AoS: Malign Portents Week 3 Ends, The Wrath Pours On

Dread Solstices Week 3 has ended and The Drake Option won – So what does that mean for the rest of us?

Last week, players had the dilemma of what to do about the Red Mists that were invading the land and breeding havoc:

via Games Workshop

Week 3 Narrative

The Player options were pretty straight forward – but one option was so straight forward that players chose it which meant they opted to charge straight in to the mists!

With the Drake Option selected, players embraced the storm of wrath and drank-deep of it’s red mists. On the plus side, all the warriors are infused with some new killy-magic strength:

But there is a down side – it seems all this killing has (shockingly) attracted the attention of none other than Khorne himself! This has unlocked a “reward” from the chaos god of slaughter and war – He has called down the Orb Infernia! The Orb is a giant, hollowed out world that is ALSO the floating fortress of Korghos Khul, leader of the Goretide! Apparently, he likes to party and he’s coming down to get in on the red mist action.

In game terms, what this means is that players have also Unlocked one of those fancy artifacts – and this one is for Chaos!

So now the Darkoath Warqueen will have access to this artefact in all the games now. Hey, 2 more attacks is pretty solid! So what’s the next step? Have a look at your options for this week:

And in case you’re wondering, Skull is already out to a BIG lead:

Week 4 is started – will you battle the Blood-Rain? Will you find a cure? Or will you help construct a super weapon to battle the Orb Infernia?

You can check out this week’s rules HERE. And you can read the continuing story HERE. Remember – all the rules from the previous weeks are STILL in effect.

It’s blood and fire; ash and flame – What option will you chose this week?

  • Jared van Kell

    Story wise bringing down the red orb would be cinematically awesome. This would then be followed by a very, very pissed off (well at least by the standards of the Champions of Khorne) Korgos Kul claws his way out of the rubble to wreck some faces.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Ala Asteroid M, with Magneto vowing to kill all non-mutants?

      • Jared van Kell

        Now that you mention it, the comparison is a very apt one. But the difference here is that Korgos Kul will not be half as selective in his revenge, he will be out to just plain kill everyone…

        Well until Miss Bloodsky tells him the sun’s getting real low… 😛

    • SacTownBrian

      Yea because we’ve never seen a giant moon base blown up before….

      • Jared van Kell

        Not in Age of Sigmar we have not and the last time a moon got blown up during the End Times it caused unbridled devastation.

    • euansmith


  • EnTyme

    When in doubt, choose the option that can only be properly depicted by airbrushing it on the side of a van. I’m going Skull this week.

    • Jared van Kell

      A good choice.

    • ZeeLobby

      Haha, I can only assume this is how everyone chooses.

      • Jared van Kell

        I bloody well hope so. It is going to be cool seeing a small moon crash into Aqshy.

        • euansmith

          Given that the Realms appear to be discs; maybe being hit by a moon will trip, or at least tip, Aqshy?

          • Jared van Kell

            It would certainly at least leave a big bloody dent.

  • Jose Luis Camarasa

    As Moon Clan Grot, fleeing is the most logical course of action!!


    I have really started to notice that AOS is actually pretty steam punk.

    And I am not just talking about KO. I have seen from the short stories and the background that many factions (especially Order and Chaos) have quite a lot mystical and steampunk technology at their disposal. Chaos powered cogwork factories, walking mechanical fortresses and squadrons of tanks defending the free cities. Steam powered mechanical pets.

    I am actually hoping that we get another steam punk army in the game (maybe expanding Ironweld Arsenal for instance.

  • James Regan

    Whatever the dread solstice is, it’s seemingly going to involve the alignment of a lot of weird moons


    Oh so you thought diving into the mist would help Death. Think again!

    Khorne is on the horizon, better stop him or we will have another Age of Chaos on our hands.

    • James Regan

      It sounded pretty khornate from the start, but i’d probably have still voted for it, because it also sounded metal

      • GWELLS

        True that, I mean a giant chaos factory/fortress that is literally a hollow planet. That is epic incarnate.

        And I also like that they are throwing in some other named characters into the mix. I hope that is a trend that they continue with.

        And that Chaos is actually using the Malign Portents to their own advantage independent of Nagash.

        • Jared van Kell

          Epic indeed, well until it all comes crashing down.

    • af

      Who thought that? It was quite clear cut it was Khorne. To me, “consecrate the ground” was Death 🙂 Anti-death was also obviously “burn the dead”.

      • GWELLS

        Oh there are some people over the internet that had this idea that everything to do with the Malign Portents is Death related and Chaos was going to sit this one out for a change (as in reacting rather than initiating anything). And they are surprisingly territorial about that theory.

        Anyhow I am just glad one of my theories was correct (I had a couple regarding this one, the other was that it was Grungi related). Anyhow I am glad Khorne isn’t just standing off to the side like a punk on this.

        • SacTownBrian

          Right, he’s in the thick of it making more troops for Nagash! Lol

    • Jared van Kell

      The Ironjaw’s certainly don’t think so.

  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!

  • SacTownBrian

    Don’t people want to know who the new demigod? Actually surprised by the result so far.