40k Video Batreps Rankings

I like to watch video battle reports (VBR) to learn about armies and as a form of entertainment. Here are my ranking and ratings of the best.

The Rating System

The top channel appears in the first slot and so on. I rate them on the following categories:

Competitive – Knows the rules inside out and run competitive army lists

Entertaining – Really fun to watch and holds your interest throughout the entire episode

Technical – Well filmed, excellent lighting, etc.

Knowing the rules inside out is one of the most important things for me as nothing is worse than watching 80-90% of a VBR then there is a major mistake that ends up throwing the game. In my opinion the best games are error free of any rules mistakes. If there are some serious rules issue during the beginning of the VBR I stop watching it. You owe it to your viewers to get the rules right. Also I don’t like a lot of cursing throughout a report… to me a VBR worth watching should be very professional. Finally the entertainment is also very important – it gets old really fast watching WAAC army lists in action. Competitive does not equal WAAC in my book.

I score each category as follows:

A – top rating
B – mid rating (still good)
C – needs some improvements

Note that I am not here to rag on any of the channels I watch. This article is solely intended to point potential viewers in the right direction.

Horus Heresy (30k)

There is only one channel I watch regularly and it’s the30kchannel. This channel gets a perfect score as they do everything right. Typically there is one episode a month and I watch every one of them.

Eighth Edition 40k

[1] My top pick is SEO Winters. Winters has the best 40k VBRs in my opinion because the armies are always interesting and the games tend to be very close. Winters is a tactical genius… I really learn a lot from him every episode. He tends to play Imperial armies but recently he has been playing Death Guard a lot. I rate this channel as follows:

Competitive – A+

Entertaining – A+

Technical – A

[2] My second favorite 40k channel is Grim Resolve. This channel is from Scotland and it’s a hoot to listen to their accents. I rate this channel as follows:

Competitive – B+

Entertaining – A+

Technical – A

Unfortunately they haven’t released anything new in awhile which is a shame. Even though I rated this channel as B+ for competitive that is mainly because they tend to play armies that aren’t as optimized as some of my other favorite channels but still they are very entertaining and offer something different.

[3] Next up is Tabletop Tactics by the Spyder (Lawrence Baker) and is from England. His VBRs are the most entertaining for me and the Spyder goes to great lengths to put together top notch reports. I rate this channel as follows:

Competitive – A

Entertaining – A+

Technical – A

[4] In at the fourth slot is the Glacial Geek. Wow Phil Hall has come such a long way very quickly. Phil is first and foremost as fair as they come and he never has anything bad to say. This channel is a one man band and Phil is very dedicated… no wonder his popularity continues to constantly grow. FLG was requested by so many people to feature one of his games at the recent LVO he got to show his stuff the second day even though he was not on a top table. I rate this channel as follows:

Competitive – B

Entertaining – A

Technical – B

This channel is constantly improving each and every episode!

[5] My fifth slot goes to Bells of the Lost Souls. This channel features lot of different armies which is a big deal and you’ll always see the latest codices here. There’s always plenty of good banter and interesting commentary as well which is a good thing.

Competitive – B+

Entertaining – A

Technical – A

[6] My choice for the sixth slot is StrikingScorpion82. This channel is also from England as well and this is one of the most professional and also extremely entertaining. This channel features a lot of different armies including a lot of xenos races. I rate this channel as follows:

Competitive – B+

Entertaining – A

Technical – A+

[7] My final pick for the top seven is Guerrilla Miniature Games. This channel is out of Canada and Ashe also does a great job plus occasionally he features some Horus Heresy games as well. I rate this channel as follows:

Competitive – B

Entertaining – A

Technical – A

Honorable Mentions

There are lot of other great channels to watch as well so here are some honorable mentions but in no particular order:

The Long War (US)

miniwargaming (Canada)

Frontline Gaming (US)

So there you have my top ten. You’ve probably seen or heard a lot them if you also like to watch VBRs. Check them out when you have a chance.

~Who do you like, and what features do you like most in video batreps?

  • Martin Aggerholm

    My fav is definitely Tabletop Tactics, they are super good at hyping every move and really easy to follow even if you don’t know any of the armies. And most important they really seem to have FUN playing, which is the most important thing of this hobby.

    • Solvagon

      Also they make like 1/10th of the rules mistakes that SEO Winters does. Don’t get me wrong, I like Winters, but I think the only mistakes on TTT that were not immediately caught happened in the Battle Reps that Lawrence was not playing or watching, while especially when playing DG Winters forgets a ton of stuff.

      • What are some mistake Winters make?

        • Iggynous

          Why are you such a fan boy for some random old English guy?

          Do you really think everyone must be wrong? That Winters must be right despite everyone clearly feeling he gets multiple rules wrong constantly?

    • TenDM

      They’re fun while still producing a very professional battle report. They’ve really made Tabletop Tactics a proper show.

    • Carey_Mahoney


    • Hrudian

      Big fan of Tabletop Tactics as well. Good mix of entertainment, enthusiasm, fun, narration and cool terrain.

  • SEO is someone I want to like but can’t. Competitiveness should be a C at best- lots of rules errors almost every batrep, and takes subrime units for what seems to be the sake of subprime units.

