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Category: AoS Chaos

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AoS: Maggotkin of Nurgle Predictions

By looking back at the previous two Chaos Battletomes, we’ve got some predictions on what to expect in the upcoming Maggotkin Battletome!

Malign Portents: The Conqueror

Bear witness to the Darkoath Queen’s rise to power, as another Malign Portents video hits.

Two New Malign Portents Videos Emerge

The ground is shifting as more details are clawing their way to the surface for Malign Portents.

GW: Nurgle Pricing & Teasers From White Dwarf

The dam has broken and a flood of new info from the January White Dwarf has hit!

GW: Feculent Gnarlmaw – Blight Tree of Nurgle

Nurgle Daemons are invading the tabletop in January in more ways than one!

New Beasts of Nurgle Unleashed

The Beast of Nurgle are getting a new kit and a revamp. It’s more gifts from the Plaguefather!

AoS: New Nurgle Goodies Inbound

Nurgle is getting even MORE goodies! Check out what else is coming down the pipe!

Nurgle Pusgoyle Blightlords Fly High

The Rotbringers are getting some new Flying Cavalry with the Pusgoyle Blightlords!

The Nurgle Lord of Blights Joins the Fray

Get ready for the unrelenting assault of death’s heads because the Lord of Blights is on the way!

GW BREAKING: New Nurgle Daemon Spotted

Nurgle is getting a new Daemonic Beastie for the Tabletop – check this thing out!

AoS: Chaos On The Rise

Something wicked this way comes to Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Shadespire. Chaos is on the rise!

AoS: Blightwar and Tamurkhan’s Hordes get FAQs

Blightwar gets an update, and Plague Toads and Ogors join the battleline.

What's New