40K RUMORS: Abaddon, Primarchs & …Kroot?

This new batch of 40K Rumors is too wild to ignore – check out the latest from the rumor mill!

If your doctor has recommended you cut down on your sodium intake, you might want to avoid these rumors because they come with a HEAVY dose of salt. Regardless, these are so wild we had to bring them to light because the possibility them being true makes them worth hearing.

Gonna need more than just a pinch with these rumors…


via Soldier of Dorn (Bolter & Chainsword)

New Black Legion will be in a boxed set with new Space Wolves, new Abbadon model and Chaos Chosen, plus a new Wolves character and some other stuff. End of year for the boxed set.

Angron and new Khorne will be coming too, although may be next year now. Angron is gonna be huge

Also here’s a big one: Kroot Codex. Hard to believe, but the source on this has never been wrong for me.

Russ is returning – old man Russ, looks a bit like Odin – and he will POSSIBLY have 2 forms like Morathi

Now, Soldier of Dorn is saying these came from another source who “predicted the Nurgle demons release a month before it was announced, along with knowing about the Death Guard/Primaris starter early and knowing about the new Knight back in November” – but even they are implying to take these with a load of salt. That said let’s break these down:

A new boxed set for the end of the year containing Black Legion & Space Wolves, including a new Abaddon and a new Space Wolves Character. This one seems plausible. When Wulfen were introduced, they originally came out of the Eye of Terror campaign. This could be an opportunity for GW to update some of the Chaos options, release a new Space Wolves Codex, and also get a bunch of sweet new kits. Plus it’s ambiguous enough that the “End of the year” time frame could mean October through December. And GW does typically have a big boxed set for that period.

I’ll take any excuse to hope for a new Abaddon model.

Angron in 2019? Again, it’s far enough out that it’s a solid “plausible.” Although, we may want to see how things shake out this year for Slaanesh. Could this be a new KDK update/release along with Angron or a full on World Eaters release? That’s unclear. However, based on the last couple Chaos Daemon Prince Primarchs of course Angron is gonna be huge!

A Kroot Codex!? Ok, stop the presses! I need to grab some water to help choke down all the salt I just had to take with this one. At the same time, I’m REALLY pulling for this to be true. Why? Because why the heck not!

Here’s a theory: The T’au need allies – they need other armies (aka Kroot) they can also ally with. The Imperial Soup and Chaos Coalition are pretty darn big. Aeldari/Drukhari/Ynnari are another faction that has some good synergies (if you cross those streams). Heck, even the Tyranids have some allies these days! But armies like Necrons, Orks, and T’au don’t have any other allies. Having a Kroot or Kroot Merc army could be a way for GW to allow them to team-up, even if it’s a pretty flimsy alliance.

And Finally “Old Man Russ” is returning. You know, this one doesn’t sound that crazy either. He’s been out and about the galaxy doing Primarch Stuff. But after the Cicatrix Maleditum ripped a hole through reality… maybe Russ thinks it’s about time to get off the sidelines. Plus, let’s be honest, Robbie G can’t hold the Imperium together solo. We need another Imperial Primarch and Russ would be a great fit.

I don’t know about that whole “two-forms” thing, but hey why the heck not! Maybe he wolfs out and turns into a bigger, meaner Russ. And if GW is looking to put out a bunch of new kits at the end of the year for Space Wolves, that seems like a good time for Russ to show up!

Again – these are all pretty salty rumors. But even if they all turn out to be wrong, at least it’s fun to dream. Then again…what if there is some truth to these rumors? Oh what fun we will have if they turn out to be correct!

New Russ Model? You’re right – he does look a little like Odin!


Which of these rumors do you think is likely? Which one(s) are causing your salt-reflexes to kick into high gear? 

  • ectoplasmic gyrator

    SH!T YEAAAHHH I’m down for all of these to come true, 200%

    I’d buy Kroot just to have the first fully mercenary force in 40k. Make a PMC style coalition with my voidfaring, suit-heavy Tau.

    And Russ would be sooo fun, need another loyalist Primarch to keep back the chaos tides hey

    • Simon

      After 29 years, The Wolf Time is finally upon us. Folks waiting for Sisters of Battle have nothing on those waiting for The Wolf Time.

