GW: Rumor Engine “Chain Attack”

Either GW is getting into the “Block Chain” business or we’ve got a new Rumor Engine!

This latest Rumor Engine has hints of something mechanical on the horizon. Buckle-up for the latest from Games Workshop:

via Warhammer Community

It’s Rumour Engine time! You know the drill – we show you a sneak preview of an upcoming release, and you get to see if you can guess what it is (or just share memes on Facebook, it’s all good).

Well this certainly is interesting. It looks like of like an engine and with chain-links for a “belt” – similar to a bike-chain. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen GW use this look either.

The Sector Mechanicus had a lot of similar chains, cables and doodads. It’s possible that this isn’t a new unit option but rather part of a new Terrain Kit. So unless this is a new race surprise like the Kharadron Overlords were, I’d peg this as some type of Imperial Industrial piece.

Now the question I have is who’s it for? Could this be for the Adeptus Mechanicus or could it be for the Imperial Knights. We know that the Ad Mech already have a book and the Imperial Knights probably have one on deck thanks to the upcoming Armiger Warglaives. Maybe the IK are getting more than just those as a new unit…

Ad Mech, Knights, or something else…


So Internet, what do you think this kit is a part of? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Spacefrisian

    Let this at least be for the knights making its €35 dex have twice its number units (5 times the same knight doesnt count as 5 entries)

  • Severius_Tolluck

    It’s the drive chain for a Squat Trike, squats return!

  • Jasko

    I think GW should do one of those “there were the rumor engines from last month” things again. Or is there somebody who made that extra effort in some blog or so?

    • Ted

      I would also like to know this

    • wibbling

      It was one of us who collated the undiscovered rumours together into a montage.

    • Andrew B

      There is a thread on that is dedicated to GW rumour explanations.

  • Jared van Kell

    Necromunda scenery.

  • Ryan Miller

    Troop sized knight??!!

  • PrimoFederalist

    Definitely a aelves.

    • abaddonsmummy

      Yeah, the new fishy ones.

  • Graham Roden

    It’s either a plastic thunder hawk, sisters of battle or part of the Squat army.

    • eMtoN

      You forgot Vect. Everyone forgets Vect, but I haven’t. His memory is forever etched into my black heart.

  • briandavion

    are we sure thats not a peice of tank track?

  • Chris

    It’s a space marine.

  • Nathan Clark

    It’s a drill. (“You know the drill”)

  • Jose Luis Camarasa


  • euansmith

    It is a detail from a chain letter directed at the GW Design Studio; Plastic Sisters of Thundersquat, CONFIRMED!

  • euansmith

    I guess it could be a Heavy Metal Tau Kid. You know how they love their rivets and chains.

  • Graham Bartram

    Sly Marbo getting some wheels at last!

  • Chris Elie

    Plastic sisters

    • Chris Elie

      Also, possibly a jackal.

      • abaddonsmummy

        Are you talking to yourself? XD

  • SacTownBrian

    It’s an anchor winch for the next wave of releases for Kharadron Overlords!