    Also, entertainment is very dull imo- could replace winters with a text bot and it’d be the same level of enthusiasm.

    Good looking armies and boards though, and winters and his guests are nice enough.

    • Gunitado

      WinterSEO is like striking scorpion, I consider then more narrative than competitive. His builds are simply horrible and sometimes I think he makes them just to lose against his guest. His last game was mostly ad mech infantry against a guy that had 12 primaris inceptors that are one of the best antihorde units on the space marine codex.

      • He brought a tame list… I don’t think you can really knock someone for that.

    • SEO is a very classy guy and he rarely makes any rule mistakes.

      • he’s a nice guy- I can almost guarantee I can find at least 5 every batrep.

        • Name them in his latest batrep. Not using beta rules doesn’t count.

          • If I watch it before comments close, I’ll give you a list.

          • Just took a look through the comments- found 4 mistakes folks have pointed out within a few scrolls.

            Also remember watching a DG where he didn’t roll for DR on PBC’s, or reroll 1’s for any plagueweapons the whole game.

          • It’s a new army for him don’t be so critical.

          • His admech? He’s played them tons of times. DG? DR is kinda their thing.
            Why not be critical? If no one holds him to a higher standard, there’s no reason for him to improve.

  • euansmith

    Guerilla Miniature Games is my favourite game related channel. I enjoy the easy going approach that Ash and his buddies take to a wide variety of games; both old and new. He’s certainly piqued my interest in “Gaslands”.

    I also like that Ash posts something new everyday of the week, with regular spots for games on regular(ish) days. Throwback Thursday is a particular favourite as it covers old, out of print games.

    • Sebastien Bazinet

      Gaslands is an absolute blast! It’s Death Race meets X-Wing(minus the cards!)

    • Severius_Tolluck

      He also is fun to listen to when saying he is “A boot” to do something. Mainly I agree, I like watching them play older games, or non 40k / gw games from time to time. who can forget the Murder Mice Massacre from Frostgrave.

      • euansmith

        Or the Duck Adventurers in the a later game (it might even have been Ghost Archipelago). I like that punks vs skins game he plays with his brother too, eh?

    • marxlives

      What I like about Ash is you can watch a game and learn a game. He is very good at teaching games even when the video’s purpose is not to be a tutorial. The only other channel I have seen this style of play and teach is Wargamer Girl.

      • euansmith

        I like they they keep on making mistakes and yet don’t get bogged down with it. With Gaslands, it took them several videos to get the rules right, and, in a recent Warmahordes’ video Ash completely forgot to field one of his solos. They just address any errors after the game.

        Ash also seems to have the world’s largest or stickiest hands; capable of scooping up and rolling dozens of dice at a time, single handed. Its like watching whales devour krill on Discovery Channel.

        • marxlives

          Ha ha, right that is true and the environment he gives in his videos is a good standard for everybody to follow when gaming casual. Have a good time, don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time because playing the game itself is a learning process, and don’t get to bogged down on the details. I also like that since he plays so many different system he knows the rules pretty good because certain systems are just similar.

      • I will definitely check out Wargamer Girl.

    • BaronSnakPak

      One gripe I have with Ash is that he seems to end too many sentences with a question mark. It sticks out like a sore thumb when I’m only listening to the audio while painting.

      I met him at Adepticon last year, and he’s a genuinely nice guy though.

      • Did he ask any questions ?

      • euansmith

        Maybe that’s just his Canadian intonation, eh? Like Australian rising intonation, eh? So every statement sounds like a question, eh?

        I’m from Birmingham, so my accent goes down at the end off all of our sentences, making us sound fed up, even when we are having fun.

    • shaydozer

      Absolutely came here to say the same. Best guy best channel.

    • TenDM

      I just watched their Walking Dead batrep and it was definitely good enough to justify subscribing to the channel.

  • Donald

    I’m not sure competitive list building and knowing the rules of the game should be in the same category – some of the most entertaining scenarios I’ve seen include a good bit of fluff and rule-of-cool in their army makeup.

  • Per Hagman

    I really love Scared cast, very good and fun guy that has a lot of dark eldar in it, not so common this days.

    • Are you Skari ?

      • Per Hagman

        No, he lives in Canada and Im from Sweden☺

  • gdim415

    Tabletop Assault is another good channel. They’re a good set of batreps on the casual side of the game. Check them out.

    • Mighty Magnus

      Yeah they hot some fun batreps up there and they all seem like really good friends too great sportsmanship between them.

  • I just now subscribed to the 30K channel.
    I have been subbed to a few of these channels already, But I hate a few of these other channels, doesn’t matter.
    I can’t really get into watching Battle reports lately I haven’t any interest in it at all. I don’t even plan to make any more Video Battle reports for my own channel. (They’re just a pain to edit.)
    I think I like Battle Reports on blogs and forums the best.
    I like not having to listen to the way people speak or see the rules problems in real time.

  • Mighty Magnus

    I think they might have got Grim Resolve & Tabletop Assault mixed up as Tabletop Assault are Scottish and Grim Resolve is English?

