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Shadespire: Next Week The New Blood Hits

Shadespire sees some new blood in the next week. Chaos and Order get some variety to their lives with Magore’s Fiends and the Farstriders getting trapped in the Mirrored City.

AoS: New Warbands Get A Release Date

Things are heating up in the Warhammer Underworlds line as the two new Warbands heading to Shadespire finally have a release date. Get ready for the arrival of The Farstriders and Magore’s Fiends.

GW: White Dwarf Preview – Deep Thoughts For Deep Kin

The April White Dwarf covers a lot of ground. From Chaos Cult Gangs for Necromunda to the Idoneth Deepkin there’s something for everyone. Especially if you’re interested in Fish Elves.

AoS: The Dread Solstice Ends, A New Era Dawns

The Dread Solstice has waxed over the Mortal Realms for long enough. Now, after six weeks of omens and darkness, the Dread Solstice comes to an end, but the mortal realms will be forever changed. Come see how.

Black Library: Action-Packed Stories, Humble Bundle

A Humble Bundle has come to the Black Library, grab some Tales from the Worlds of Warhammer for a good cause.

AoS: Idoneth Deepkin Coming in April White Dwarf

The sea-elves are making a splash in the upcoming April White Dwarf – come see the latest for the Idoneth Deepkin!

AoS: Dread Solstice – The Final Hours

The third and final chapter of the Dread Solstice Global Campaign comes to a close soon – time for one last check-in.

AoS: Malerion and Morathi Steal Souls, Share Secrets

Another lore advancing story drops from Malign Portents. Come find out what secret scheme Morathi and Malerion have been hatching…

Showcase Tutorial: Age of Sigmar – Painting Stinkmullet Part 2

Gather round hobbyists. The Stinkmulleting continues…

GW: Rumor Engine “Hatch A New Plan”

Games Workshop has a new Rumor Engine with some familiar traits – Time to get Nautical!

Age of Sigmar: Idoneth Deepkin Latest Info

We got the latest tidbits about the sea-aelfs for you today.  Take a look you landlubbers…

AoS: Dread Solstice – The Final Weekend

It’s the final weekend of the Dread Solstice Campaign – Let’s check in to see how things are progressing.

What's New