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Dreadball Season 3 – Beta Sneak Peak!

 Mantic show the beta rules for Dreadball Season 3! It’s time to look at the four new teams headed your way. Dreadball Season 3 is currently in beta testing, and Mantic are happily showing off their playtesting rules and the models for the first time Season 3 is set to include 4 new teams, and […]

40K Deep Thoughts – Change Just One Rule!

Giving a little freedom to the people of the internet…  You know us gamers can’t leave well enough alone – we have to tinker… The 40K rule book is a tome. Over 100 pages of rules, which despite arguments by people on the internet, remains a reasonably well written set of guidelines for playing a […]

Eldar – Codex of Missed Chances?

Is it just me or did the Eldar codex miss a few opportunities to be great? The Eldar codex is now out in the world. And its very shiny. I’m warming up to a lot of units, recovering from my very doom and gloom view of the book when I first started seeing leaked rules […]

HOBBY: Best of BoLS – Go Big or Go Home!

Best of BoLS – Redefining the term “Miniature”, today we look at some of “the big guys” out there. Doc; Our hobby is often defined as “something involving Miniatures”. Then occasionally someone builds a nice Forge World Kit. Or one of the Colossals from Privateer Press. And their size marks them as an impressive project. […]

Mantic’s Dreadball Season 2 – Whats New?

Lets catch up on Mantic’s table top sport of the future – Its Dreadball Season 2! By now Dreadball season 2 has reached the grubby hands of those who Kickstarted it, and packs for us normal folks have started sifting out into the world. I’m lucky enough to play at a club where we have […]

Kickstarters: Victims of Success?

Kickstarter Fatigue. Who’s feeling it? I’m here today to talk to something that’s been on my mind for a while. Kickstarters for games, be they table top, board, card or video are common place now. Everyone’s seen one, and have likely backed one themselves (the only one I’ve ever backed, I got my rewards delivered […]

Dreadball Part 2 – League Play

Last time we covered the basics of the game. This time I intend to discuss some of the finer aspects of gamplay, some of the rules I didn’t cover last time, the mechanics I left out and then finally the concepts of league play and the All Star MVPs. This is the perfect time to discuss Dreadball […]

Dreadball 101 – Picking Up The Sports Game of the Future

Evening Folks, time to talk through the basics of the newest and most successful of the crowdsourced tabletop games, that of Mantic’s Dreadball. Following its 3,644% funded run on Kickstarter the game is spreading steadily. One of the places its taken a firm root is my gaming club here in Southern Blighty (thats England to the rest […]

Best of BoLS – 3-9-2013

Best of BoLS returns with another packed issue of your models!Doc; Welcome back to Best of BoLS! I told you at the end of the last post that I had a few threads under my watchful eye, and now I have the space to share some of my favourite works! Shades; As always, we’ve been […]

Best of BoLS – Hobbits, Scorpions & Tiny Lamenters

Best of BoLS returns with more of your modelsDoc; Afternoon, morning or evening (time zone dependant) to you all! Its time for another riveting look through the best the BoLS lounge can throw at us! Shades; Hello again BoLSers. Once again me and the Doc have been delving into the very guts of the Miniatures, […]

HOBBY: Best of BoLS – The WIP Issue

This time on Best of BoLS we take on the converted and unpainted….Doc; Bonjourno! Welcome back to another Best of BoLS lounge piece. Been a long time since our last article, as one of us got married, the other got a new job. But we’re back now! This time we’re going to look at lots […]