Privateer Press Revives the Monsterpocalypse

Coming this Fall – the Monsterpocalypse returns to attack the Hobby with full Kaiju vs Robot ACTION!

Privateer Press has a new  “Earthshaking Annoucement” – Monsterpocalypse is returning to the tabletop:

via Privateer Press

“Today, we are pleased to announce the next big thing coming from Privateer Press: the return of Monsterpocalypse! Well, sort of—but things are a little different this time around…”

“Yes, you read that right. There are some big changes to this new vision for Monsterpocalypse, and while we loved the original version, we think we’ve definitely made some great improvements to this new edition. Whether you’re a seasoned monster-smashing veteran of the original game or are brand-new to oversized urban brawls, as long as you find the idea of giant robots duking it out with kaiju across a metropolis setting appealing, you’re going to like what we unleash later this year.”

From the Press Release, it certainly sounds like things are shaking up a bit. The original game was more of a Collectable Miniatures Game and this newer version appears to be more inline with a “Hobby” Miniatures Game – meaning you build and paint your own forces. It’s going to be less “Clix” and more “Warmachine” in that regard. In fact, the pre-painted miniatures are gone and have been replaced with “larger and more detailed” miniatures:

“For the revitalized Monsterpocalypse, we went back to the classic Factions and characters and updated their designs before producing all-new sculpts. By producing the miniatures as hobby models that you get to assemble, paint, and customize, we’re able to manufacture them in our own factory, which allows us to add a ton more detail to the figures that we weren’t able to create when the figures were in pre-painted plastic. They’re also quite a bit bigger and chunkier than the originals, which is going to make them even more fun to paint.”

At the launch of the game, there will be two factions or “Agendas” the Protectors and the Destroyers. And if you prefer Kaiju over Robots, or Robots over Kaiju, don’t worry – both factions will have their options:

“…each Agenda will contain multiple Factions that can be mixed and matched to create your own custom kaiju dream team of destruction. Stats and abilities will be on cards that come with the models, and you’ll be able to get all the dice and components you need in one of the two Agenda starters releasing this fall.”

Sweet! No random chance that you’ll get a repeat of a monster you already have or a random model that isn’t a part of your faction – we’re getting a full “Hobby Game” treatment and that is just fine with me! On top of sweet new monsters/robot models Privater Press also has some more things in store:

“And while the starters will include pop-up cardboard buildings to get your city started, a full range of buildings—just as detailed as the monsters—will follow, so you can erect your own beautiful skyline…and then knock it down as often as you like.”

A full range of Buildings to go along with it?! Heck ya! This sounds fantastic already. So just to recap:

  • Monsterpocalypse is back
  • Robots AND Kaiju for both factions
  • Stat Cards with the models
  • Non-Random starters
  • Cardboard buildings to start, more terrain kits on the way

Oh and we almost forgot to mention, you’ll also be able to take some “support units” along with your big Monsters:

“Monsterpocalypse puts you in control of a giant monster (or two…or three) and a small army of units like fighter jets, UFOs, or smaller-but-no-less-ravenous monsters that support your giant monster. Played out on a gridded city map populated by skyscrapers, factories, and other urban structures, your giant monster and his buddies wage war against another monster and his buddies.”

This game has Organized Play written all over it – and that’s coming too. We know Privateer Press can make a tight rule-set and their models are pretty great, too. And with Pacific Rim 2 coming this year it’s a perfect time for Privateer Press to strike!


It’s an ‘Epic’ scale game with Giant Monsters vs Robots by Privateer Press?! Sign-me UP!

  • mikethefish

    The mechanics of the original game were amazing. Couple that with improved non-random miniatures, and this is really amazing news

  • Seismic Ghost



  • The Bob

    if all my old stuff can still be used i am in for sure. Time to dust off voltron

    • ForgottenLore

      They explicitly say that the old stuff won’t be usable in tournaments (not really surprising, that) but there is a size comparison of a GUARD robot and they look like they will be close enough for fun, once you have the stat cards for the new rules.

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah. I imagine for non-official events your old stuff will be fine.

      • marxlives

        Makes me wish I kept the old plastic buildings for terrain.

        • ZeeLobby

          True. I wonder how terrain for Dropzone Commander would look. I mean I’ll just be 3D printing buildings, but there should be way more options now than there were

    • marxlives

      If you are not going to participate in official PP tournies, you can use your old stuff, you just need to rebase them.

  • georgelabour

    I just squeed a little.

  • dinodoc

    Can we get a rerelease of the Voltron set then?

    • marxlives

      If they still got the license they can. I am not sure if they do or not.

  • Drew


  • chris harrison

    Maybe a third faction, some sort of biomechanical aliens?

    • ForgottenLore

      The announcement article isn’t very clear, but indicates that the original 6 factions will be available, 3 in the “protector” agenda (or alignment) and 3 in the “destroyer” one.

    • marxlives

      They got a bunch of factions. This is a re-release. I think they are just starting out with two, basically the starter.

  • Douglas Burton

    Gee, I wonder what prompted this return… lol.

    • georgelabour

      Possibly something related to the ‘movie deal’ PP signed onto just before they stopped developing the original game.

    • marxlives

      When PP tried to sign a movie deal with a studio, Pacific Rim was marketed and the same studio liked that one more. The conditions of the movie basically stopped PP from producing their own IP, give the script to a competing studio, or even talk about how the studio screwed them over. But I guess the conditions of the studio have faded after…ten F%$king years. God I hate Hollywood, I mean I’m from Texas so the feeling was already present.

  • KnightShift

    Am friends with one of the original Monpoc creators. They are STOKED about it coming back. I can’t wait to get my grubby little paws back on my precious Lords of Cthul!

  • Sam Nolton

    I am 100% down for this. I loved the original game and was super sad to see it die after such a short time, but now with a hobby-focused version with new sculpts, I’ll buy that in a heartbeat!

  • So much…yes!

  • Boondox

    Awesome! The only thing that stopped me from getting into this game the first time was the pre-painted random miniatures. Now both of those factors are gone I’m definitely playing it.

  • m3g4tr0n

    Hell yes!

  • marxlives

    Time to look for those plastic terrain sets on ebay for this game. I gave them to my son after the game died when a movie studio screwed PP because of Pacific Rim. So you know, kids love toys but toys don’t survive kids.