make crisis suits- you know what I’ll save my breath because you don’t care.”