Warlord: New Algoryn Infiltrators & Specialist Support Team

The Algoryn get some great new reinforcements from Warlord Games!

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Providing their comrades vital cover, the new Algoryn specialist support team with plasma light support makes short work of whatever is caught in the open.

Algoryn Specialist Support Team

The plasma light support gun – often abbreviated to Plasma LS – is the ultimate in rapid firing infantry support weapons and the mainstay of Concord and Isorian weapon drone units.

The plasma light support gun is easily recognised by its hefty plasma coil and substantial size as well as the characteristic double vane barrel that houses the necessary magnetic containment generators.

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Strike on Kar’A Nine Introductory Set


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Trained for espionage or reconnaissance, these Algoryn Infiltrators provide essential intelligence on the enemy.

Algoryn Infiltrator Leader

Even amongst a group of experts of espionage or reconnaissance, the Algoryn Infiltrator leader stands out as being almost a master of these subjects. The ability to order their squad with speed and clarity has proven to be the difference between life or death for the team

Armed with a mag repeater, she makes short work of anything in her way.

Algoryn Infiltrator Unit

An elite unit ready to assault the enemy backline or lay down traps, it’s diversity make it an auto-include in most Algoryn armies.

This bundle gives you an 8-man unit, which consists of:

  • Algoryn Infiltrator leader with mag repeater & Camo Drone
  • Algoryn Infiltration Squad Kneeling
  • Algoryn Infiltration Squad Pose B
  • Algoryn AI Infiltration Team – which is made of 5 men and 2 drones



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