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AoS Malign Portents: Lost Memories & Mer-Murder

The Stormcast Eternals encounter the Idoneth Deepkin in the latest story from the Malign Portents. Be careful of the mists or you might find yourself lost and surrounded…

AoS: Idoneth Deepkin – The Akhelians

The Akhelians, warrior caste of the Idoneth Deepkin, are coming to battle on your tabletop soon enough. Curious about who they are what what they do? Good thing Games Workshop has a brand new preview!

Black Library: Coming In July

Black Library has a new batch of stories on the way for July – time to plan your summer reading schedule now!

Streaming NOW: Age of Sigmar – Stormcasts vs Beastclaw Raiders

  Today we take pit the purity of the Stormcast Eternals versus the hunger of the Beastclaw Raiders.

AoS: Idoneth Deepkin Preview – The Namarti

The Idoneth Deepkin are coming and they are an entirely new army advancing on the shores of the Mortal Realms. With that comes a ton of new lore and today Games Workshop is previewing the Namarti – the mysterious soul-thieves from under the sea.

GW: Rumor Engine “Hair Metal”

Games Workshop has a new rumor engine and we think it has something to do with a bold look coming straight from the Grim Dark Hair Care Guide.

Next Week’s Idoneth Deepkin Products & Pricing CONFIRMED

The fishiest new faction for Age of Sigmar arrives. Get your waterlogged wallet ready!

Shadespire: Card Library Update & FAQ Out Now

Games Workshop has updated the Warhammer Underworld’s Card Library with Magore’s Fiends and The Farstriders expansions. And to go along with the updates, a new FAQ has been released as well. Time to check for what changes will impact you and your chosen Warband!

AoS: Idoneth Deepkin – The First Wave Comes Next Weekend

Games Workshop announces the first wave of miniatures to hit the shores. Get ready for the Idoneth Deepkin to make a splash with these fantastic looking new models!

Idoneth Deepkin Turn The Tides Of Battle – Rules Preview

The Idoneth Deepkin are a nightmarish bunch of sea-dwelling elves who surge up from the unfathomable darkness of the forgotten sea. Riding monsters and beasts of the deep, they charge into battle to harvest your souls. Come find out exactly how they do that with a look at their upcoming rules.

GW: New Pre-Orders April 7th Pricing & Links

If you’re looking to add some new Warbands to your Warhammer Underworlds roster then check out the two new challengers to Shadespire!

GW: New Pre-Orders – Two New Shadespire Warbands

The Farstriders and Magore’s Fiends are finally coming to Shadespire. Get ready for some new blood in Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire!

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