GW’s Six Most Important Recent Minis

GW has cranking out the minis but these are really key for what the company can do.

I’m starting with the Launch of 40K 8th for an arbitrary line in the sand, but not limiting things to 40K.  Here’s the most important minis I think GW has put out and why:


We’ve already spoken at length about Mortarion. He’s giant, he’s insanely detailed and busy. His posing is fabulously done. He’s both grand and sinister in equal measure.  Truly a gold standard for what a “centerpiece” 40K mini for an army should aspire to. We’ll see if Fulgrim can top ole’ Morty.

Great Unclean One

Boy what a difference 20 years makes.  The new GUO is enormous, gross, yet easy to assemble. It has the GW hallmark of cunningly designed build options and cleverly hidden part lines resting mostly in recesses.  I think the GUO is a great example of the technical ability of GW to make such a large model by volume work on 2 sprues with such a low amount of parts.

Vertus Praetors

Not all stunning models have to be enormous.  The Custodes Jetbikes are all about design and style.  They are just dripping with coolness and elegance.  They don’t have the complexity or the technical detail of other kits – but like a sportscar to a teenager, you just can’t keep your eyes off the model.  A stunning design success.


Proof positive that GW is keeping the legacy of Warhammer Fantasy alive and kicking in the Age of Sigmar.  Morathi’s kit is every bit as impressive in design and execution as any other “big kit” from GW recently. I think it works better as a whole than any other AoS kit other than Nagash.  It’s a kit that feels like a trial run for Fulgrim and fires the imagination for the return of the other great characters from WFB to the Mortal Realms. Also nice high heels and hooked braids on little Morathi.

Myphitic Blight Hauler

I know, I know – your confused.  But hear me out. The Myphitic Blight Hauler was an intriguing kit.  It was a standalone “EASY BUILD” kit, without an accompanying “high detail” counterpart for the unit. Its just as detailed as any normal unit – but with a very small number of parts.  It was also DIRT CHEAP, clocking in at a mere $25.  In case you’re keeping track, that’s $8 less than an Imperial Assassin.  I think this was a pricing test and one I hope GW repeats.

Horticulous Slimux & Mulch

I can’t think of another mini that sums up GW’s new happy-go-lucky design sense than Nurgle’s Gardener.  I can’t even imagine GW releasing such a design in years past.  There is a sense of playfulness and joy that seems so out of place in the GW universes – yet it works.  More please.

~Agree, disagree, did we miss any of your recent favorites?


  • autonoise

    All strong models, but if we’re talking important I think a Primaris marine needs to be in there, they are one of the biggest changes to GWs poster boys ever.

  • defensive

    No primaris, really?
    For as garbage as their lore is, the models themselves are quite well proportioned and bulky (apart from Inceptors, ugly in all regards).
    And the Eisenhorn model too. Is this the first time they have given a model to a BL character since felix and gotrek?

    I also laugh everytime I see the exhaust pipes on the jetbikes, right next to the actual jet exhausts.
    But I guess the golden boys are more form over function.

    • Jason Fry

      I like I think the jet engines give the forward propulsion, and there’s a more conventional engine providing steering jets and lift maybe.

      • HeadHunter

        Lift is likely grav plates.

    • BaronSnakPak

      Sammael had exhaust pipes on his jetbike, long before the Custodes.×950/99810101020_SammaelCorvex01.jpg

      • briandavion

        that looks similer eneugh to the custodes jetbike you can see some clear relation too. which is nice to see

  • ohhpoong

    I think Morathi is important due to the fact that they actually put two models to reenact physical transformations during games. Pretty cool

  • Wampasaurus

    Sorry I have to say the Myphitic Blight Hauler over Primaris Intercessor seems a bridge too far. Complete redesign of what a Space Marine looks like should always top the list. The rest of the list was decent, though a bit Nurgle heavy don’t you think?

    • Munn

      space marines look like space marines, plus they’ve redesigned them before. It’s only a big deal to people who’ve let fluff build space marines into something more important than they are.

      • Wampasaurus

        The article was the MOST important recent minis. A niche kit that is played by a fraction of Chaos players versus the new kit design for the most popular army in the entire game is no contest. It has been 6 years really since a redesign of the Space Marine. In retail terms that is quite a shelf life and a fresh look was overdue

        • Bob

          Yes yes more of the same always beats something new and never done before

        • Orangecoke

          I’m with you on this.

