STREAMING NOW – Dark Apocrypha “Eisenhorn’s Grudge”

Inquisitor Eisenhorn pays a visit to the Enigmus Sector – with an old grudge to settle once and for all.

This week on Dark Apocrypha…

Welcome to the Enigmus Sector – the setting for Dark Apocrypha.

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The Enigmus Sector: Week 5 Day 2 – The Storm Breaks (watch LIVE NOW)

Day 2 -Eisenhorn’s Grudge

Canoness Gertrude’s staunch defense manged to barely hold off the Demonic invasion of Kamp-O, yet the battle is far from over. Reinforcements from both sides soon arrive on the beleaguered world. Having Narrowly survived the attack of the  Spear of Khaine Captain Arnold’s  Fist of Ultramar arrives in orbit to deploy the his Ultramarines. Yet even the Astrates may not be enough to turn the tide, for Lord Drakkhar himself has arrived to lead the attack. As the frighting on Kamp-O intensives a mysterious figure is seen moving among the battlefield, pursuing some unknown goal.



Captain Arnold- 8

LT Danius – 6

5x Intercessors -5
5x Tactical Squad- 5
5x Tactical Squad- 5
Company Ancient – 4
Vangaurd Detachment
Librarian  – 6
10 x Reivers – 10
3x Aggressors – 6
5x Terminators – 12
Inquisitor Eisenhorn -6
75 pl 7/7 cps 


Night Lords
Lord Drakhar – 9
Sorcerer – 6
Exalted Champion -5
10x Berserkers – 9
10x Berserkers -9
10x CSM -09
10x Cultists- 3
10x Cultists- 3
10x Noise Marines – 11
2x spawn 4
Rhino- 4
76 pl 6/6 cp 

The Enigmus Sector: Week 5 Day 1 – The Storm Breaks (watch the game)

Day 1 -Imperial Faith 

Drakkhar’s Blood Crusade has reached Imperial space at last. All across the Enigmus Sector Imperial bastions come under sudden attack from forces of Chaos. On the agri world of Kamp-O the invasion is heralded by skies that weep blood and glowing brass pillars bursting from the ground. Great rifts open in reality and demonic forces pour out across the world. It is up to Canoness Gertrude of the Order of the Flame Eternal to rally the local Astra Militrium forces and fight off the invaders.


Canoness Gertrude- 5

Canoness- 4

Imagifier -2

Imagifier -2

10x Battle Sister- 8

10x Battle Sister- 8

10x Battle Sister- 8

5x Domion Squad-5
1x Immolator – 5

Company Commander -2

Company Commander -2

Priest – 2

Priest -2

Infantry Squad- 3
Infantry Squad- 3
Infantry Squad- 3
Infantry Squad- 3


77PL   9/9 CP 

Chaos Daemons

Bloodthirster – 17

Bloodmaster – 3

Bloodmaster – 3

3x Bloodcrushers 8

3x Bloodcrushers 8

30 Bloodletters – 12

10 Bloodletters – 4

10 Bloodletters – 4

Skull Cannon – 5

Soulgrinder – 12

76 PL: 6/6 CP 

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