      • Reven

        But for a long time the wolf time was supposed to be a thing that wouldn’t happen. We weren’t supposed get primarchs originally. It’s cool, and I’m happy for ya if it does come but I don’t know if they’re quite the same.

  • 9breaker

    I’m hoping they do more to expand the lesser known xeno species. Perhaps have them all fall under the Tau Empire as allies, like the demiurg from the Battlefleet gothic video game. Been waiting for Kroot for a looong time.

    • ZeeLobby

      It would be nice for Tau to get some allies.

      • Sonic tooth

        Space fimir and zoats! I’d be over the moon but realistically, the way the setting is written now, what hope/chance do these smaller, races have against all powerful space marines and op chaos?

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    We have needed a Kroot Codex for a long, long time.

    • LankTank

      As long as its bot a kroot codex featuring only shapers, kroot, houbds and krootox but basically repackaged for us to buy like they used to (im looking at you black legion supplement)

    • Manouel Tiger

      for 4-5 models ?? lol

      • ZeeLobby

        I think his point is more that Tau should represent a coalition of alien races, and that’s been pretty much sidelined since their release.

      • Not like Kroot haven’t had ForgeWorld units for ages or anything…

    • af

      Are there Kroot in the new Tau Codex? I sort of liked that they were merely auxiliaries for the Tau. I wouldn’t like a separate codex for every minor race in the 40K universe…

      • rhoadesd20

        Yes, Kroot are in the codex, but outside of bubblewrap they don’t benefit the army as a whole in any way.

        Kroot also used to have their own solo army rules, from the original chapter approved releases way back when (which were generally a collection of a whole bunch of white dwarf articles that came every month introducing fun new rules).

  • LankTank

    With forge war out I can see how this can become a norm of releasing new characters. Abbadon and some black legion vs the lost company. Would see more a shape shifting wolf lord (due to warp exposure) being the space wolf hq in said box than russ

  • LankTank

    Im sure Fukgrim would be before Angron.
    Edit: That is no longer a typo. Fuk-grim is too fitting

  • Matthew

    I wonder if this Black Legion/Space Wolves set would be a stand alone game along the lines of the Horus Heresy games (but set in 40k timeline) or another 40k starter set? Would be nice to update the fluff after a couple of years of getting ysed to Dark Imperium

    • NNextremNN

      I even wouldn’t be surprised if it is another HH game which contents can be used in 40K.

      And I would expect stand alone rules or it to be a kind of new starting set like Forgebane.

      • Sonic tooth

        If so abbadon would be normal terminator size?

        • NNextremNN

          He shouldn’t be bigger then truescale terminator. From what I know he is still a “normal” Space Marine in a “normal” but adorned terminator armour. Also not sure if he is necessarily part of that new box too. The rumour can be read multiple ways.

          • Sonic tooth

            So in the 40k (41k?) setting, his evil sword is plot armour against primarchs or other asskicking characters that should technically be able to snuff him in a heartbeat? I’m not a fan of either abbadon or Russ bit I’m expecting amazing miniatures for either.

          • NNextremNN

            I think he is blessed by all 4 chaos gods but he is not a daemon prince and not mutated either. He shouldn’t be able to stand a chance against a daemon primarch and only little against a normal primarch. Until gathering of Strom there also was no Primarch in the game and there were few characters who could compete with him in the fluff. But his weapons should be able to kill primarchs if he hits and wounds them enough.

          • Shian Arcselia

            He does kill clone of Horus with Worldbreaker… 🙂

          • NNextremNN

            Well he was certainly more experienced then clone Horus maybe this counts for something.

          • Shian Arcselia

            Against non daemon Primarchs, it’s said that Abby is about the same stature and similar might. He’s always been big for an Astartes and in the novel Black Legion, when he stands face to face with Horus, they’re described to be of spitting image. Not to mention he kills the clone of Horus, who seemed to be as powerful as his previous mortal self (destroying scores of Astartes with single blow and all that.)

