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Bolt Action! The Finished Scratchbuilt Tower!

The above image proves it: a decent piece of terrain with our beloved Bolt Action models look great, cinematic and overall it makes me want to play Bolt Action again and again. Maybe that’s why I have been on a terrain building spree. Please check out my painted ruined tower, the final part of a […]

Bolt Action! Scratchbuilt Terrain, Part 2!

Hi, SC Mike here from Santa Cruz Warhammer. Today we show off some Bolt Action terrain that is cheap to make and a breeze to build. Check it out! I finished this larger terrain piece in a spurt of inspiration, but in my excitement I completely forgot to take any production pictures, and so the […]

Bolt Action! Scratch Built Terrain, Part 1!

After building a Village board for our games, I needed to make some terrain as well. Follow along! Over the last 4 weeks I have having fun sharing my love for Bolt Action on BOLS. Lasercut terrain is expensive and plastic card and some labor is a lot more fun anyway!  This is the first […]

Bolt Action! Fielding Tanks on the Cheap, Part 2

Hi, SC John from Santa Cruz Warhammer with part 2 of a two part series on how to keep costs down when fielding tanks in Bolt Action. If you caught the first installment of this series, you will remember the low cost Revel Pnz IV kits. Let’s focus on Germans! I decided to pick up five of […]

Bolt Action! Fielding Tanks on the Cheap; Part 1

Hi, SC John here from Santa Cruz Warhammer! With the release of the new Tank War supplement for the Bolt Action WWII system, many of us find ourselves dreaming of lots of tanks rolling over the tables in our upcoming games. How to keep costs downWarlord has a few new releases and some plastic kits […]