AoS: Dread Solstice Week 3 Ending Soon

Time is running out to cast your votes for the Dread Solstice Global Campaign as Week 3 comes to a close.

It appears that Skull has lost it’s steam this week after dominating week 1 and then winning by a razor thin margin in week 2. With less than 1 day to go, Drake seems to be the dominate option for the players in week 3. So what were the Red Mists and what’s the dilemma?  Let’s take look:

via Games Workshop (Dread Solstice Page)

The Story So Far…

The Options

As of publishing, here’s a snap shot of how the votes are going:


For those of you who have been following the Narrative of this event we’ve seen the players opt to Destroy the Naysayers, Learn Every Secret, and (it’s looking like) Steer Into The Storm. I really wish we could see the raw numbers besides the real-time ticker on GW’s page. It’s also hard to gauge the rhyme or reason to these options from the Players. Are they voting based on the narrative? Are they trying to get “unlocks” for their chosen faction (if that’s how it works)? Or (let’s be honest – this is the internet) are some players just trying to Troll the community with their vote?

Regardless of the results of the vote, Games Workshop does actually have a narrative plan worked out. I got to give them props for sticking to that no matter the results the players choose. It’s going to be fun to see this event shakes out and how it impacts the future Global Campaigns GW runs. I can see that they are at least taking some of the community feedback from the previous one and building on it.

There is still time to get your votes in before it resets tonight – are you going to take a stab at changing the fate of the Mortal Realms?

  • Not feeling the global campaign guys. Seems… predetermined still. Seems… kind of rigged like a WWE match.

    • euansmith

      Don’t break kayfabe, dude!

    • James Regan

      So far i’ve thought the results have been explicable for what the players chose- killing all the readers of portents in a death focussed campaign called malign portents went death’s way, trying to gain power over all the secrets was good for wizards- I can understand it being scripted, but so far everything has pointed to either it being non-scripted, or the players just voting with GW’s choices. I predict khaine, khorne or possibly vampires (vampires only in addition to one of the other two) benefiting from this one, if it keeps going with the ‘get tanked up on bright red mist and hit things’ direction. Or a general style rule that benefits a general slice of melee units, with a cost for it, like the ‘your wizard has been eaten by the moon’ check in this weeks rules.

      • EmpBobo

        Only complaint I have with this week’s choices is, as a Death player, I felt compelled to choose “Steer into” as the other two seemed very anti-Death.

        • af

          I dunno. “Consecrating the land” can be seen as undead-friendly as well. Nothing says the ritual is holy 🙂

          • EmpBobo

            True. I guess I always have thought consecrating as holy and desecrating as “evil.” You’re right though, one could totally consecrate the land in the name of Nagash.

    • Drpx

      No, see this time it’s so vague nobody can claim favoritism.

      • af

        That’s unfair. Riding into the storm and raging at stuff has to be either Khaine or Khorne. Likely Khorne. And option 2 is clearly anti-undead. Only the third is ambiguous.

    • Hagwert

      WWE IS RIGGED ! No way… you’ll be telling me those pixies I keep seeing at the bottom of my garden aren’t real and instead are just a product of my latent madness.


    Honestly its probably a little of all three. Some are doing it probably to spice up the nerrative, and others are doing what (in there minds atleast) the worst thing to probably do to muck up Order. Even though its all the factions that have a stake in this, not just Order and Death (so that includes Destruction that a lot are complaining needs love).

    But remember, even though its fun to say it, many of the designers at GW aren’t idiots, they probably know that a lot of people would choose the worst sounding option just to try to see where a bad ending would go.

    Carefull you might just be being bated into a massive victory for Order lol

    • James Regan

      some are probably doing it because they aren’t great at decisions- i thought week 1’s result was going to be skull-benefits-death, and it was, but saw a few comments along the lines of ‘oh no, I thought that would benefit order’. I mean, in 40k, it would be more imperial aligned, i suppose, but order in AoS isn’t quite as evil as all that (barring maybe khaine’s daughters)

      • ragelion

        People who read the lore had the same outlook as you. As a Death player it was clear to me which one would benefit us in week 1. You don’t know how happy I was people went skull week 1.

        • James Regan

          i mean, i’ve not got my army bought yet, but moving into death (from my currently quite old beastclaw) and i though ‘yes, vote that, that is the best!’

      • GWELLS

        Well don’t forget the Shadowblades (Sigmars secret police) and the Devoted of Sigmar, Sigmars zealous inquisition.

        • James Regan

          true, though they don’t operate throughout order, because a lot of order isn’t sigmarite in the first place.