            Against daemon Primarchs… Apparently one of his more important sorcerers (Khayon) made Magnus kneel before Abby, though we don’t know what he did. He probably has other Primarchs under semi-control.

            Just out of curiosity, what are some of the other characters you’re thinking of? He almost died killing Sigismund who was couple thousand years old, after all…

          • Sonic tooth

            I can’t remember tbh lol. I’m not really a fan of ADBs style, talented as he is. I can just never picture Abbadon being as powerful as a primarch no matter what he does. and I thought that scene where he killed clone Horus was silly.

          • Shian Arcselia

            I think I sort of agree with you in a way, though I didn’t think it was too silly. I can’t picture Abby as the first captain of luna wolves taking on a Primarch, but as the “Everchosen” I could see it. All that Chaos has to help him somewhat.

  • NNextremNN

    Yeah Grumpy Marines vs Furries for once a box I don’t want to buy XD

    And yeah I expected Russ and Angron to be next and I feared it would be Codex Kroot … I still don’t like those creatures and would have rather seen Codex Demiurge or at least Codex Tau Empire Allies.

    Well maybe I can catch up on my painting backlog 🙂

  • Matt Craufurd

    Nothing here sounds too far fetched. Its pretty obvious that Russ and Angron are the next two primarchs. Russ next, because the Space Wolves codex has obviously been delayed for that very reason. Space the Primarchs out a good six months from each other. I’d actually be surprised if they wait until the end of the year. I expect him in the summer. Once Necrons and Drukhari are out of the way its almost certainly going to be Space Wolves next, and Russ. Then Angron and World Eaters for xmas.

    And releasing a new wave of regular CSM as Black Legion sounds like a good idea as well. It was obvious that Abbadon would get a new model since they’ve been updating the CSM special characters around one every six months as well. Although i would have expected Huron before him since GW seem to love pushing Red Corsairs and Crimson Slaughter on us. Poor old Lucius will have to wait until next year when they finally get around to Slaanesh… once literally everything else in the CSM box has been updated.

    The only surprising thing here is the Kroot book, and even that makes sense. Expanding small ranges into full army books has been GWs model for a couple of years now.

    • Ak318

      I acgtually feel angron will be 2019 and fulgrim 2018 and here is the reasoning. GW likes releasing the legion book AND AoS book otgether at the end of the year (tzeentch 2016, nurgle 2017). Khorne already has a book in AoS and updated a number of its demon and mortal AoS and 40K kits recently (Though from the other leions we are missing new beserker kit, termies, cult fodder, primarch & special extras). Meaning there are less minis for them to release compared to EC and an AoS Slaneesh set. And considering how we have heard little about khorne in AoS and angron in 40k compared to being flooded with slaneesh & fulgrim mentions in both games recently i feel you will have fulgrim this year and angron a bit later.

      On the red corsairs front after the backlash from the 5th ed chaos book and corsairs i think they have pulled back from giving him much love, in fact the only real “love” i think he got was to be used in that one part of the gatheing storm, where he got betrayed by cypher.

      • Matt Craufurd

        I’m sure they’ll both be along shortly. I just think it’ll be Angron first – because we’ve already had Kharn and the Bloodthirster. It’ll be easy to slip Angron and a new Berserker kit into the release schedule. Slaanesh are going to need to have a whole army release slot rather than a two week release.

        The main reason i think it’ll be Angron next for CSM is because we’re hearing rumours about him.

        • To be fair, we’ve had those Bloodthirsters since the End Times, and Khârn was years ago now.

          I’d guess that Slaanesh will be the big campaign release, paired with Ynnari’s standalone Codex and plot progression in 40k, while it’ll make a good foil for the Daughters of Khaine and other upcoming Elves in AoS.

    • DJ860

      I always think it’s really frustrating when they release character novels, like the Lucius series when the model is so old. I guess this works two ways, but I feel for someone who might be new to 40k, read a great novel, get inspired, only to find out the model is as old as time.

      • Simon Bates

        Lucius really isn’t all that old. Abaddon and Bile are a decade older than him. As are about 2/3s of the loyalist non-Ultramarine SM special characters (including Dante and Azrael), all of the Phoenix Lords and Drazhar. Most of the T’au SCs are older, so are the Nightbringer and Deceiver, Ghazgkull, Yarrick, Creed and Stracken, among others.