      • HeadHunter

        “More important than they are”? Your preference for another faction may have prejudiced you to the fact that they are the CORE of the game. It’s always been about the forces of Humanity beset upon all sides by a hostile universe – things from the Warp and foul Xenos alike.
        Without the Marines, without the Imperium, there’d never have been a game in the first place. and if you removed the Imperium, the story and structure of the game would fall apart.
        So yes, they’re important. The first 40K mini was a Space Marine, the first box set was multipose Space Marines, the first push-fit models were Space Marines… the evolution and iteration of the product line has been Space Marines.
        You may not like them for whatever reason, but don’t kid yourself into thinking that your preferences diminish their importance.

    • autonoise

      I agree Primaris should be in the list but I can also see why the blight hauler is there as it is only available as easy to build and at a reasonable price point, it’ll be interesting to see if it the start of a trend

  • Bonesaw1o1

    I’d say Nagash, he really started this trend of big elaborate plastic characters. There were big plastic kits before but they tended to be very static and straightforward, tanks etc, nagash was almost a mini diorama

    • autonoise

      I think the start point they set themselves means Nagash can’t be included, but everything you say about him is true!

      • Bonesaw1o1

        I skimmed over that caveat the first time around. noticed it now that you’ve pointed it out.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      End times really did ramp up GW’s big kits. And to think we used to think a baneblade or a stompa for 99 was crazy talk! XD

  • Nosebleed

    List not legit. Sassy Nurgling isn’t in it.

  • orionburn III

    I guess I’m a bit lost as to what “important” means to you. If it’s just model design then the list is solid, but I think there are better models than some of the Nurgle stuff. If it was important by means of how it impacted the game then Primaris, like them or not, really need to be in that list.

  • abaddonsmummy

    I think the biggest step forward this year is the quality of the easy build miniatures.
    In years gone by I would never had purchased a easy build figure as they were rinse repeat one pose models and were absolutely without character.
    Now they are nothing short of amazing, full of detail, amazing poses and a great addition to your army.
    I got the reavers, intercessors, interceptors, aggressors and several of the plague marine easy build sets.
    Great for the beginners or like me a hobbyist with a job and family and therefore less time to build AND paint.

    • HeadHunter

      The mold designs are a big step forward, as well – not just for kits like the Great Unclean One but also for many of the kits I’ve built in the past year.
      Mold lines and seams are more often hidden in areas where they will be unseen, or if that is not possible they tend to be in areas that are easy to clean up without losing much detail.

      • abaddonsmummy

        Yeah I don’t know whether it’s GW’s internal R&D that has made this leap forward or it’s an industry wide technology improvement but it’s resulted in the some of the best made and detailed mini’s I think I’ve ever seen.

  • Marco Paroli

    No Primaris? No party…

  • Fergie0044

    Just assembled my Myphitic Blight Hauler and was very impressed with the kit. An amazing model at a great price. Kinda makes you wonder why all those equally mono-pose character packs are so expensive…

  • Snord

    “Most important” would be the Primaris Intercessors. Less glamorous than some of these kits, but these multi-pose kits involve more design expertise than a single model. And they actually look pretty good – I don’t buy the “just more of the same” argument. In terms of sheer impact and coolness, I think Morathi has it. And I don’t even play AoS.

  • SacTownBrian

    Was 8th after Kharadron Overlords dropped? I thought they were the concurrent AoS release. I think the Ironclad, technical aspects of size and detail, aesthetics, a completely new faction and being the first fantasy transport ever make it pretty important.

    • Simon Bates

      Yes it was. KOs were in April, 8th was in June

  • marxlives

    This is a really solid run down of some great looking minis

  • AEZ

    I’d say that KO models are more important than some of the other stuff in there.

  • Timotheus

    Personally I hate this new “happy-go-lucky design”…

  • DrunkCorgi

    What impresses me most about Morathi is the designer’s restraint. The snake version is beautifully dynamic with a sense of weight and movement… and, totally out of character for GW, isn’t covered with random distractions. Finally, they’re confident enough to make a classy sculpt, and stop. No whirling miasma, floating skulls or winged snakes to serve as distracting “bling”. Even the smaller version skipped the obligatory molded boob-plate, or crazy calisthenic pose.

    I hope they continue in this vein.

    • Alpharius

      Agreed. Both versions are beautiful miniatures, coupling GW’s technical miniature production quality with elegant design. I guess my only issue is visually how snake Morathi actually moves around. Does she flap her wings while her tail drags across the ground? Does she slither like a snake head first propelled by her wings?