AoS: Dread Solstice Week Three Campaign Update

It’s week 3 and the results are pouring in. How will the players choose to explore the Red Mists?

For the past two weeks, the Age of Sigmar Global Campaign Dread Solstice has been running. Week 1 saw the “Skull” option rise to the top and a new artifact was unearthed. Week 2 saw Skull pull ahead by ONE vote to win again and influence the current week’s narrative. So what are players fighting over this week?

Ash And Flame

So what choices are players voting for?

Now, we’re only a few days into the week and we’ve seen things drastically shift over the course of the week before, but as of writing this, here is where we stand:

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It appears that Drake has taken a big lead this week. Perhaps the folks that vote for Drake last week were a tad motivated to get a bigger lead after last week (where they got overruled by 1 vote). However, we’re only 3 days in – there is still lots of time for the tides to shift…

For now, players are set of rushing into the Red Mists and fueling their warrior’s might. Anyone else curious to see how this one will pan out? I know I sure am!

Rules For Week Three

Are you read to dive in and cast your vote? The Red Mists Beckons…

  • Christie Bryden

    my its almost as if people are working towards a bad ending since they want more death and destruction models.

    • Xodis

      Kind of hope this was GWs plan all along. Let people play their armies that are disproportionately Order, and still choose to navigate the narrative a different direction instead of “Order winning must mean MORE ORDER!!!”.

      • euansmith

        Or else, just say that the Order Faction is becoming riven with internal conflict. Suspicion, Greed, and Despair are gnawing at the foundations of Sigmar’s Empire and it is perfectly okay and fluffy for Order Armies to throw down on each other.

        • GWELLS

          Well, its not the factions as a whole its more group within the factions doing it. That was made into the grand alliances from the start to justify how they would meet on the table top.

          For example, Drycha’s faction for sylvaneth is basically a bunch of berzerkers that goes to all the realms basically attacking anyone they can find (order, chaos doesn’t matter) but they don’t represent Sylvaneth as a whole who are still allied with order.

          Its similiar to the Imperium in 40k, with renegade space marines and planetary rebels that could be used to justify the imperial guard and space marines fighting. Just use your imagination. The new Grand Alliances are big enough that you can justify Stormcast fighting free peoples, or Orruks fighting Ogres.

          • euansmith

            What about Stormcast vs Stormcast? Is there enough friction in the fluff to cover that?

          • GWELLS

            Yeah, a training exercise were the two forces go at eachother to test their mettle.

            Now you may ask. But what about casualties taken? Well you can say they are fighting in that gladiatorial arena that Malerion gifted to Sigmar.

            When the Stormhosts fight in that special place they can kill each other in training battles but then the special magic of the coliseum brings the dead back to life with no repercussions. They don’t even need a reforging. You can just say they are having a mock battle in the coliseum to see which Stormhost is the mightier.

          • euansmith

            My mate beat me to the Kharadron Overlord Army, so I’ve had to go for something else. I’m currently putting together a Stormcast Army (mainly because I’ve got most of the minis and they are fairly easy to paint) to fight him with.

            They are the Chamber Malleus Petram, the Mountain Breakers, the Rock Smiters, the Sunderers of Continents, the Levelers of Hills; colloquially, known far and wide, as the Crushers.

            In my fluff they are a Chamber charged with supplying the Sigmarite warmachine with raw materials. They travel the mortal realms finding, extracting and transporting ores and minerals.

            This can, of course, bring them in to conflict with people who don’t understand just how very important the Chrushers’ mission is. People like those greedy Kharadron Overlords.

            This is the sort of internecine conflict that I like in a setting; where people fight over something other than ethics.

            I can certainly see room for actual Blue on Blue action within the Stormhosts, just like the infighting in the Space Marines.

          • GWELLS

            Well if you are doing Kharadron, the easiest thing to do is say it is one of the smaller less known skyports who are basically sky-pirates. Which is perfectly fluffy, as the battletome states that Skyports can be noble sky dwarves, or just dasterly pirate raiders, and everything in between.

            You could say the Stormcast were looking for sigmarite or some other rare metal needed for their reforging process and an previously unknown skyports forces attack to steal the metal to sell to other skyports or on the black markets in the free cities (Excelser the city of secrets for example) because that is a thing.

            Treat the setting like 40k, its big enough that there could be tons of Skyports, and unaligned kingdoms from any race with billions of people that will fight or invade anyone hidden in the uncharted lands of the Realms, because no one has or likely ever will explore all the lands in the realms. So why not have a Stormhost discover a new kingdom rich in raw materials in, oh lets say Ulga the realm of shadows, but they won’t share what they have. And you can say well we aren’t taken no for an answer so you are forcibly inducting them into Sigmars empire. You could represent them with Free Peoples, Or maybe Bretonians and Free peoples, or maybe they are Ogres and trolls, the list is endless.

          • euansmith

            I don’t want to force my mate to have to be the “bad guys”, so I’ve decided to create a moral grey area that we can both fight over.

          • GWELLS

            Like I said you could make it so the Khardrons are the small kingdom with the important resources that they need and won’t take no for an answer. So the Stormhosts just try to take it from them when they won’t take your payment for the resources.

      • ZeeLobby

        Or GW just has a set outcome regardless of what people pick.

    • GWELLS

      Well thats the thing, we don’t know if any of these chooses will actually lead to a bad ending. They could be the right thing to do.

      I could see GW trolling the players with, “Oh, you thought that by doing this you could make the storyline go bad. Nope you did the best possible outcome doing that in the end.”

      • euansmith

        I hope that GW are playing fair, but then, I guess, it is a multi-billion dollar business; maybe it is too important to leave up to the whims of the customers.

        • ZeeLobby

          Ding ding ding. It wouldn’t shock me if they simply said, “well these are the results for weeks one through eight, and we’ll make whatever they pick fit them.”

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Like Daggerfall, where Spoiler, the best ending you could get was assisting the Lych …. What a surprise twist.

    • Drew

      I’m always disheartened how eagerly the gaming community seems to embrace the evil side of stories. Each of these weeks, it seems like whatever’s the darkest and most bloodthirsty, people flock to.

      God forbid we want to be heroes or anything… 😉

  • Skull definitely feels like the right choice this week 😈