    • Simon Bates

      In fairness, Lucius (and Huron for that matter) really isn’t all that old. Both of them were late 4th edition, so about 10 years old. Abaddon has been around longer than I’ve been playing, so north of 20 years, as had the old Ahriman and Kharne models (and as far as I remember, Bile).

    • Robert Baker

      It sounds like they might also add something like chaos admech or even go fuller into more of a ‘chaos guard’ range? Right now I find it ironic that things they used to come up with rules for are ruleless from all the way back to 3rd-4th ed while things like GEnestealer cults and Admech (both of which afaik didn’t even have chapter approved lists) now have full army lists! It would be great to see chaos mech, chaos guard, T’au version of guard, the return of the Kroot, etc. so I’m really hoping that you’re right about them looking to expand already existing model ranges 🙂

      • Matt Craufurd

        It just seems to me like GW wants to release new stuff, and not update old stuff. I think they think the current range is good enough. To be fair theres really only CSM where most of the line needs updating. Sure Eldar still have a lot of finest but the sculpts are still great. Slaanesh could use an update, and Dark Eldar have a few finest kits that kind of suck but the vast majority of armies have awesome ranges. Expanding into new armies based on existing factions seems like the way to go for sure in my opinion, especially whilst they are making money again.

  • Fredddy

    I am curious about the Kroot codex. They were quite a weak fraction from basic rules perspective (armour, guns), so unless they get some very serious new wargear, maybe there will be some new game mechanic introduced to balance this issue (like mass deepstrike for daemons or Cult Ambush for gsc).

    • Ak318

      well in their old white dwarf army book, they have different mutations that gave them many special rules and they got their gnarloks. I can see them having a very ork/nid feel with low armor and a close combat focus. (Hopefully with gw coming up with a way to make that work considering their job when tau came out ws to be the melee part of the army)

      • Fredddy

        Sure, but even with this, they were the weakest army ever. I am not writing this to scorn them- I’d really like to see some new mechanics, those are always fun.

        • Ak318

          don’t worry didn’t think you were i was just pointing out where you could see stuff being worked on.

          • Fredddy

            My bet would be on setup and gaining abilities during the game by eating the enemy. Even with the mutations, they are not the straightforward cc monstroities like orks or Khorne units. More on the cunning and adaptive side- traps, ambush attacks with serious surprise bonuses, maybe a strong sniper unit. They were the xeno counterparts of the old Catachan codex, so things like these.
            We will see.

          • Robert Baker

            Oh man, a sniper unit and similarly specialized units to really emphasize the kroot’s forest fighting would be great! Right now Kroot are basically just a screening unit and it almost feels like GW knew that with the codex – they get no benefits or anything special, but they are ridiculously cheap adn with an ethereal around carnivore MSUs are more than reasonably useful in addition to hounds (which in theory are great but in practice can get killed maybe a bit too easily before they charge while carnivores often get at least one last charge off).

  • Sonic tooth

    Don’t care, I want my fish elves!!

  • bad mood

    Codex Kroot? Now let’s talk about that plastic Thunderhawk…..

    Meanwhile a certain someone is producing actual SoB resin miniatures. If GW isn’t getting their act up soon, they’ll have to squat the faction just to get rid of that IP nightmare scenario.

    A Space Wolfs vs. Black Legion box? Seems like GW feels so dirty after a non-marine starter, they need to wash themselves with marine on marine action. But even if the chances are slim, we might actually get a decent set of Chaos Space Marine models out of that.

    Chaos Space Marines are currently in the semi finals (The swimsuit and “Do I look like I pooped in my pants proper” stage) of the butt ugliest old model contest. Even though reporters put the chances of that price going to the Necron Warriors.

  • Arthfael

    Salt, yes… but I want to believe, these sound awesome!

  • Krev_Grazl

    I like all these possibilities!
    But why do factions NEED allies? I presume the response is ‘to get more options’, but that could be solved by just including more units in the standard Codex. I don’t think endless allies makes the game better. I like the idea that some factions never ally with anyone. It adds flavour.

