40K: The Armiger Warglaive Marches To War

There is a new Knight on the block and Games Workshop is giving us a look under the hood!

When the word got out that TWO Knight Armiger Warglaives were going to be in the Forgebane box, we immediately wanted to know more. Well today, the info is coming directly from Games Workshop, so let’s dive in!

via Warhammer Community

The Armiger Warglaive is a new kind of Imperial Knight – a lightweight assault walker that combines the power of its larger cousins with frightening speed and flexibility. With Forgebane allowing you to get your hands on not one but two Armiger Warglaives, here’s why we think you’ll want to add them to your army.

Armigers are indeed a Lord of War – however, they are the first Lord of War that you can take multiplies of in one slot.

“Unlike other Lords of War, you’ll be able to fit up to three Armigers in a single slot…”

Up to three of them in one slot is confirmed but we don’t have a confirmation on it they will be a “unit” and have to stay in range of each other or if they will have a level of independence like the Carnifex rules:

Will they have a similar rule? I would hope so!

Furthermore, these guys are pretty FAST with a 14″ move. They will be able to run down most things and then unload with their devastating attacks. Stat-wise, they also a Toughness of 7 and 12 Wounds with a 3+ save on top. And if that’s not durable enough, they also have an ion shield as well! But lets talk about those attacks…

The Armiger’s have 4 attacks in melee and a base strength of 6. That’s perfect for chewing on some armor as little can stand up to that Strength 12, AP -3, D3 attack. However, it does not have the ability of it’s larger cousins to be able to fall back and shoot. So watch out for those hordes…


At 30″ this is a pretty long range melta weapon. It’s Assault D3 as well so advancing and shooting is a valid tactic. And you’re going to want to advance because if you can get within 15″ you’ll have a much higher shot at doing more damage. These light-knights are going to cause lots of problems for armor. And just incase you were wondering, yes you can use the Knight of the Cog stratagem from the Ad Mech on this Knight:

That could lead to some pretty deadly combos!

The Armiger Warglaive is coming with the new boxed set Forgebane which is going up on pre-order this weekend!


Gee, I wonder if that means we’re going to get a new Knight Codex soon…

  • grenstauf

    I heard a rumour that two armigier warglaves and a imp knight is a special unit giving 2 or 3 CP. Anyone know what it is specifically?

    • ananoke

      Each armiger can be placed in its own lord of war slot. A super heavy detachment contains 3 lord of wars and grants 3 cp

    • NNextremNN

      That’s not a rumour. It was given as example super heavy detachment on the Warhammer Community teaser. Just look up the Super Heavy Detachment in your rule book.

  • Stephen Henry IV

    These might be worth taking, I hope we see a few more weapon options.

    • danutzfreeman

      I seriously am thinking of buying 3 Forgebane boxes but if the armiger or other kits in the box don’t come with variants i’ll have to stick with just one.

      • Blinghop

        The other kits will literally be the sprues you’d get for buying the normal boxes. The cryptek will be a one pose character sprue, but those occasionally have some bit options.

        The armigers, however, no clue yet. They as a unit might only have the one build, which may be the case since the community article stresses them as vehicle/monster hunters.

        • danutzfreeman

          Well that’s not bad then,i’ll just get 3 since i’ve been meaning to start Admech and have been on the fence about necrons and in case they do come out with armiger kits that have multiple options i’ll just not assemble all of them.

  • Mr.Gold

    warglaives, backed up by sydonian dragoons to deal with hoards running up the table at you will be a fairly daunting sight…

    • danutzfreeman

      I wanna run the Warglaives with my guard sentinels,some Russes and a few Chimera with meatshields in them as a scouting party, after all the best scouting party is the one that not only recons but also destroys it’s targets.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    I wonder how those mini-knights will run alongside Astartes armies…

    • euansmith

      Everything else does 😉

      • Rafał Pytlak

        Yeah, but i already plan to add a squad of Custodes to my Blood Angels army. Mixing in a duo of mini knights would be overkill. Plus, i don’t know how many cp i’ll miss for taking a BA/Custodes/Mechanicus(Knight house?) mix army

    • briandavion

      proably pretty good actually. especially if they’re as low points as some people are suggesting. 150 points for one would be AMAZING as you could just take one, slap it in a super heavy aux and call it a day

      • NNextremNN

        Reduce you other anti armor stuff run 3 in a super heavy detachment and get 3CP on top.

        • briandavion

          I ebt a Knight warden and a pack of these things would be a good 1000 point army

  • Luca Lacchini

    YES. Squad slot.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    no good to me without HH rules GW!

    • NNextremNN

      HH rules are made by FW not GW.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        FW is part of GW.

        • NNextremNN

          They still act like they are different and the rules are made by different people. So if you want HH rules for these you have to ask FW not GW.

    • Graham Bartram

      Fires of Cyraxus can make progress now the Tau codex is out, so that should be the next FW book. Not much use to you, so it’s probably worth dropping FW an email for HH rules. They are pretty good at replying.

  • si1

    These will be a nice blood brothers detachment to go with my gene stealer cult army!

    • Graham Bartram


  • Graham Bartram

    If the Thanatar comes to 40k as a LoW in the FoC book from FW, I’m going to be very happy. 1 Thanatar + 2 Armigers = 3CP
    I doubt if it will be a HS slot like 30k…. fingers crossed.