Pathfinder: Let the Crownfall, Let it Crumble…

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Civil war looms over Taldor, assassinations and intrigues abound in Crownfall.

The next Pathfinder Adventure Path has officially launched. There’s action and intrigue galore–but what else would you expect from something titled the War for the Crown. That’s a positively Shakespearean premise, so be sure to look for a comedic gravedigger or couple of messengers to have some mistaken identities. At any rate, the whole thing kicks off with an assassination attempt, and a race though the undercroft of Taldor’s Senate.

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Everyone Loves a Party

As Taldor’s entire capital city gathers to celebrate, few realize that conspiracy and royal rivalries are about to shake the empire to its core! When a high-minded cabal of senators and nobles tries to steer the nation away from disaster, Emperor Stavian III orders a bloodbath in the senate halls, trapping neophyte spies inside layer upon layer of magical security. As tensions rise and the emperor falls, can the heroes escape the forgotten halls beneath the senate and save the heir to Taldor from an assassin’s blade? And even then, can anyone prevent a civil war that will tear one of the Inner Sea’s oldest nations apart at its rotting seams?

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path launches the War for the Crown Adventure Path and includes:

  • “Crownfall,” a Pathfinder adventure for 1st-level characters, by Thurston Hillman.
  • A gazetteer of Oppara, crown jewel of Taldor and center of Inner Sea culture, by Eleanor Ferron.
  • A closer look at some of the primary movers and shakers within the Taldan senate, who make for ideal allies, patrons, or rivals to politically minded players, by Thurston Hillman.
  • A collection of some of Taldor’s most exotic and unusual threats, from the unsettlingly doll-like fantionette to the freewheeling onyvolan, by Thurston Hillman and Adrian Ng.

Alas, alack, forsooth, and prithee!

  • dave long island

    I love that smile on the King’s face… Haw haw!! Clearly he’s got the good stuff in that pipe… ‘It’s good to be the king’… lol

    • euansmith

      Not the face you want to see on your banknotes, though. You want some dependable sourpuss for that gig; to. at least, give the impression of fiscal stability.

      • dave long island

        Ugh. The guy who got the US into the disaster that was WW1 after campaigning to keep us out. And the guy that brought us the complete fraud that is the Federal Reserve System. I don’t know which is worse. You’re right, though, he is a sourpuss.

  • euansmith

    This sounds a hoot. Especially as it is 1st Level Characters in a position to influence world events. No more finding the farmers missing sheep or carrying a letter to a nearby town.