STREAMING NOW – Dragon’s Lair 40K Tournament

Tune in to watch players vie for victory on the tabletop at this month’s tournament.

We’re teaming up with Dragon’s Lair for this month’s Warhammer 40K tournament. Join us and watch all of the action as it’s being streamed live on the BoLS Twitch channel! More info for the tournament below:

Tournament Rules:

The tournament consists of three 2.5 hour rounds – dice roll on the first game at 11:00a CT. We will be posting the start times for round two and three on our Twitch channel as they’re announced.

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  • generalian

    How much money was paid to have this advertising?

    • TDog

      Wow… someone’s butt sore over this.

    • Kabal1te

      Folks that provide a service deserve to be compensated for it. BoLS staff have to make a living and afford all that expensive GW stuff somehow.

      • generalian

        im mainly curious given that I usually don’t see tournies advertised on this news blog. I also know MANY stores that would probably flood this blog if they knew they could advertise local tournies.
        adepticon and nova open make sense, but this just seems random

        • YetAnotherFacelessMan

          Or… you know… it’s the tournament at their local store. Considering they’re out of Austin and the store is also out of Austin, I’d think that’s the case.

          • generalian

            Oh then NVM that makes sense.

          • Yep.

    • $0.00