SW Legion: The Next Imperial Units We Need


Lets take a look at more Imperial units FFG should add to Star Wars Legion.

Star Wars Legion is looking like its going to be off to a great start. We’ve got a whole line up of releases coming down the pipeline. The game however is still in its early days (technically its not even out!) so while the two factions, Rebels and Imperials, are a good base neither is fully flushed out. Currently each faction has access to six units. While this is a good start it is really just a bare bones list. In order to be successful the game is going to have to flesh out the armies And give you choices. Lets take a look at the units that FFG should and could add to Legion next.

The Basics

Legion armies are broken down into 5 different ranks as detailed below:

In order to be a flushed out an army needs to be able to fill every slot and have at least two options per slot, three or more is even better. Currently we have a good idea of what kind of units might go in each slot except Special Forces. Last time we talked about the units the Rebels should get. Today lets take at look at the Imperials.

What the Imperials  Have

Currently their are 6 units announced for the Imperials.

  • 2 Commanders, Vader and Veers,
  • 2 Corps units, Stormtroopers and Snowtrooper.
  • 1 Support unit, the 74-Z Speeders
  • 1 Heavy unit the AT-ST.

That’s 6 total units. In order to flesh out the list we want to have 3 options in each Rank, except for Heavy, which will have two options. This will give us a total of 14 units for the army with some good options. Lets take a look at what those options should be.

Orson Krennic

Possessing the best cape in all of Star Wars Director Orson Krennic would fill in as the 3rd Imperial Commander. While Vader is a one man murder machine and Veers a battlefield commander, Krennic could fill in as a more covert hero. He’s not above getting his hands dirty or using a blaster but he main strength would be in the tech he can bring to the battle. Also that cape will just look so cool.


Also known as Coastal Defender Stormtroopers these troops specialize in tropical conditions and would be the Imperials 3rd corps units. I do admit that it was a bit of a toss up between these and Sandtroopers, but I think the Shoretroopers have a much more distinctive look. Adding them in would give some great variety and color to imperial forces. They would also tie in well with Krennic and could provide the Imperials with a lighter infantry choice.

Death Troopers

The imposing Death Troopers are the most obvious choice for an Imperial Special Forces unit. These elite troops just look awesome. Like the Shoretroopers they add some color to the Imperial ranks and would fit into the theme of the Imperials I’ve been picking. In Rebels we often see them deploying in pairs, so they should come in a small yet very deadly unit. As they act as bodyguards and enforces maybe they could have some ability to protect commanders. Another good idea would be giving them enhanced suppression causing attacks to represent the fear they spread.


Another great options for Imperial Special Forces are Jumptroopers. These are effectively Stormtroopers with jet packs. Since everyone knows just how cool Jet packs are I don’t really think I need to say more about these guys other than FFG better hurry up and make them!

Bounty Hunters

If FFG ever makes a Scum faction for Legion you can bet that Bounty Hunters will feature heavily in it. Until then they will always have a place in the Empire. As much as I’d love to see each well known hunter get thier own rules, and hopefully they will, I’d setting for a generic Bounty Hunter with some good options for customization thrown in. More a Lone Wolf type than the other units, they would be a force to be feared.

The E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster

This deadly tripod mounted gun is the support weapon of choice for Imperial ground forces and perfect to fill out the support rule. A slow moving heavy gun would make a great counter point to the fast speeder bikes. As many version of the E-Web came with their own shield generator it could be a tough hard to kill unit despite its small size. Since we know we are getting Snowtroopers the E-Web would be great besides them and really allow you to re-fight Hoth.

Dewback Riders

Giant lizard cavalry! Again, another super cool unit/idea. Most intriguing about the Dewbacks however is that the riders are armed with lances. Aside from Vader and Luke Legion doesn’t have any melee focused units, so adding one for Imperial support would be a good move. It would also allow you to, with just a bit of paint work, field an Imperial desert force.

TX-225A Occupier tank

This heavy Imperial tank is an obvious choice for the 2nd heavy slot. Its large, powerful and cool looking. With a lower profile it can hide better than the massive AT-ST and could even have rules for transporting some troops. It would make a powerful addition to any Imperial force.


Well there you have it. Thats the Imperial all fleshed out into a real army. While we don’t know what units FFG will actually end up putting out I would be pretty surprised is a good number of these aren’t on their list. Until next time, may the Force be with you.

Let us know what Imperial units you would like to see added to Star Wars Legion, down in the comments! 

  • Reddog

    “Flushed out” means to scare something out of its hiding place. “Fleshed out” means to make something fuller.

  • SonoftheMountain

    I don’t see Krennic as a battlefield leader. I’m hoping they bring out a generic leader for both sides

    • ZeeLobby

      I’d love some build your own rules, but I’m not sure FFG has ever really done that before. most of the customization will just be using named characters and switching up their cards probably.

    • Sam Nolton

      Right like just an Imperial Grand Moff or a Stormtrooper Corps Leader type deal? I’d be down for that – I’m a big fan of the “your dudes” thing in gaming. It’s a big turn-off for me with Privateer Press’ games that you can’t make your own commanders.

  • Xodis

    Mandolorian squads (they fight on both sides too)
    Wookie soldiers
    Bothans for meat shields 😉
    Antarian Rangers

    • ZeeLobby

      Yes to all :D.

  • Jose Taullas

    The tank TX, nothing. The M-2 repulsor nos!

  • disqus_HUXMdKxsPG

    At at

  • bigpapapostule


  • Cergorach

    Where is the AT-AT in this list and where are the Ewoks in this list!

    • Mike Zulu

      AT-ATs in this game would be like Titans in 40k.

  • Jack

    This game only needs one thing…. Mandalorians.

  • Dalton Nugent

    Hopefully we get some Imperial Army troops at some point… I’d like to run a universe-accurate army, with several squads of Army Troopers, and sporting Stormtroopers as the elite shock troops.

    • matus

      I’m not sure if that’s cannon since the change. I hope it is since having storm troopers everywhere as door guards and backwater garrisons detracts from them a little.

      • Dalton Nugent

        It is indeed canon – not as well fleshed out, mind you, but the imperial army is mainly made up of army troopers, as well as the army driver corps, with the stormtrooper corps being the shock troops. It’s mentioned in Thrawn, and wookiepedia has a bunch of sources as well.

      • MKG35

        Lol that always bugs me as well. never seemed to mesh with their lore.

  • Mathew G. Smith

    Maybe Super Commandoes on the Empire side and Mandelorian Clans on the Rebel side?

  • Fredddy

    Dont know but I like that the commander icon is a little Yoda head.

  • markdawg
  • Luis Otero

    I definitely want one of these for the heavy slot: http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/98fddc23c56648fdb59f50560a3d2a59112d7e4afbf5b32b7d8105a039c2df28.jpg

    1/50 scale sounds about right. ;P

    • YetAnotherFacelessMan

      Set up your gametable with a button that collapses all the legs at once. ^_^