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Streaming NOW: Tabletop Hour – Episode 3 – Age of Sigmar 2.0, Adeptus Titanicus, Mordenkainens

Join us for our new talk show! We’ll be going over Age of Sigmar 2nd Ed., Adeptus Titanicus and Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes.

Adeptus Titanicus: Bring On The Titans!

This weekend felt like an early Christmas as we got see a ton of pictures emerge about the new Adeptus Titanicus. And I am SOOOO ready for some awesome robot bouts of destruction on the Titanicus scale!

Age of Sigmar 2.0, Adeptus Titanicus, Sororitas, Harlequins & Mordenkainen

This weekend was INSANE on the GW news front.  Get in here to catch up with all the new stuff revealed at Warhammer Fest, plus D&D:

BREAKING: Adeptus Titanicus: More Details, Mini Pics & Video

There’s a second round of Adeptus Titanicus details, a teaser video and mini pics! Get in here!

BREAKING: Adeptus Titanicus Minis & Full Range

After years of waiting – look at Adeptus Titanicus in all it’s new glory. It’s GORGEOUS!

GW: Adeptus Titanicus Making An Appearance At Warhammer Fest

Warhammer Fest is happening this weekend and Adeptus Titanicus is on the schedule. Are you ready for some massive robot wars?!

Adeptus Titanicus: Dominus – Early Access Titan Fights

While we wait for the Titan Legions to take to the tabletop–why not enjoy the Adeptus Titanicus: Dominus video game, which looks to bring the indomitable might of the Adeptus Titanicus to your PC. Crush your enemies beneath the might of the Imperium’s greatest weapons!

Tabletop Gallery “Best of the Best”

“When the Imperium needs to make a point – they send in The ‘A’ Team. The Adeptus Team!”

40K Lore: The Society of the Knight Houses

Loremasters, today we delve into the world of the Questor Imperialis and the society of the Noble Houses that own, maintain, and pilot these Lords of War!

Titanicus Rumors: Launch Latest Info

We’ve all been waiting for the newly reimagined Adeptus Titanicus to get off the ground. Another venerable rumormonger throws his info into the mill.

FW: Warlord Titan Holiday Discount Bundle

Owning a Lucius-Alpha Warlord Titan has never been cheaper from Forge World!

GW: Gone Missing – Adeptus Titanicus

Where in the world has Adeptus Titanicus gone?

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