    • NNextremNN

      But Tau are almost the only faction which has permanent allies outside their own race. Still I think (personal opinion) Kroot are butt ugly and would never add them to my army anyway. I would have preferred to see some other allies.

      Also I’m not sure Kroot are good enough to be a stand alone codex that can deal with anything. In my opinion GW Custodes already don’t have enough units to justify a stand alone codex. (With their FW options and units they would be fine but without it’s a bit thin.)

      • Hahaha. Those butt ugly Kroot were ruthless back in 3rd,3.5, 4th. lol.

        • NNextremNN

          I don’t deny that it’s just I didn’t sign up for fancy futuristic tau to play some bird dinosaur ork whatever they are XD

          I even skipped them totally in DoW1 because I didn’t like their look.

    • benn grimm

      Close, but it’s actually ‘to get more money’ and it’s not for the player(customer) to make the game(promotional tool) ‘better’. Does sometimes add flavour though, can’t argue with you there.

      • ZeeLobby

        Haha, yup.

    • plasticvicar

      Goddammit Tau need some official rules for all the Guevesa kitbashers out there.

  • Moke

    I will be surprised and disappointed if we get a Kroot dex. Surely (and I know this is a running joke) that a new Sisters range would make more sense. Kroot makes about as much sense as the Crons getting a full Cryptek dex.

    • NNextremNN

      Not sure how you define “sense”. Imperium is pretty big already. While some factions have no allies. This speaks for more for Kroot the SoB.

      Also GW seems to not want to update old minies they only want to make complete new ones with complete new rules so no one gets the idea to keep using the old models. Kroot lack a lot of options so there is plenty room for new models. Also Tau is interesting for a lot of players. The Tau articles for example received a lot more responses then the necron ones (which had a far more detailed leak). Maybe Tau playerbase is more vocal that’s a possibility too.

      And furthermore despite what some think SoB are a lot less interesting for players then what you might think. Just Check Sisters of Silence and Custodes. Both Models came out at the same time. But people were crazy about Custodes but not SoS. Many bought the Prospero box just to get more Custodes. And they have sales figures of the single boxes. The release of such a small model range with their own Codex proves they are a lot more successful. And talking about sense (adding something new). A complete army of nulls would make a lot more sense then an army of female Blood Angles.

      • bossdakka

        maybe if GW knew how to make sexy female models instead of trans looking males on roids… at least Toughest Girls of the Galaxy makes proper models.

        • bossdakka

          sisters of silence sound great (pun) but physcially they are atrocious. the top knot fetish needs to STOP!

          • NNextremNN

            Maybe being sexy is not the most important attribute on a battlefield? Being on steroids would probably more beneficial. The SoB have still ridicules armour which would not offer very good protection. Also I disagree I don’t think that they look like trans men. But I haven’t seen that many so maybe I’m wrong.

  • HeadHunter

    Thought For The Day:
    Hope Is The First Step On The Road To Disappointment.

    • benn grimm

      Nah, hope is the thing with feathers…

  • benn grimm

    Yay more shades of marines. Kroots could be cool, be interesting to see if they go full birdman or if it’s a crappy ‘here’s a book with no new models’ release. Personally I’d like to see Kroot Suits; like crisis suits, but more feathers and sharp weapons and made of wood…

    • I expect nothing new beyond maybe a character model at most. But I hope they play like they used to from chapter approved. A first turn charge from nearly the whole army! Godz but that used to be frustrating! Totally hope that’s going to be a thing again lol.

      • benn grimm

        Gnarlocs (Knarlocs?) would be cool, don’t think fw does them any more. But yeah you’re probably right; new limited ed shaper will probably be the extent of it. I’d love to see some rules really highlight their gourmand nature, like when they wipe out an enemy unit in combat, they spend the next turn chowing down on the bodies, but after that get some stat bonus depending on who they were eating; Orks make em tougher, Eldar make em faster, Marines make them more…intolerant? Bald? Autistic? I dunno, but I’m sure they could come up with something cool.

