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GW Rumor Roundup 2-9-2014

This past week has seen a bunch of Dwarf rumors of course, but Imperial Knights and IG are bubbling to the top. 40K RUMORS Knight Kit – Wraithknight sized (bulkier)– Slightly hunched Imperial appearance– Head in chest– Arm weapons mounted underslung from shoulders like the Reaver– Comes with multiple arm weapons (you can mount 2)a) Multi-barreled […]

40K Week in Review 1-19-2014

So what’s new this week in 40K?  It WAS a busy one…The GW Mid-year FinancialsWell, the big news is Games Workshop’s spectacularly BAD financials.  The basics of that are:Revenue          £60.5m (2013)    £67.5m (2012) Pre-tax profit   £7.7m (2013)     £11.1m  (2012) And there are two great articles that you can read […]

40K Rumor Roundup 12-28-13

It’s time for this week’s 40K Roundup.  The top topic Christmas week was Seventh Edition and tons more!SEVENTH EDITION 40K?The big news is the rumor, first noted by our friends at 40K Radio that Seventh Edition 40K is coming next year.  Now that stunned a lot of people and immediately   From The 40K Radio […]

The Ultimate Tyranid Rumor Roundup

There are so many Tyranid rumors out we decided to round them all up into one post.So sit your but in a comfy chair and grab a beer, because this is a long list with stuff from all over the Internet. Release Basics New Releases January 11thAuthor: Troke At least 1 new unit per FOC […]

Iron Hands Supplement Rules

The Iron Hands are here!  Clan Raukaan is out and the Iron Hands get buffed!  Here are the details: via Deadlift on the BoLS Lounge: Army RulesMarch of the AncientsAllows us to take Ironclads, Venerable and standard Dreadnoughts in elites and heavy support.Scions of the ForgeFor every HQ (not including other Techmarines, Servitors, Command Squads […]

GW Releases Holiday Bundles

Games Workshop has released their bundle deals.  Some will save you money, some won’t save you anything.The Tau, Eldar and Space Marine army bundles are good deals while the terrain bundles offer no discount. You can see them all here. Tau Empire Firebase Support Cadre 1 Riptide6 BroadsidesValue    $ 385Cost      $ 290Savings $  95 […]

40K/Fantasy Roundup 11-16-13

The big news this week was the release of the Inquisition Codex. But that was just the tip of the iceberg – even Fantasy folks got a treat. CODEX: INQUISITION From The Black Library: The front cover, illustrated by Marek Oken, is just one of the new pieces of artwork in the book, which focuses […]

40K Rumor Roundup 11-03-2013

  Lots to cover in a busy news and rumors week Warhammer 40,000 fans!  Time to take a closer look: So let’s get going! Superheavies Coming to 40K From Best_Pone: I’ve been hearing talk of a couple of new expansions for 40K due for release next month:The first is a fortifications expansion, containing new datasheets […]

40K-WFB Weekly Roundup 10-27-13

OK, things were quiet on the rumor front this week, so how about we pay some attention to that plastic crack and rules we got! Sisters Starting off the week, we saw the “stealth return” of a core army in the game – the Adepta Sororitas from GW Digital Publications. Here is the unit rundown […]