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The first FAQ is in for Necromunda: Underhive and Necromunda: Gang War.

Necromunda has been getting some love this last month, what with the release of Gang War 2 and House Orlock. Now it’s time to clean house a little bit with some errata and FAQs given some answers. A lot of this is clarification to some of the rules interactions, but there are a few things that really help integrate some of the feedback from the players. So if you are playing Necromunda, you should check this out–this latest rules update helps the game play a little smoother. Let’s take a look.

via Games Workshop

First up, we have one of the biggest updates to the rules, which has to do with the way movement works in the game.

Aside from that there are a few minor clarifications. Things like Autoguns being range 8″, or Autopistols having an Ammo Characteristic of 4+. Then there are some fixes to the Underhive Fighters, mostly to bring the stubbers in line with the Ammo 4+ that the weapons have in general. Then we get into the real meat and potatoes of the FAQ–the Qs that are FA’d.

This one helps to keep your firepower going wherever you need it to–target priority is an important part of the game. And knowing when you can and can’t ignore a model can make a difference in your activation. Speaking of activation:

Now at this point you might be wondering, what about the stuff in Gang War? Well, my nonexistent rhetorical friend, you’re covered there as well:

Wield Unwieldy weapons more readily with this skill–but not that readily. Yes folks, it looks like Necromunda’s finally got all of its rules in order–

–never change Necromunda. Never change.

Get in there Goliaths.

  • HeadHunter

    You want armor? You have to buy another book.
    You want rules for your gang? That’s another book, maybe coming out before the game dies of neglect.
    Oh, and to thank the early adopters, we’ve made an alamanac combining all the rules and articles in one volume – never mind that no one plays by then and the only people who save money are those who never bought it before.
    (Just basing all this on Blood Bowl’s scintillating performance).

    • Erick Earle

      Yessir. As soon as I saw that they were putting the GSC in the White Dwarf I knew that the game was going to be almenac’ed in a year. Why spend money on $120 worth of just books when it will be all in one spot with all FAQ’s later?

  • bad mood

    Speaking of FAQ, since the big 40K FAQ is about to hit and I know someone in PR reads BolS:

    Please bring back Conscripts into viability. IG only has so little Troop choices, and think of the sales!

    As a construtive contribution:

    I’d advocate for the following rule changes:
    Constripts gain a special rule that states that Consripts can never be subject to an effect that modifies their leadership value, bypasses the morale test (fearless) or alters it in any way apart from the summary execution (for the fluff LOLs).

    In return, Cosripts return to the price of 3pt a model and do not cost reinforcement points when subject to the “Send in the next wave” Stratagem.

    This makes both, the Conscripts a viable and entirely different Troop choice when compared to regular Guardsmen and lets the Conscripts play like in the fluff as a bulk of amateurs that die in droves but still sorta get the job done through sheer numbers.

    Also, think of the sales!

  • Legitimancer

    This’ll be great in like a year or so when it’s even sort of a real game, and comes in one book.

    • HeadHunter

      …if everyone hasn’t lost interest in it by then. “New GW” has a lot going for it, but “Old GW” didn’t milk their Specialist Games a book at a time.

  • Allaire

    It’s fantastic that GW is still using the god awful black text on a grainy grey background.

  • LankTank

    Toxin got clarified, how was this not one of the main points of this article?
    One of the major perceived imbalances was Eschers Toxic knives being worse than just Str vs T. But now it also bypasses the armour save! Every hit, do the toxic check and apply the damage.
    And because you are applying the toxics effect on that successful hit, you can put a multi-wound model out of action instantly.
    My wives Champion with 2 Stilletto Knives, +1 attack and Spring Up is going to get so many more Champion kills