    • ZeeLobby

      I do like the idea of like primative suits. That’d be pretty cool.

      • benn grimm

        I’m all about the primitives in 40k atm; feral orks, exodites and kroots (oh my?) must be the ewok in me. It’s funny, I told my Tau playing friend that idea and he said it was the dumbest idea ever, even worse than a Santa sleigh for the king of Space Wolves. No accounting for taste eh? 😉

    • euansmith

      Maybe they could sell Sylvaneth Tree Creeps and Kroot in a box to kitbash in to organic armour?

      • benn grimm

        That sounds like cray cray (and slightly morbid) mash up; Kroots riding around in the hollowed out carcasses of dead dryads. Sign me up! 😉

    • NNextremNN

      I’m not sure suites really fit the kroot theme they have established until now. maybe some crude form of armour or bigger dinosaurs with bigger guns strapped on like they had in the past. I think if kroot get battlesuites and they maybe even end up being better then real tau ones people will be even madder then they are now.

      • benn grimm

        It’s a bit of a fluff aberration to be sure, but an amusing one and a pretty cool one in the hands of the right modeller. But yeah, Dinos with guns works best imo also. Maybe some with wings would be cool. They could be called; ‘Vespids that people actually take’…;)

    • Robert Baker

      Why not just more large kroot bioforms akin to the krootox rather than suits? Kroot snipers (this might not even need much of a modification kit beyond a handful of bits so it could be cheap!), alternative krootox (say with different weapons), and alternative kroot hounds (maybe with very small kroot riding them that shoot poisonous darts from above to dea) could be made with just upgrade kits while they add just a couple of new kits to flesh out the rest of the kroot – something along the lines of a shaper council ~5 models would be obvious as an HQ and not require too much work to modify from already existing sculpts potentially along with maybe a unit of actual flying kroot (or even kroot hawks which act like drones lol). The new snipers and flying guys can be new elites, new hound versions could be fa, new krootox could be hs, and the council could be HQ and boom they just need to make it that shapers can be added to regular squads and maybe a few other small changes in rules only to have a small, but viable Kroot range with 2+ units in each category if they top it off with a single special character HQ.

      • benn grimm

        Yes to all that and a big lol at the mental image of mini Kroot riding hounds, sounds hilariously awesome 🙂

  • defensive

    Abaddon really needs that new model too.
    But honestly, I’m not sure I could trust them to make it any good after what they have been putting out recently.

    And I doubt Russ will have two forms. Can’t really see how that world work from a fluff perspective.
    Though if he turns into a giant wolf, GW is gonna get laughed out of existance.

    • euansmith

      Rus turns in to giant wolf… immediately killed by his own inflexible power armour.

    • Graham Bartram

      The fluff isn’t so tricky. Russ, with a missing eye and arm for the small version (like Odin as an old man) and Odin reborn for the big form. …..if it IS a giant wolf, it better be a giant Wulfen or yes, laughs all round.

      • Muninwing

        why would he be missing an arm?

        • Graham Bartram

          I couldn’t decide if he was Odin or Tyr to be honest, so I just went for both. Too much?

        • Robert Baker

          It’s actually pretty common in modern fantasy to mix together old myths so they could have him missing part of an arm or a full arm plus an eye and it would fit modern fantasy/sci-fi themes and that works since 40k is basically science fantasy.

          • Muninwing

            yes, that much is obvious by how much AoS has “borrowed” and how heavy-handedly. but to include *two* distinct injuries like that seems a bit… overkill.

  • eldannardo

    sending prayers for Russ in the next SW Codex…

    • Kabal1te

      He probably won’t be in the codex so they can sell you a gathering storm like book with his rules to help increase rules bloat. This edition looks like it is going to be good at that.

