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Nothing is What It Seems With the Latest ‘Aristeia!’ Expansion

It’s all Smoke and Mirrors when giant kawaii robot, a rockstar werewolf, an outdated inquisitor, and a mysterious Chinese illusionist all jump into the HexaDome.

Corvus Belli: New Infinity Minis, and Aristeia Stars for March

March is bring new minis for 5 major factions in Infinity -and some Aresteia goodies to boot.

It’s Victory or Valhalla In The First Expansion For ‘Aristeia!’

Soldiers of Fortune has everything; whether you’re a tactical strategist, a spirit bending hacker, a Norse warrior or an ex-luchador with a sweet butt.

2017 Best Board Game Nominees

Come see our list of the Best Board Games of 2017!

Board Games Bonanza – Aristeia In Action

Take part in the world’s premiere combat sport game. Join us as we put Aristeia! through a test drive.

Aristeia!: Soldiers of Fortune Expansion Announced

Soldiers of Fortune add new mechanics and abilities which let players set up brutal combo attacks.

BoLS: STREAMING NOW – “Codex Tyranids” & Aresteia!

This week on Dark Apocrypha we test out Codex Tyranids – facing down Eldar.  Then play Aresteia with the gang!

Aristeia! Preview And Review

Check our review on this exciting, fast paced new skirmish game from Corvus Belli set in the Infinity Universe.

Necromunda, Minis, Tyranids, Primarchs, The Thing & Xanathar’s Guide

We review Codex Tyranids, Elijah Wood plays The Thing, Necromunda is imminent, new minis arrive, next Primarch rumors and a whole lot more!

Unboxing Aristeia’s Arena Action

Join the BoLS Crew as we take you through Aristeia, Corvus Belli’s new arena/skirmish game.

Welcome to the Boardgame-Skirmish Bandwagon

GW, Privateer, and Corvus Belli all introduce similar games – at the same time – but why?

Aristeia Arrives – Available Anon, Pre-Order Now

The all new arena boardgame spinoff of Infinity is here. Pre-Order today, and get ready to be a star!

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