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Brent: A Bias About Background (WarmaHordes and 40K)

Recently, I started taking my first real step into WarmaHordes, specifically the Circle Orboros for Hordes.  I’ve bought in big time and I’m excited about the game……but I have to admit that until recently, I thought the background story would be a bit hard to get behind. It’s not that it’s bad, far from it. […]

Brent: Why I Like WarmaHordes

Last week I tried to write a positive article about Games Workshop and Warhammer 40K.  At the end, it was sorta positive..? Today’s article is a different beast entirely.  I’m really keen on WarmaHordes right now so I thought I’d take a stab at telling you why.  We’ve got other Privateer Press writers on BoLS; […]

Brent: It’s Not Bad But It’s Not Guard

It wasn’t too long ago that Games Workshop dribbled updates into the community’s collective face like a slowly leaking faucet.I’m not sure what happened, but can we maybe slow down a bit? This article is intended to be complimentary of Games Workshop but I can already feel it going downhill.  I don’t want it to […]

Brent: How Diverse is Your Terrain?

I’ve been reading about the Las Vegas Open and one comment kept coming up over and over before it really sunk in – about TERRAIN!It was a line something like, “Every table had at least one line of sight blocking piece of terrain!”  That sounds great.  It is great!  But the thought that finally sunk […]

Brent: Tournament Backlash? Again?

Today’s Terrible Tuesday article was intended to be feature the Adeptus Sororitas, but through a twist of scheduling I feel compelled to write about tournament play in general and the LVO in particular.(A BoLS writer writing about competitive tournaments?  Never!) My name is Brent, a Blogger from the languishing Strictly Average, and I’ve been blogging […]

Brent: So If I Ran White Dwarf…

As you all know, begging the question why I need repeat it, White Dwarf has changed formats this month, so February heralded a weekly and monthly magazine.  So here’s the most important question……just how bad do you want to like it? Brent here, your host for this Terrible Tuesday BoLS article.  Let’s take a bit […]

Brent: Era of the Collector

The title of today’s Terrible Tuesday article is “Era of the Collector,” an idea on my scratchpad for a year or more.  While I never got around to writing it until today, there’s perhaps never been a more fitting time to tackle the subject. So what do I mean, exactly?  Just this, boys and girls, […]

Brent: …Only Death and Taxes

In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, There is Only War Death and Taxes. Believe it. Greetings, BoLS faithful.  My name is Brent and this is a Terrible Tuesday.  It’s been almost two months since my meanderings have graced the front page of Bell of Lost Souls; frankly, I needed some time off.  Heck, […]

Brent: Sisters of Battle for Adepticon 2014, Part I

How many of you are aware that Adepticon’s digital doors open this Thursday?  Relatively few, I’m sure; both those who are intend to hit the cart icon just as soon as it opens.Welcome to Adepticon 2014.  It’s a year off, but yeah, we’re thinking about it. Sisters for 2014? Brent here.  I had to cancel […]

The Wacky, Wonderful World of 40K Cosplay

Brent here.  I’m sort of in trouble with the boss over last week’s article.  Turns out, the owner of a wargaming site doesn’t like talk of a GW blackout.Who knew?  It was unrealistic anyway, I’m afraid.  In the US, at least, 40K remains King, Queen, and Consort, and we’re going to continue talking about it. […]

Brent: BanHammer Games Workshop?

“Blogosphere, this is Houston.  It’s a Terrible Tuesday and your host is a go.  Good luck, maybe goodbye.  It’s a Grim Dark Future out there.” As an aside, I wonder if any of the Emperor’s Finest will ever run into space junk from the various ages of man.  Voyager?  Or a commercial satellite from the […]