  • Munn


  • Xodis


  • Graham Bartram

    OK, so boxed set/Failbaddon etc. seems viable and worthwhile.
    Red hulk seems viable too.
    Russ in 2 forms? …well yeah, super size wereruss seems about right.
    As for Kroot, I’ve been saying for ages that 40K need a mercs codex. Let’s have Tarellian dog soldiers and other mercs too. Tau are not the only faction to work with alien allies… http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7652b4dec818552771d5b45cd12e0211260de5104a9d64a6f665aed8e4474634.jpg http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b6d109ff4ecad8d8ae7883c5307c30994cc5d1b49ca76621393947f9147f1333.jpg

    • Robert Baker

      The thing is they could be making it so every army has at least one ally now in which case we might get some sort of Mek codex or something for Orks, maybe a c’tan worshipping spin-off codex for necrons, and then Kroot for T’au so that every army has at least one army they can ally with.

      • Graham Bartram

        Tarellian dog soldiers would help, they could ally with most existing factions.

  • Simon Chatterley

    I think it’s cool that there may be a Codex Kroot. Chaos just got Codex Tzaangor after all so I’m all over these more beastial liking armies.

  • Jack

    I got the Abaddon from Wargames Exclusive, I dont see GW bringing out an Abaddon that can out do the WE version.

    • Sonic tooth

      Yea it’s very nice, normally their minis are too ott for my taste but they did a great job on that one

    • I just looked it up and I must say that I hate their Abaddon. He doesn’t even have a topknot. In general I don’t like the proportions on their Marines/Primarchs I’m afraid.

  • Solvagon

    I was assuming before that Codex: Xenos mercenaries or something similar would be a thing, this would be super amazing if it actually would happen.

  • PrimoFederalist

    Dear God-Emperor, I really really really hope they don’t make Russ into a werewolf. The final nail in the coffin of Space Wolves for me at that point.

  • Chris

    Yes, yes and yes again! I was sure they were gonna re-do Abaddon in a triumvirate for Gathering Storm. He’s long overdue.

    I recently (like within the last two weeks) started working on a small World Eaters terminator force, so it’ll be interesting to see how the GW ones will measure up to the FW ones I’ve bought.

    And a Kroot minidex is great news. I’ve wanted them to go it alone ever since they were first released. So much cooler than Tau IMO.

    • bossdakka

      back in the day you could do a kroot mercernary army. it was really cool. mind you i was a lil kid and didnt know what tournaments were. playing the game i never thought about being competitive in that mind set. i wanted to win the game, but always had fun. Now im just sitting on the sidelines wondering do i start my all female astra militarum army or wait for 9th.

      • Chris

        Yeah, I still have the White Dwarf knocking about that had the kroot mercs list. Be great to see some new entries and models after all this time though.

        Zealot Miniatures made some great alternative kroot hounds (sadly no longer available), same design as GWs but far more dynamic. I bought them purely because I loved the models, but with no interest in collecting Tau I’ve never been able to do anything with them. http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/087ded81a15255f3cf53211109ba401a86ed19ff552402d787cef61d02fcfc80.jpg

  • charlie

    Please, no more salt pictures and jokes. Its just too much. We understand these are rumours. Its in ALL CAPS at the top. We dont need salt references every, single, time.

    • bossdakka

      so much salt indicates value. hence a grain of. (im agreeing with you). They are confusing the salty tears of losers and this the grain. its annoying.

  • plasticvicar

    Russ finally gets that big viking beard everyone expected him to have but realised he didnt upon reading some actual fluff.

    Which is awesome, FW gives us young angry Russ from 30k sans beard and 41k gets us old grizzled Odin Russ.

  • Bastion8889

    The two model thing for Russ seems a little weird but if any primarch could have two forms he’s the one. I feel it’s probably more likely that Russ and Corvus return at the same time as they were both last seen heading into the eye of terror. The eye of terror is where Daemons cross into the universe to stay so this is also a likely spot to see Angron return. Those all seem likely tho I did not think we would be seeing Angron before Fulgrim just because of all the stories having hints at a slaanesh return I thought for sure we would see them this year or early next year.

    As for the Kroot Codex I guess the hope is they have some kind of a psyker model or something that can combat psykic ability as tau currently have zero interaction in that phase.

  • MrLodgik

    Whens the lion coming back ? and Sanguinius ?

  • Reven

    I really hope that if Russ does come out with two forms its a cloaked disguised form and a revealed full combat type form to fit in with the Odin idea rather than Human and Wolf form.