  • defensive

    I would also suggest Mountain Minatures Gaming.
    It’s MWG Steve’s breakaway channel, and honestly, he’s the most entertainting of the bunch, so glad he was the one to do it.

    Really lighthearted, after-hours type stuff.
    Expect a good time, not hardcore comp games.

    • gdim415

      He also does some great narrative type of batreps that aren’t really in the rules but are a lot of fun to watch.

    • euansmith

      I’m always amazed at how articulate Steve is on his own channel. When he’s guesting on other people’s shows he seems to play a lovable lunk character.

    • Steve is a good guy and entertaining. I think Ashe started on MWG not sure wud happen there …

  • Curtis Cunningham

    As someone that is hard of hearing, the echo is terrible in nearly all those videos. I wish they would learn how to use a mic to kill the echo.

    • euansmith

      GMG and Games With The Cooler often do series of games split across the two channels, and it is always obvious when I’m watching a Games With The Cooler video as Owen’s mic is some much worse than Ash’s one.

      • Owen so competitive… Ashe more chill.

        “You’re the best!”

        • euansmith

          I was watching some Ash battle reports from a Warmachine Tournament where he routinely reminds his opponents of things they’ve forgotten. Classy :D. I also like when Owen is prepping for some tournament and brings out some hideously cheesy list.

    • I hear them just fine. You prolly need a hearing aids.

  • TenDM

    Miniwargaming works for me because they show more of the action. When I’m painting I like to be able to hear “no ones, no ones, no ones” then look up in time to see enough ones to cook a Primarch.
    They don’t always have the tactical depth of the more competitive channels but I don’t really need it for my purposes. It also doesn’t hurt that I can just say ‘hey Kris, how do I paint this?’ and get a tutorial for what I need to do.

    • orionburn III

      Couple guys in my group swear by them and keep trying to get me to subscribe. One of them is actually going up to play in a few weeks. I’ve watched some of their free stuff (like codex reviews) and have enjoyed what they put out.

      • Good luck to your friend… well worth the trip.

        • Michael Cuttell

          I’ve gone twice to hang with them and I’ll be going again for sure. They’re great guys and the studio is like minigamer heaven.

  • Rasheed Jones

    Yhe Glavial Geek and Grim Resolve are my two favorites for the little narratives they do, also Phil is so excited its hard not to have fun with his videos.

  • stinkoman

    how does TTT get 3rd when they outscored 2nd? B+A+A vs A+A+A?

    in any case, the top three here are my top three. but i wouldnt call winters SEO very competitive lists. he does a lot of story driven stuff. His channel is still my favorite though.

    • He is a great tactician – he’s doesn’t need WAAC lists.

  • piglette

    MWG is king and basically invented 40k battle reports being a thing. They also strike the perfect balance between hobby, fluff, and competition.

  • Simon Chatterley

    I’ll give a shoutout to my good buddy Aceface. Especially if you have Nids as he knows his onions on them and does a lot of tactics vids as well as batreps.

    He’s from Essex in the UK though so like Lawrence from TT he’s another Brit with the accent

    • orionburn III

      Linky? As a Nids player I’d like to check it out.

  • EnTyme

    Tabletop Tactics and miniwargaming are my favorites by a long shot. TTT has some of the best production values and great personality! MWG has considerably lower production values, but the team is just so likeable, and they have really good narrative content. I used to watch The Long War, but their team is just so hard for me to like, especially since they were snubbed as play testers. They just have this massive chip on their collective shoulders when it comes to GW now.

    • orionburn III

      I can’t like them either. And I don’t know why, but it bothers me one of the guys has no issue cursing on a regular basis. I mean I say crap that could make a sailor blush at times, but if you’re trying to put together a professional show it takes away from it IMO. I like a couple of them but there’s the 2 guys that I just can’t get past. Ain’t my cup of tea.

  • marxlives

    No wargamergirl huh. Not even a mention. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVSqFZiGn4cHzSk1Y_CeBMw

  • archie d

    Thanks for putting this list together. From my perspective, I haven’t found any that match the production quality of The Long War (which you have as an honorable mention). They have high quality cameras and lighting, professional video backdrops, and most importantly a dedicated cameraman. Those on your main list seem to have one of the players being the main camera person. In other words a player is holding the camera while they are rolling the dice, etc. Not that there’s anything wrong with that I just think The Long War bumps it up a notch in production quality.

    • Not TTT or MWG off the top my head.

    • Remember these are not Hollywood grade but wow for the most part the filming is really good. They spend a lot of time editing them before public release.

  • shaydozer

    Guerilla miniatures games is the number 1 champ of battle reports. One of my absolute favorite channels on YouTube period. Can’t say enough good things about him or the Cooler.

  • Iggynous

    im sorry but WintersSEO, Competive-A+??

    Are you joking?

    I can only assume you’re as bad at the rules as he is.

  • Alexander Barahona

    The30Channel is amazing. I wish they did 40k to be honest, while they are prone to rules errors now and again the production quality and the standard of army they allow on is sublime, it’s just the best visual representation of the hobby onlinei my opinion.

  • Sir Postalot