Geekery: ‘Luke Cage’ Trailer Teases More Action Next Season

The first season was a bit slow and subdued – this trailer shows a season that’s anything but.

The first season had pacing problems. I liked the thought put into it, the actors, the universe created – but it was sluggish. I’m hoping they let Luke (and the whole series) out of the box more; make him less hesitant and more like a hero that wants to be a hero. Mike Colter is great in the role and is actually a charismatic actor, let him work. This shouldn’t be timid or slow – it needs to be boisterous, and paced like a good fight scene.

This teaser gives me hope that the production team and writers have learned from their mistakes, and kept what was good. Take a look…

I’d love to see this corner of the MCU get out of its slump and get back to good story telling. It needs a shake up, that’s for sure.

Netflix needs to move to 8-10 episodes for their Marvel series rather than 13. Make each episode tighter to prevent the spinning wheels issue they’ve had the last several runs. They’re starting to have the problem network TV has with their outdated 20 episodes a season model – it leads to bad episodes that go nowhere just to fill the number ordered. Pack more of a punch in each episode, keep the audience interested.

Do more team ups instead of solo series. There’s a reason why Hulk solo appearances aren’t regarded as highly as when he’s paired with other characters – it makes him better. Take the two solo series people have had issues with and put them together where they belong – Luke Cage and Iron Fist in Heroes for Hire. Let the characters boost and play off each other.

The novelty is going to wear off – Iron Fist was the end of a lot of folks’ time investment into this part of the MCU. Netflix needs to catch up to what its big screen counterpart has: you have to tell a good story, you can’t just rely on it being a beloved comic book property to lure in audiences.

I still encourage those that haven’t watched The Punisher to do so – if only to watch Jon Bernthal’s performance.

Luke Cage season two drops on Netflix June 22.

  • EnTyme

    I really liked the first season, though I agree with the pacing issues (I feel like The Punisher suffered from that, too). The main problem was changing villains mid-season from the calm, collected, and strategic Cottonmouth to the unstable, cartoonishly violent Diamondback. In the real world, no man that unhinged would have risen to power in the criminal underworld without someone killing him on general principle.

    • Cergorach

      Are you saying that the James Bond Master Villain principle isn’t based in facts… NOOOooo!!!!

      There goes my job advancement plan!

    • MarcoT

      Diamondback suuuuuuuuuucked so bad.

    • Not everyone can be Mahershala Ali 😛

    • euansmith

      I agree, Cottonmouth was an outstanding villain.

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    On teaming up… even Luke Cage isn’t strong enough to carry the terrible, terrible Iron Fist.

    • euansmith

      I quite liked their interaction in the Defenders and look forward to seeing some more of that; though how access to the Rand Billions would skew the storylines for the other Defenders is a worry.

    • I think if you give Danny a better writer he can be redeemed. The production team they have lined up for the second season of Iron Fist includes a new show runner and writer.

  • I have a feeling that scheduling conflicts are to blame for his departure. Ali’s filming schedule in 2015/16 was pretty packed.