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Infinity GenCon Demo in a nutshell – Part 2

The GenCon Demo for Infinity 3rd edition continues.  Photo by Sunfalcon Painting Studio This article is a continuation from Part 1. As a reminder, there are just three things you need to know to play Infinity.  The first one was the types of dice rolls.  Normal and Face to Face, you are looking for the target […]

Infinity GenCon Demo in a nutshell – Part 1

For the past two years, I’ve been running the majority of demo games for Corvus Belli at GenCon.  Here’s the gist of the 3rd edition demo.  Photo by Lee Russ   In 2012, the talented guys over at CovenantTCG filmed me doing a 2nd edition Infinity Demo at GenCon.  For more details on that, please reference my […]

The DiRT – Stepping into 3rd Edition Infinity

The N3 (Infinity 3rd edition) Rule Book.  What to Expect and how to begin Infinity. Truth be told, I have not had an extensive game in Infinity 3rd edition just yet.  But this is at least partially intentional.  My approach to Infinity has always been to look at the game from a new player perspective. […]

The DiRT – Infinity Assets – WarCors

Infinity Warcors, What are they? And Steps to create a new Infinity Group. So I thought I’d throw together an article to address some comments that people left on my last article.  Namely, to talk a little bit about the Warcors.  Short for War Correspondents, Warcors are both a program and a miniature (with specialized […]