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Mars Garrett

Staff writer covering pop culture and toys; also known as Haakon Slash. Enjoys goofy social games, desk toys, bad movies, and the internet. Follow me on Letterboxd:

ToyLand: Green Lantern John Stewart

  Stewart was introduced in the early 1970s – he was DC’s first black super hero. He was a backup for Hal Jordan, and took over role in the 1980s. Since then he has led the Darkstars, fought the Sinestro Corps, and been the star of several animated series. Now Sideshow brings the will and strength […]

KoW: Vanguard – Enter the Abyss

  The Abyss is a chasm of animus and rancor that is in the lands north of Basilea. Its depths dip into other, fiery dimensions beyond natural law. It is home to wicked creatures that bring dread to all of the kingdoms of Mantica. Creatures ready to destroy the ones above, the ones they hate.