40K RUMORS: Codex Necrons Rules

More info on the Next Necron Codex is spilling online and we’ve got the lowdown on the Dynamic Dynasties!

We’ve been mining through the rumor mill and have filtered out some premium rumors for the next Necro Codex. Just make sure you’re monitoring your Sodium intake…

via Super Wargamer Necron Hangout (discord):

Misc Rules

Possible prefered enemy with Eldar
Spyder has some stragem ability
Flying Cryptek moves 10 and has an ability for tanks and heros


(2 cp) re roll Resurrection Protocols of 1
(2 cp) canoptek units roll Resurrection Protocols
(1 cp) canoptek units can charge after advancing
(1cp/2cp) blow up a scarab base causing D3 mortal


Lord is same pts but re rolls wound rolls of 1
Overlord is down 25 pts
Cryptek is down 20 pts
Destroyerlord is down a few pts
Named HQ about same price -possible prefered enemny with eldar
spyder has some stragem ability flying cryptek moves 10 and has an ability for tanks and heros
Immortals same price
Warriors ?
Fast Attack
Wraiths went up by 17 pts but gained 1ap and 1D
Tomb blades went down by 11 pts, gained new wargear, -1 to hit
Scarabs stayed the same


Lychguard down 1 pt

Deathmarks down 1 pt

Heavy Support

Heavy destroyers down to 57 pts

Doomsday ark has D6 shots

Warlord Traits

+1 save

+CP back on a 6


What do you think of this latest batch of Necron Rumors? Are you ready for the Rise of the Machines?

  • AEZ

    WAY OP

    • Apocryphus

      That 1 point reduction on Lychguard breaks the game wide open. I’m going to take 100 of them now!

      • ZeeLobby

        Psh, post pics of your 100 then!

      • LankTank

        “So why do Necrons become UNBEATABLE with a 1pt reduction but Tau are just UNPLAYABLE because of harbniosaykkasdfurvavw?”
        It’s actually funny when you try mash keys like that, look at your creation and think… That doesn’t look good enough.
        The first one was rinbvwavnuivra… Just a peasants excuse of keyboard insantiy =(

        • Apocryphus

          I’m sure there’s an app or program to get a good looking keyboard mash. 😛

        • Koen Diepen Van

          I think your sarcasm detector is broken

          • LankTank

            Lol the beautiful irony is I know Apoc was being sarcastic, he knew I was being sarcastic but your detector failed to realise I was being sarcastic (especially since I was swinging for tge Tau codex in the last 3 posts). UNLESS your being sarcastic about not noticing sarcasm or sarcastically reflecting on sarcasm until all computers overload in an attempt to fry Necron circuitboards

        • Jose Delgado

          Tau have got more nerfs than buffs with the codex and they are the first army weaker with codex than index.

          But this guys was being sarcsstic or ironic when ssid that that 1 point reductiin was going to do them op

          • LankTank

            Wait… you’re trolling right? About tau being worse in codex than index?

  • Adam Richard Corrigan

    Overlords needs wargear options. Monolith/Doomscythe need to ignore move penalty for moving and firing Heavy. Monolith either needs 2+ or a 5++

    • Overlord Th’arkhen

      Monolith already ignores the penalty for moving and firing Heavy weapons.

    • Timmy McMurderbug

      I wouldn’t mind a 5++ on the ‘lith. Quantum Shielding is way too much on that beast, even at ~400 points. Hell, weapon/equipment options would be interesting, but that would take a whole new kit.

      The aircraft in general need a total rework. New options, better defense and a reevaluation of their point costs.

  • Timmy McMurderbug

    Alrighty, so , let’s take a look at these:
    HQ’s down in points? Okay.
    Wraiths UP 17 points? Ow. Ow. Ow. That being said, -2AP and 2D in melee will make them BRUTAL.
    Tomb Blades down? Excellent and likely. Tomb Blades are badly over-costed.
    Doomsday Arks fire D6 all the time? THANK YOU.
    Less Reasonable:
    HEAVY Destroyers down to 57? Nah. Maybe the reggies. That’d be a five point cut for normies. An eighteen point cut for Heavies seems somewhat steep.

    Nothing about Praetorians, Flayed Ones, aircraft or Warriors. Weird.

    The Murderbug has spoken.

  • Who doesn’t have “some stragem ability” these days?

    Whenever I read these copy/pasted rumors, I wish we’d at least run them through a spell checker / correct potentially translated unit names. Heck, getting the unit names right would be a good start. But then, even basic punctuation would be…

  • frank

    If they are going to hate Eldar, they should have a rule stating they are best buds with Blood Angels just to keep things fluffy. haha

  • Michael Cameron

    Shouldn’t the picture be of cheese instead of salt?