40K: The Cryptek’s New Cloak

The Necrons are getting a new HQ option for the Cryptek and it’s looking pretty fly!

We got a look at the new Armiger Warglaive yesterday and even got confirmation on the price of the upcoming Forgebane box set. Now we’re getting a confirmation from Games Workshop about what exactly the new Cryptek with a Canoptek Cloak will bring to the tabletop:

via Warhammer Community

Occupying a privileged role in the hierarchy of a tomb world, Crypteks are equipped with an array of unusual equipment to help them perform their roles. Forgebane allows you to equip your Crypteks with one such piece of equipment, as well as making the Cryptek available in plastic for the first time – but what exactly does it do?

Just gaining Fly as a keyword alone is great. But the increase to it’s movement stat to 10″ is going to mean the Cryptek isn’t going to have any problems getting around the tabletop. Combine that with the enhancements it provides for the Living Metal ability and it’s almost a no-brainer option.

We’ve also got a tease as to it’s possible datasheet thanks to Super Wargamer’s Discord channel.

Not much has changed for the Cryptek compared to it’s Index entry except for a slight drop in Power Level/Points and the addition of the Canoptek Cloak. It can also take the chronometron option now as well.

The Cryptek has been drinking Red Bull

We’re looking forward to this wargear option for the Cryptek as it will add some much needed mobility to the model. As the Necrons have gotten more and more units over the years, they’ve gained some pretty mobile options and it’s nice to see the Cryptek will be able to keep-up now. It’s going to be a challenge to take down Necron units with this HQ floating around nearby.

Forgebane – Coming Soon


So Necron Players are you looking forward to this new HQ option? How do you feel about it’s new found Flying Cloak?

  • Gaven Sizemore

    I’d take the invuln over the living metal boost almost every time. But it does look neat.

    • John Henry III

      why not both?

      • Gaven Sizemore

        Well the datasheet says either/or on the wargear so it seems you cant unless you field different crypteks.

        • Mr.Gold

          cloak can run along with things like destroyers, wraiths etc. e.g. the vanguard of your force to heal and protect them, the chronometron can follow your infantry to grant them a 5++ etc. different choices for different units…

  • Oskar Drabikowski

    In deed full metal two Player box!

  • Sir Postalot

    Wow so its a KFF Big MEK and a Dok in one

  • Kyle Stetson

    Yes, I will take a 4+ reanimation protocol on my destroyers, thanks.